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May 10, 2005.

Go Here to see theMuhammad Cartoons
The two finalists from The Bachelor pose with their Roses 050905

Heres the latest animated Flash Cartoon from that well known Liberal
Mark Fiore

Griles Gone Wild

                              George Bush Sr. Sacrificed his stupidest son for us



Excerpt: The California Department of General Services is prepared to award a contract to Choicepoint to develop a statewide criminal database for the state. The California attorney general's office has voiced no specific objection. There are contentions that Choicepoint was involved in fixing the 2000 Florida election by biased purging of the registered voter lists, and that they have been derelict in selling personal consumer data to identify theft criminals just recently.

H.L.s Take: There are forms on this to write your congressman to demand this does not happen, also some phone numbers for you to call and harass people.

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The Randi Rhodes Bulletin Board

O'Reilly hemorrhaging viewers

Excerpt: O'Reilly continues to hemorrhage viewers month-over-month since October." The world-class liar and blow-hard has lost over 30% of his viewers since the election -- over 1 million total.

H.L.s Take: This can't be right? can it? Since only Fox news ditto monkeys watch O'Rielly, how can he be losing his audience. Unless??? Nah?? can't be??? Ditto monkeys starting to use their brains, and think for themselves?, like liberals? No way. Imagine the meltdown they would have to go through to realize what total loser, sheep they have been. Most humans just can't endure that kind of transformation. They would rather be wrong (and know it deep down inside) then admit to such a colossal blunder
                              George Bush Sr. Sacrificed his stupidest son for us

Is Fox News about to sign a deal with Yahoo News? Daily Kos

Help Stop Fox News Deal with Yahoo! News

Excerpt: "Given the increasing importance of linking TV buys to more measurable media, the inevitable question comes: 'What numbers does your website do?' asks a young guy in chinos. 'Five million unique visitors a month, and we're hoping to get a portal deal,' comes the answer. Fox News is in talks with Yahoo! about a possible distribution deal, but there are few other details on that."

H.L.s Take: This wouldn't suprise me one bit. Yahoo News recently changed its format, making it harder for people to get more then Yahoo (or APs) version of the story. They used to post several links to other sources with the same strory that they were reporting on, but they have stopped doing that. So when a news poster like me wants to put up the story, unless I want to do a lot more digging I have to put up the Yahoo News version. The problem is that Yahoo leaves those links up only for a few days. Which leaves web news guys with a bunch of dead links in the back pages. Luckily there are enough archivers out there that a google search for the title of any old news story will bring at least a couple of archived versions of the same story, but its a pain in the ass to go back and change all the old links. If Yahoo hooks up with Fox, that will be one less good news source out there.
Heres a flash video from Move On.org about the truth of Social Security.

Bush in 30 Years.

H.L.s Take: This tells you whats really going on.

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Huge majority turn deaf ear to military pitches

Excerpt: In the midst of a war half the country opposes, he's trying to get people to join the Army. Ninety-five percent of them want no part of what he's selling, making Finney about as welcome as a telemarketing call during dinner. His workdays often start at 6 a.m. and don't end until 8 p.m. He spends the hours haunting high schools, sniffing around sporting events or glad-handing at street fairs and rock concerts.

H.L.s Take: The only people who want to join the Army these days, are the ones trying to stay out of Jail

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USA Today.

Armor issued despite warnings

Excerpt: In all, the Marines bought about 19,000 Interceptor outer tactical vests from Pompano Beach, Fla.-based Point Blank Body Armor. According to a government memo, the vests failed tests because of "multiple complete penetrations" of 9mm pistol rounds and other ballistics or quality-assurance tests. After being questioned about the safety flaws for this story, the Marines ordered the recall of 5,277 Interceptor vests on Wednesday. Many of the vests were issued to Marines in Iraq. The Marines have not said what they intend to do with more than 4,000 other vests still in use or about 10,000 in storage.

H.L.s Take: Let me take a wild guess here: Not a goddamn thing. They will continue to use them and pretend they never heard this story. Because saving money is more important then saving lives. Bush, Cheney, and Rummy, need another Million.
                            George Bush Sr. Sacrificed his stupidest son for us


The New Diebold Printers

Excerpt: A closer examination of this device, as described in news articles, shows that the paper record is actually on a 290 foot roll of thermal paper. The printing on the ballot is so small that when the voter looks at the record to verify it, they are looking through a magnifying piece of plastic.

H.L.s Take: So no Democrat will talk about this until they get blown out in the midterm election next year. Then they will make a fuss when they try to count the ballots of all the House members, and Senators, who had their seats stolen. Next they will demand a better paper record which of course won't be ready until after the 2008 Elections when Jeb is safely tucked into the White House for another 8 years.
More Video from
Keith Olbermann

Keith Olbermann Busts Republicans on The Filibuster

H.L.s Take: He shows how the Repubs loved the Filibuster when Clinton was President, but now since A Democrat will never again be President, they want to do away with it.
Niagara Falls Reporter


Excerpt: The latest assault on liberty cloaked as protection is the Republican campaign in Congress for national identity cards. Of course, they don't call them that. Such candor sparks opposition. It's much more benevolent sounding to call the measure the Real ID Act. The plan is to impose national standards for driver's licenses and require four pieces of identification before states issue them. The House Republicans attached the proposed law to the bill for appropriating funds for troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

H.L.s Take: They attach a rider for something everyone is (supposedly) against, to a bill that all the Congressman are for (More money for Iraq, don't get me started) So now the national ID card will become a reality because "We can't deny Bush more money for Iraq," Never mind the missing 109 Billion, they need more, and if you don't think so then you are an unpatriotic Liberal bastard who doesn't support the troops. (Even though half the tax that comes out of your paycheck goes to the military.
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