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        Friday, February 17, 2006

       Harry Whittington Apologizes To Dick

Harry Whittington gives a press confrence after being released from hospital

See the rest of the strip Here.

       Todays News Stories

Bounty offered on cartoonists

H.L.s Take: They want to kill the people that published These Mohammad Cartoons.

Gonzales Won't Step Aside in Abramoff Case

Excerpt: The investigation has led to the indictment of the administration's former top procurement official. Among those with whom Abramoff had dealings that are of interest to investigators is the former No. 2 official at the Interior Department.

NY Times
Senate Scrubs Hearings as Politics Trump Policy in an Election Year

Excerpt:Four cabinet secretaries, including Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, an Army general and the secretary of the Army were supposed to testify Tuesday morning at hearings on matters including Hurricane Katrina and the Bush administration's proposed budget for foreign affairs.

But their invitations were rescinded and the hearings canceled when the Senate majority leader, Bill Frist of Tennessee, scheduled a marathon series of 16 votes on amendments to a pending tax bill — all of them, both parties agree, intended more to score political points than to make policy.

Ultimately, most of those votes were canceled.

Wis. Referendums Call for Troop Withdrawal

KEWAUNEE, Wis. - Peace activist Jill Bussiere wants the United States to bring its troops home from Iraq immediately, so she went door-to-door in this community in the hopes of getting others to join her cause.
Bussiere helped organize a petition drive that resulted in a referendum on Iraq being put on the ballot during Kewaunee's upcoming spring election. It asks whether the city's leaders should urge the U.S. to begin an immediate withdrawal of its troops, beginning with the National Guard and Reserves.
"Is it ever practical to try and stop a war?" asked Bussiere, 51. "But isn't it the right thing to do? Isn't it our duty?"

Raw Story
Documents show Maryland held election, primary on uncertified, illegal Diebold voting machines
Chertoff's Sweetheart Deal For Israeli-Owned Carnival Cruise Cruise Line