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February 22, 2005.

Bush Denies U.S. Plans to Attack Iran

By TOM RAUM, Associated Press Writer
would you buy a used warhead from this man BRUSSELS, Belgium - President Bush said Tuesday that it is "simply ridiculous" to assume that the United States has plans to attack Iran over its alleged nuclear weapons program after discussing the issue with European allies.
H.L.s Take Well I'm glad he cleared that up, well I feel a whole lot better don't you? This notion that the United States is getting ready to attack Iran is simply ridiculous. This coming from the guy who swore that Iraq had weapons of mass distruction, and could launch one on us in 45 minutes. He also said a short time before the Iraq invasion that "There are no plans to attack iraq on my desk", that because the plans were on Cheneys desk Having said that, all options are on the table," Bush said. Well invading Iran is an "option" isn't it ? anything is an "option", so it ridiculous, but it's an option, and all options are on the table. (at least there not on the desk). Typical Bush speak,
The assurance to Iran's leaders Assurance? doesn't sound very assuring to me was Bush's bluntest assessment yet. Last week, he used a series of pre-trip interviews with European journalists to minimize talk of any military attack by the United States. He's trying to minimize it because he knows that all Europeans hate him for Iraq, and now he needs there help so of course hes going to lie, the problem is the Europeans don't read The American whore press so they know whats really going on.
Bush has walked a careful line between supporting an approach led by European nations to persuade Iran to scrap its uranium enrichment program in exchange for technological, financial and political support without talking about the U.S. reservations about that strategy.
"It's in our interests for them not to have a nuclear weapon," Bush said in a news conference with European Union leaders.
The United States has refused to get involved in the bargaining with Tehran or to make commitments toward incentives, insisting that Tehran abandon its program. That sounds familar insisting they abandon the program, now where have I heard that before... Oh yeah, Bush also insisted that Iraq abandon the program, but they didn't have a program to abandon so Bush attacked them anyway
The possibility of a military strike has been raised since the U.S.-led war with Iraq over its alleged weapons of mass destruction, which never were found.
Also on Tuesday, Bush hailed NATO's modest pledge to help train security forces in Iraq, saying "every contribution helps."
"The NATO training mission is an important mission, because after all, the success of Iraq depends upon the capacity and the willingness of the Iraqis to defend their own selves against terrorists," So all they have to do now is defend themselves against Bush he said during an earlier news conference at NATO headquarters.

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