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February 7, 2005.

Whats up? I haven't posted in a few days. The news is all the usual bullshit anyway; Besides, it gives all the other websites out there a chance to catch up. Starting a new job today, and have to go buy a laptop. I did miss out on the chance to talk about the Kevin Shelly story over the weekend. Arnold now gets to pick his replacement who will surely bring in electronic black box voting for the next election. Which will surely allow Jeb Bush to carry California in 2008, so say goodbye to being a blue state. Patriots won the Super Bowl yesterday which should have been a surprise to nobody. The only surprise was that the game was so close. And was Paul McCartney singing "Live and Let Die" a subtle refrence to Iraq???, talk to you tomorrow.(or maybe later today) H.L.

2/2/05 9:55 AM PST
Breaking News From Ignore The Media, a Subsidiary of H.L. Enterprises
But first the top story of the day.
February 3, 2005.

House GOP Shows Doubt in Bush Plan

By LAURA MECKLER, Associated Press Writer
Cant get enough of your love, nooo WASHINGTON - The centerpiece of President Bush's Social Security plan diverting taxes into personal retirement accounts is politically dangerous and may not be worth it, a key House Republican said Thursday.
Rep. James McCrery, chairman of the House Ways and Means Social Security subcommittee, outlined ideas similar to those supported by many Democrats and said he wants to discuss them with the Bush administration.
McCrery, R-La., said in an interview that he, too, would like to create personal accounts. But he said he favors paying for them with general revenue, leaving taxes collected for Social Security to pay for guaranteed Social Security benefits.
That makes sense financially and politically, he said, explaining that taking money out of the existing Social Security system gives a powerful argument to Democrats and their allies, including the AARP, which represents millions of older Americans and opposes Bush's plan for private accounts.
"The AARP and the Democrats think if you divert some money from the trust fund," the existing program will be undermined, the congressman said. "That is true on its face. It does decrease the level of the trust fund."
"Politically, that's going to be a very strong tool that (opponents) can use to defeat a plan," McCrery said.

ABC News

Poll: U.S. Split Before State of the Union

hi there
Bush Rating
Approve Disapprove % Democrat
—- —- —-
All 50 45 34%
—- —- —-
Democrats 14 83
Independents 48 43
Republicans 87 11
—- —- —-
Men 55 40 28
Women 44 49 39
—- —- —-
Married men 62 35 27
Married women 53 40 34
Unmarried men 46 48 30
Unmarried women 37 57 44
—- —- —-
Northeast 39 55 40
West 47 47 34
South 54 41 32
Midwest 55 40 30
—- —- —-
Red states 55 40 31
Blue states 43 50 37
—- —- —-
Income <$35K 42 52 40
>$75K 56 42 31
—- —- —-
Whites 55 40 29
Non-whites 30 64 52
Blacks* 17 78 67
—- —- —-
Rural 60 32 26
Town 50 44 33
Suburb 47 50 36
Big city 42 53 41

* 1/31 and 1/16 polls combined.

Heres a new animated video short from Mark Fiore.

Ralphie (Not Nader)

The Nation

Dick Durbin: Bush Fighter

NBC News

Top Marine General's Blunt Comments Draw Fire

SAN DIEGO -- At a panel discussion in San Diego Tuesday, a top Marine general tells an audience that, among other things, it is "fun to shoot some people." The comment, made by Lt. Gen. James Mattis, came in reference to fighting insurgents in Iraq. He went on to say, "Actually, its a lot of fun to fight. You know, it's a hell of a hoot. I like brawling."

According to This, you are far more likely to be killed by your Doctor, then by your Gun.


US Gun Statistics

Marines Fall Short of Monthly Recruiting

By ROBERT BURNS, AP Military Writer Come on guys give me a break WASHINGTON - The Marine Corps fell short of its monthly recruiting goal in January for the first time in nearly 10 years, officials said Thursday. While it was only a one-month slip and the Marines say they remain on track to meet their recruiting target for the full year, the January numbers reflect a broader reality for the military: Recruiting is more difficult because of the highly publicized U.S. war casualties in Iraq
"Now we're seeing parents resisting" the sales pitch of recruiters because they worry that their son or daughter will wind up in a war zone, said Maj. Dave Greismer, spokesman for Marine Corps Recruiting Command.
"What we're doing is working with the parents more," he added. "Whereas before it may have taken one visit and they would accept, now it may take a recruiter two, three, four" visits. In some cases parents of 17-year-olds, who are a prime target of recruiters, are insisting that their son or daughter wait until age 18, when recruits no longer need parental approval to join.
In January the Marines signed up 84 fewer recruits than their goal of 3,270. That was the first time they fell short for a month since July 1995, which also was the last year in which the Marines missed their full-year recruiting goal.
Greismer stressed that although the number of new enlistment contracts in January was short of the goal, the Marines managed to make the January quota of recruits sent to boot camp because some had been signed up previously.
For the October-January period, the Marines sent 10,222 new recruits to boot camp, or 184 more than their target number, Greismer said.

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