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        Thursday, January 26, 2006

       Torture Boy Goes To School

Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez went to Georgetown Law School to give a speech on domestic surviellance, (and to quell some unruly students) He wanted to argue that The NSA spying that Bush has been doing is legal. Gonzalez ran into some resistance for what he was trying to sell. The students had a banner with a quote from Ben Franklin. They also walked out on him in protest.

Alberto Gonzalez meets with Georgetown Law School professors

Attorney General Gonzalez, will put down the rebellion

Alberto Gonzalez addresses Georgetown Law School

Attorney General Gonzalez, discusses domestic spying at Georgetown Law school

students turn their back on U.S. attorney General who is giving a speech about the governments right to break the law

A student turns away from Alberto Gonzalez in protest of U.S wiretapping its own citizens

students protest U.S. domestic spying policy during a speech by The U.S. Attorney general Alberto gonzalez

Students hold up a sign with a quote from Benjamin Franklin as a protest agaisnt Alberto Gonzalez

Those that would sacrifice liberty for safety deserve neither, reads a  banner students at Georgetown law school held up during a speech by AG alberto gonzalez

Alberto gonzalez tries to give a speech but is drowned out by protesters.

A student with Tap this written across the back of her jeans walks out on attorney general alberto gonzalez during a speech

Alberto Gonzalez ponders student protests at Georgetown Law School

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       Warriors, Wusses, and Windbags.

Did you see the editorial in the L.A. Times a couple of days ago called Warriors, and Wusses. Mr. Stein stated that he did not support the troops, and neither does H.L. (except with my tax dollars half of which go to fight the war, when we could be using that money for the better good of the country instead of having Bush and his cronies like Duke Cunningham line their pockets with it, but thats another story.) of course a firestrom of controversy erupted from The Republican ditto monkeys, and the ever outraged windbag conservatives.

Today Mr. Stein wrote another article standing by what he said. Good for you Joel you stand up to those chickenhawks

L.A. Times writer defends incendiary Iraq column