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        Friday, April 21, 2006

       Oil Prices: The Sky's The Limit, Laughs Bush

News Item Oil Reaches Record High of $75 Per Barrell

Oil now at $75 a barrell, Bush could'nt be happier

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       Pictures of Bush Drinking with Hu, and Henry Kissinger

Bush Getting Drunk with Chinese President Hu, and Kissinger. The New Axis of Evil, Talk about a Power Trio, Take a look at Bush's face, you can tell thats some real Wild Turkey in his Glass.

President Bush has a drink with China's President Hu

Bush and Hu, toast their world domination

Hu Jintao, and Henry Kissinger tip one back

Bush and Hu, we rule the universe, lets get drunk

       News: Even Fox Admits It. Baghdad Mosques Center of Civil War, How Rove Will Destroy The Republicans

Guardian U.K.
Baghdad mosques become vigilante forts as sectarianism divides suburbs

In the wave of sectarian violence that has hit Iraq since the destruction of one of the country's holiest shrines in February, many mosques around Baghdad have become training grounds and weapons stores as much as places of prayer.
More significantly, they are now seen as the preserve of a single sect - the meeting place and bastion of one or other beleaguered community. The al-Nour mosque in Baghdad's western suburb of al-Jihad used to have both Shia and Sunni worshippers. "Only one Shia comes to the mosque now," said Adnan, a young guard who did not want to give his real name. He and other Sunnis are on watch each night to defend the mosque.

The Nation
Blood Is Thicker Than Blackwater

But today, Blackwater is facing a potentially devastating battle--this time not in Iraq but in court. The company has been slapped with a lawsuit that, if successful, will send shock waves through the world of private security firms, a world that has expanded significantly since Bush took office. Blackwater is being sued for the wrongful deaths of Stephen "Scott" Helvenston, Mike Teague, Jerko Zovko and Wesley Batalona by the families of the men slain in Falluja.
More than 428 private contractors have been killed to date in Iraq, and US taxpayers are footing almost the entire compensation bill to their families.

Even FOX NEWS Can't Deny It Anymore
04/20/06 FOX Poll: Gloomy Economic Views; Bush Approval at New Low

President Bush’s job approval rating slipped this week and stands at a new low of 33 percent approve, down from 36 percent two weeks ago and 39 percent in mid-March. A year ago this time, 47 percent approved and two years ago 50 percent approved (April 2004).
Approval among Republicans is below 70 percent for the first time of Bush’s presidency. Two-thirds (66 percent) approve of Bush’s job performance today, down almost 20 percentage points from this time last year when 84 percent of Republicans approved. Among Democrats, 11 percent approve today, while 14 percent approved last April.

H.L.s Take: 11% of Democrats still approve of Bush??? Well there is Lieberman, and of course most of Congressional Democrats, but besides that. I think Fox is still padding Bush's numbers.

Huffington Post
How Karl Rove Is Going to Destroy the Republican Party

The upside for the Republican Party is that Karl Rove has had an excellent short term political strategy over the last six years. The downside is that it is a terrible long term strategy. I hope they enjoyed their "permanent majority" while it lasted.

Rove has three plays in his playbook:

1. Run to your base.
2. Create fear. Start a war. Rally around the flag.
3. Keep the companies and the crazies happy.

Think Progress
Bush and Hu Toast Political Oppression

Bush proved today that he isn’t serious about pushing China on human rights, and China isn’t serious about reforming. Instead of calling for greater freedoms, Bush acquiesced to a Chinese demand to allow no unscripted questions at the press briefing, despite standard protocol.
At today’s briefing, the White House allowed only one scripted softball question about human rights, in effect allowing Hu to avoid facing any of the embarrassing facts about China’s abysmal human rights record. Hu’s answer was rather ironic:

Pittsburgh Live
Murtha assails Bush in Downtown speech

U.S. Rep. John Murtha, continuing his criticism of President Bush's handling of the Iraq war, said today it would take more than Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's resignation to restore Bush's credibility in the Middle East and with the American public.
The only way Bush can show he is ready to seriously change direction and pursue a diplomatic solution to the war is if he makes "substantial" changes in his administration, Murtha told about 100 people attending a luncheon sponsored by the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh

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