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May 27, 2005.
Heres everyones new favorite politician George Galloway, in a radio interview with Thom Hartmann. Galloway slams Bush, and the Iraq war, and much more even harder then he did before. We should end the constitutional clause that say only people born in the U.S. can be president, and run this guy.

Audio Interview: George Galloway

Bush: Base Closings Needed to Fight Terror

By JENNIFER LOVEN, Associated Press Writer
President Bush takes a reporters question ANNAPOLIS, Md. - Downsizing military bases is a painful but crucial step in the process of transforming the U.S. military into the kind of fighting force especially suited for this age of terror,
H.L.s Take: Hey George do you mean this Age of terror, that you created, and continue to create with your asinine policies everyday. You and your cronies are behind 9/11, and everything you do continues to make the rest of the world hate us. Good thing you are fixing up the military bases to respond to the age of terror you created for us. Thank you.
President Bush told Naval Academy graduates Friday. "We have more bases than we need," Bush said in a commencement address to the academy's Class of 2005.
But less soldiers then we need, because even dirt poor farm kids with no way out, whose religious preachers tell them every sunday to go out there and die for you are smart enought to see that you have F**ked everything up so bad, that there is no way they are going to fight for your stupid greed, and insanity.
"Supporting these facilities wastes billions of taxpayer dollars money that can be better spent on giving you the tools to fight terrorists and confront 21st-century threats."
Besides, why should we spend money on keeping military bases open, that money only goes to the towns that the bases are located in. Instead I can close those bases and keep the extra money for myself, or we can use it to have my dads weapons manufacturing freinds come up with new weapons systems that we get a kickback on.
The graduation ceremonies got under way with 21 cannon blasts and a fast and low flyover by the Blue Angels, the Navy's precision jet team. Six F/A-18 Hornets streaked in formation above the Navy-Marine Corps Stadium packed with thousands of cheering graduates, relatives and faculty.
Hey George theres a way to save a few bucks. Do we really need 6 multi million dollar F16 Attack Hornets. That do nothing more then fly 6 inches apart upside down. I bet those guys use up a lot of jet fuel too.
Before he spoke, ebullient midshipmen got several rousing rounds of "the wave" going around the stadium at this prestigious academy on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay.
Yep they love the monkey, The Wave huh? I remember that. Last time I saw anyone do it was what? the late 80's leave it to those military guys to be on the cutting edge. After that what did they do, dance the Charleston?
When Bush last spoke at a Naval Academy commencement, it was four months before the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and his focus was the top-to-bottom reshaping of the military into a faster, lighter, more flexible and more high-tech, but not necessarily larger, force.
But one without the proper body armour, which they still don't have to this day. Well he only had 4 months to prepare for September 11, after that speech, that was barely enough time to round up 19 Egyptians and teach them how to fly planes into buildings
That transformation is even more necessary now, Bush said, because of the attacks, and the two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq launched since. Technology, a massive redeployment plan and next-generation weapons are key to the transformation, he said.
Especally those next generation weapons. Which my daddys freinds are working on right now. We want to be able to use nukes on people when we feel like you know.
"In this era of surprise, we cannot know for certain who might attack us or where or when," he said. With a straight face"But we can anticipate how we might be attacked and we can transform our capabilities to defend our citizens and deliver justice to our enemies." We can anticipate how we will be attacked because we are the ones attacking ourselves. see the beauty.
He added: "In this war, there is only one option and that is victory." Yes we will continue to fight forever until there is no more threat of terrorism. But since there can always be a threat of terrorism, we will never stop fighting, you will never stop dying, and we will never stop making money off the whole thing until we have it all,and you have nothing then we will either kill you all, or make you are slaves.
Bush also spoke for the first time publicly about how the process of closing bases fits into that larger vision, despite the fears in many military communities that he said he well understood. "I know firsthand how hard base closings can be on local communities," said the former Texas governor who saw facilities shut down in his state. And we will close down the bases in the places that will be most hard hit by the closings leaving people so broke, and destitute that they will have no choice but to take there chances in Iraq, This is how I will resupply the military that you are now to chicken to join
He promised an "impartial and fair" process as a congressionally chartered commission reviews the Pentagon's sweeping proposal for closing or downsizing dozens of military bases large and small. The first round of base closings in a decade seeks to save $48.8 billion over 20 years by eliminating redundancy, streamlining services across the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps, shutting down bases deemed inefficient and promoting cooperation among the four branches.
Of course we can save a lot more money by ending the corporate welfare, and tax cuts to the rich, but that would be counter prodcutive to our strategy of stealing everything
Bush, maintaining his tradition of rotating between the service academies for commencement ceremonies, also sought to inspire the military's future leaders. Before the 976 graduates hurled their starched white hats into the blue sky and left the academy for their new status as military officers, Bush offered thanks for the many he addressed on the same field four years ago people who now are serving in difficult military operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. He recounted the brave deeds of several by name, and one whose name he said he could not reveal.
Why couldn't he reveal the name of one of them? Probably forgot it? Maybe that transmitter in his back went out again.
"Americans are grateful to have such brave defenders," Bush said. "They are serving our nation with valor and distinction and soon you'll join them." Soon you will join them in the quagmire of my making Bush said, A sudden chill went over the crowd as they collectivley realized for the first time that they were going to have go go get shot at for the monkeys oil profits. The crowd who had mostly signed up just 6 months before 9/11 began to realize they were thinking to much and broke out into a spontaneous cheer of USA, USA, USA, as the monkey looked on smiling
"You will make America proud," he added. But if any of you die out there, then I never heard of you, and this conversation never took place. We will ship you back in the middle of the night, and never acknowledge you again.
The president softened up the crowd with a few jokes some at his expense. "You threw pennies at Tecumseh, the god of 2.0. I knew him pretty well when I was in school," Bush joked, recalling his own academic mediocrity at Yale University. I am not sure what this means, but it seems like Bush is proud of his 2.0 grade point average??? Surely it never dawned on the laughing crowd that hey, this C student monkey is sending us off to die in his oily quagmire, and What the F**k are we doing to ourselves. They just continued to chant USA, USA, USA.
He also brought what he said was his graduation gift to the class, a traditional offering at this event: absolution for all those on restriction for missing curfew or breaking other rules of conduct. That got a big cheer. Hey tell you what, we'll forget about you missing curfew, and having a beer. Now were even, so no bitching when you lose a leg OK?

It was Bush's second and final commencement speech of 2005. Last Saturday, he spoke to the Calvin College graduating class in Grand Rapids, Mich. Which you can see a review on in H.L.s Comics

Why do these people hate freedom??

The whole world hates us. But hey the Bush family, and freinds are stealing The American Treasury. So Its. OK.
Muslims demonstrate against America

Middle eastern muslims hate President Bush and the USA

Egyptians, syrians, and iraqis, hate the USA and Bush

These people want America to leave them alone

They don't like Bush murdering them, so they protest


Holocaust Survivor Leaving US - Sees What's Coming

Excerpt: "No," he answered me. "I'm going back because I've seen this before." He then commenced to explain that when he was a kid, he watched with his family in fear as Hitler's government committed atrocity after atrocity, and no one was willing to say anything. He said the news refused to question the government, and the ones who did were not in the newspaper business much longer.
H.L.s Take:Those who do no learn from History, are destined to repeat it. George Santana.


The U.S. removes the nuclear brakes

Excerpt: Remember the code name "CONPLAN 8022." Last week, the Washington Post reported that this unintelligible nickname masks a military program whose implementation could drag the world into nuclear war. H.L.s Take:Some one stop the monkey before he screeches again.

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