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January 16, 2005.

What Really Happened.com
                                                                   He's a song and dance man at heart
                                                         Dead because of a lie.
Dead because selfish people in government wanted a war and lied to get one, aided by selfish people in the media.
The government and the media traded the blood of these young Americans for their personal gain.
Look at their faces.
How can you not be angry?


Wanna see Donald Rumsfeld caught in yet another lie? on video

Here it is. (Sorry that video is no longer available H.L. 8/13/05)

                                      Got money, Colin

Bush Defiant Amid WMD Report

.pdf version Bush Defiant Amid WMD Report

Glasgow Sunday Herald

Coalition admits on eve of election: the battle for Iraq may never be won

                                       Different century, same old s**t

Check out this blog from someone who lives right in the middle of Iraq
River: Iraq Burning

River: 'The phantom weapons'

Paradise Post

A half dozen fairly outrageous things

                                      Pimp, and Whore
The American Prospect

A Bloody Mess

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