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        Monday, February 27, 2006

       Bush Celebrates Black History Month

President Bush, Played Homage to The Black People that he cares so much about. Here's some pics.

Here is a preview, See the whole strip below.

Bush meets with black person for black history month

See the rest of the comic strip Bush Celebrates Black History Month

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       Pics. of Bush Ports Deal Protests

Protests were held over the weekend over Bush's Ports Deal to have The United Arab Emirates run 6 major U.S. Ports. The deal has been put on hold for 45 days while Bush strongarms every member of congress that is agaisnt this deal, so that he will get his way, over the good of the nation for the 4,567 time in a row. Teamsters, and dock workers got together to show thier displeasure with Bush, and the deal that will bring extra billions to The Bush family, and their brothers in The U.A.E. Government.

Ports Deal Protesters carrying signs

See the rest of the pics Here

       Bush Video: No Civil War on My Watch

Crooks &

Here is a video from before Bush's Iraq invasion in which he lies for the 12 Millionth time. In this one Bush says that he will make sure that Civil War does not happen in Iraq, Well as we all know he was wrong again. The Sunni's and The Shiites are going to go at it, all because Bush had to come in and get himself some oil. Now there will be countless thousands more deaths on Bush's hands. Here is the video, and then a related story.

Bush Video: No Civil War in Iraq
Iraq gets a frightening look at what civil war looks like

       Todays News Stories

Home Sales Down 5% in January

Excerpt: WASHINGTON - Sales of new homes fell for the second time in three months in January, providing further evidence that the nation's five-year housing boom is slowing...
That was a bigger drop than analysts had been expecting and provided support to the view that the housing market, after setting sales records for five straight years, is slowing under the impact of rising mortgage rates.

IPS News
Neo-Con Superhawk Earns His Wings on Port Flap

Excerpt: Later, The founder and president of the Washington-based Centre for Security Policy (CSP), a small think tank funded mainly by U.S. defence contractors, far-right foundations, and right-wing Zionists, Gaffney was among the first to seize on the government's approval of a Dubai company to manage terminals at six major U.S. ports and helped blow it up into a major embarrassment to Pres. George W. Bush.

Daily Kos
Harpers Magazine: Impeach Bush

Excerpt: There will be a Town Hall meeting with Harper's editor Lapham, Congressman John Conyers, Michael Ratner of the Center for Congressional Rights, and Elizabeth Holtzmann, member of the House Judiciary Committee during Watergate, Thursday March 2, 8pm; Town Hall; 123 West 43rd Street, New York City; $10.00 at the Town Hall, or through Ticketmaster (212) 307-4100.

Camp Casey and Germany

Excerpt:I have been invited to speak to the European Union Parliament in March in Strassbourg, Germany . My message will be one of peace and non-violent unity against the out of control murderous and disastrous policies of the Bush Administration. I wrote extensively about meeting with other world leaders in my article, "Friends don't let Friends Commit War Crimes."

The Rude Punidt
Pre-Emptive Blogging: Talking Points For a Coming Attack From the Right:

As Iraq spirals into a shitstorm of violence and vengeance, even as some Sunnis and some Shiites try desperately to avert a direct, overwhelming hit by said shitstorm, at some point soon, some right wing bag of douche is going to proclaim that liberals are "happy" or "thrilled" by a civil war in Iraq. Liberals can be accused of enabling terrorists by using the dwindling "freedom of speech" we're allowed, and it's a pretty small rhetorical leap from saying the left wants American soldiers to die (which the right has done) to saying the left loves us some civil war.

News Scotsman
US leader crashed by trying to 'pedal, wave and speak at same time'

Excerpt: "As he did this he lost control of the cycle, falling to the ground, causing both himself and his bicycle to strike [the officer] on the lower legs. [The officer] fell to the ground, striking his head. The President continued along the ground for approximately five metres, causing himself a number of abrasions. The officers... then assisted both injured parties."

Smirking Chimp
'Rumsfeld zeros in on the Internet'

Excerpt: Rumsfeld's speech alerted his audience to the threats facing America in the new century.
He opined: "We meet today in the 6th year in what promises to be a long struggle against an enemy that in many ways is unlike any our country has ever faced. And, in this war, some of the most critical battles may not be in the mountains in Afghanistan or in the streets of Iraq, but in newsrooms--in places like New York, London, Cairo, and elsewhere."

What Really Happened
The 9/11 USAF Stand Down

Excerpt: On 9/11 the world's only military superpower was apparently oblivious to the location of rogue airliners in it's airspace for over an hour, and military commanders were leftperplexed on how to deal with the situation of hijackers using these planes as flying bombs. This confusion resulted in fighter jets flying around aimlessly whilst the hierarchy fully assessed what was going on, and this total lack of cohesion ultimately led to the loss of nearly 3000 lives.
All that was required to overcome America's military might on 9/11 were 19 hijackers on 4 airliners.
Does this sound plausible to you?
It's what you're expected to believe.

Washington Post
Venezuela Prepared to Stop U.S. Exports

Excerpt: President Hugo Chavez's government has recently stepped up threats to cut off oil exports to the United States and sell Venezuelan-owned refineries there amid rising tensions with President George W. Bush's administration