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July 14, 2005
Whats up, I'm heading to Chicago Friday Morning, to play in the Bartcop PokerFest. As you may have heard, I was the winner of last years event, and am going back to defend my title. (That is if I can get on a flight. I am flying standby, and the flights look pretty full, but I should be OK) I'll be sending back live reports from the scene, so stay tuned for my latest Poker, and Drinking exploits.

The Bush and Blair Girls are in Africa, to promote The U.S. and Englands lack of aid to the continent with the biggest problems on earth. The Girls got to see a monument to The Rwandan Genocide.

Laura, Jenna, and Cherie Blair Go To Africa
Laura in Africa

Jenna Bush

Rwandan Genocide

Photo op

Cherie Blair

Jenna Bush and Her New Friends.
Laura in Africa

I have been working on a new page for the site which is now up, but still not complete, Its called The Comic Features Link Page. An easier way to index the comics. There are getting to be too many to add to the Comics,and More Comics Pages, It takes too long to load them all up, and the pages get too slow. The New Page will have the titles to the comic features, and shorts, and a link to where to find them. Stay tuned more comics, and other stuff too, is on the way. Thanks H.L.

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