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January 30, 2005.

                                                    Break out The Barry White
Here are some inauguration videos from Fluxview
This first one is awesome. It shows the U.S. military, and The D.C. Police, in violation of the constitution, but no one really cares. Its called

Check Point Dubya

Heres a trailer for a movie called Mandate?, that is being put together by The Indy Media people

View The Trailer

These are fast versions, go to the site. to see all the video choices.

Election day in Iraq: At least 44 dead; Turnout around 60%

The candidates are not the only ones that don't want to be known Al Bawaba.com Iraqis voted Sunday as deadly suicide bombings and mortar strikes hit voters and polling stations across Iraq. At least 44 people were killed, including attackers and policemen.
In the most deadly attack Sunday, a suicide bomber blew himself up at a polling station in western Baghdad, killing himself, three policemen and a civilian, officials said. A witness said the bomber approached a line of voters and detonated an explosives belt. Six people were also injured.
Two mortars hit near the Ministry of Interior on the city's eastern edge, one witness said. According to The AP, there were gunfire exchanges in the New Baghdad area in the eastern part of the city.
In a second suicide attack at a polling station, a bomber blew up himself, one policeman and two Iraqi soldiers. In a third suicide attack at a school in western Baghdad, three people and the bomber died, police said.
And in a fourth, at another school in eastern Baghdad, a suicide bomber killed himself and at least three others. Another four people died in other suicide attacks.
Also, three people were killed when mortars landed near a polling station in Sadr City, the heart of Baghdad's Shiite Muslim community. In addition, two people were killed when a mortar round hit a home in Amel, and a policeman died in a mortar attack on a polling station in Khan al-Mahawil, 40 miles south of Baghdad.
A suicide bomber blew himself up near the home of Iraq's justice minister, an apparent assassination attempt. The minister was not home but the attack killed one person, an Interior Ministry official said.
Five people were killed and 17 injured when a suicide attacker blew himself up aboard a minibus bound for a polling station in central Iraq, a Polish military spokesman said Sunday. The explosion rocked a minibus carrying voters to a polling station near Abu Alwan in Babil province, Lt. Col. Artur Domanski told The Associated Press.
In Mosul, the province's deputy escaped an assassination attempt, but his bodyguard was killed.
The violence came after resistance fighters rocketed the U.S. Embassy in downtown Baghdad late Saturday, killing two Americans.
Meanwhile, a US military service member assigned to Marine forces in Iraq's Anbar province was killed in combat Sunday, the military said. The American was killed during "combat operations against enemy forces" in the province, the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force said in a statement.

Break out The Jimmy Hendricks

Do You Know

?Newly released data shows that American troops in Iraq are suffering twice the rate of amputations than in previous wars and that some 20 percent of those injured received head or neck wounds that will require "a lifetime of care." The Boston Globe, December 9, 2004
?The Marines have been forced to reduce their pre-deployment field combat training for battalions shipping to Iraq in half due to a rapidly increasing need for fresh troops. Newhouse News Service courtesy of The Star-Ledger, August 24, 2004

?Donald Rumsfeld is requesting that Congress grant him the authorization to use normally private IRS information to track down tens of thousands reservists who could face activation. TheMilitary.com, May 18, 2004

?Troops partially disabled in Iraq are having to fight to receive benefits. CBS News, December 12, 2003

?Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan has warned that the record high trade deficit is putting the US economy at risk. Continued high deficits "could cause foreigners to unload investments in U.S. stocks and bonds, sending their prices plunging and interest rates soaring." http://news.findlaw.com/ap_stories/f/1310/11-19-2004/20041119054503_31.html

?The dollar has once again dropped to a new low against the Euro. To date it has dropped some 40% over the last two years of the Bush Administration. The Guardian, November 11, 2004

?The Bush Administration plans on pushing the so-called "Clear Skies" air quality legislation that has been stalled in Conger since 2002. The legislation includes delaying by six years the implementation of health standards on smog and soot emissions and exempting smokestacks from rules requiring companies to install stricter pollution controls when upgrading their equipment. The Washington Post, December 14, 2004

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