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June 13, 2005
Guess who went to Church yesterday
George W. Bush speaks with the minister after attending church services 061305

Bush needs "Protection" when he speaks
Bush meets with Attorney Gen. Gonzalez, who provides security for a speech 061305

President Bush makes speech before Police officers who are there to watch his back 061305

Pres. Bush is upset with Jimmy Carter and republicans for calling for shutting down guantanamo 061305

Alberto Gonzalez watches as Bush speaks, cops make sure all stays quiet amongnst the audience 061305

Bush meets with presidents of African nations. to talk aid 061305

President Bush shakes hands with Presidents from Naimibia, Ghana, Botswana, and Niger 061305

Have a look at a good freind of mines site called Positive Blasphemy. Lots of good stuff for you to check out.

Senator James Sensenbrenner.
I'm a little crybaby waaaaaaaaaaa

Did you hear about the hearing on the Patriot Act in which Wisconsin Blowhard Senator Sensenbrenner walked out of his own hearing because people were not baaaaing at him like a herd of sheep. Well.. Here it is. 2 hours long. Conyers is there, kicking ass. Sensenbrenner walks out during the last 10 minutes, taking the gavel with him, they continue the hearing without him. Haha.

Sensenbrenner Patriot Act Hearing.

In an ongoing effort to make the site more streamlined and faster I am retireing the Comics Page, and have started a new one.More H.L.s Comics. check out the latest.

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