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April 26, 2005.

Good Afternoon, I have been spending a lot of time lately upgrading the site, and the Blog. The work never stops. I managed to come up with a few interesting tidbits today. Hope you like them

Here is a story from Where Else? Florida, which is now officially the most F**ked Up State in the land. I know its half Liberal, but the other half, is so screwed up, they ruin it for the whole state. No more will people from Alabama, Mississippi, or Oklahoma have to suffer the indiginity. Florida is at the top. Here some big burly St. Petersburg Cops, Handcuff and arrest a 5 year old girl who is crying and throwing a tantrum. Of course the Souless News Robots don't see anything wrong with this. The lady actually says with a straight face that the girl had to be handcuffed to protect The Police, and the everyone else in the room. Welcome to Police State USA, how long till they come for your kids. (Or You)You have to sit through a 10 second commercial first, tried to get rid of it but couldn't

Video of Police Handcuffing and arresting a 5 year old Girl.

Hey Jr. why don't you stay there until its all clear, George W. Bush clears Brush on his ranch

Raw Story

Secret Service records raise new questions about discredited conservative reporter

                                        Bush Gives The Finger, hes so Tough

You knew this was coming. They waited a while till it all died down, Just like Nobody did anything wrong at Abu Gharib...

U.S. Clears Soldiers in Italian Agent's Iraq Death

Oh yes hurt me hurt me

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The CIA finally admits the truth

CIAs final report: No WMD found in Iraq

Recommends freeing detainees held for weapons knowledge
Gee Thanks Guys.

                           Another one from Sutton Impact

Political Strategy

Nixon and Bush: Two of a Kind

                                   Tom Tomorrow is the man

Ok another one in the books Have a good one. H.L.

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