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        Friday, February 03, 2006

       C'mon People Have a Little Confidence

News Item Bush Wants Us To Have Confidence in His Leadership

Bush makes speech urging confidence

Bush wants us  to have confidence in Iraq

Bush wants Americans to show patience with Iraq

Bush doesn't like all the negativism surronding him

Bush says we must stay the course in Iraq

Bush says we can't cut and run in iraq

2000 dead soldiers in Iraq thanks to bush

Bush is in trouble again

People have no confidence in Bush

Bush lacks ability to inspire confidence

Hastert And Cheney relate to Bush's latest speech

       Authentic Enron Emails

Here's a website that posts authentic Enron Emails that are being used in the current trial agaisnt Ken Lay, and Jeff Skilling. In this one they talk about the Abramoff-Bush Connection.

Date: 19 Dec 2000 15:19 PST
Subject: abramoff

Rick, good to see you today. excited about the prospects of the new office,kitchen cabinet/advisory team, etc. as we discussed, jack abramoff is joining barry richards' law firm,Greenberg Traurig, on january 1. richards was just named lawyer of the yearby the American lawyer while abramoff is arguably the most influential and effective gop lobbyist in congress. i share several clients with him and have yet to see him lose a battle. he also is very close to Delay and could help enormously on that front. raised $ for bush. until december 31 he can be reached at 202-661-3851. he assistant is Susan Ralston.

More fun (and 100% real) Enron e-mails at The Great Divide.

       Anger Continues To Build Over These Muhammad Cartoons

For a third consecutive day, These Muhammad Cartoons have caused intense protest throughout the Muslim world. The Cartoons originally printed in a Danish Newspaper Jyllands Posten, have been causing waves of anger, and resentment throughout the Islamic World. The editor of the newspaper has been fired, and the people who drew the cartoons are in hiding fearing for their lives.
Outrage built as protests took place from Iraq to Indonesia. In Iraq, thousands of people held protests after prayer services on Friday, raising fists, and burning Danish Flags. In Indonesia hundreds rallied outside a Danish Government Embassy, chanting God is Great, pelting the building with eggs, and then storming the building trying to gain access to elevators that led to the 25th floor embassy, the protesters were held back and returned to the street where they also tore down a Danish flag, and burned it. Other protests took place in Islamabad, and Karachi, where roughly 1000 people each showed up chanting Death to Denmark, Death to France. In Malaysia, people massed outside the Danish embassy shouting Here are some pictures of todays protests. "Long live Islam, destroy our enemies"

Anger and protests built throughout the Islamic world over danish cartoons

Anger and protests built throughout the Islamic world over danish cartoons

Anger and protests built throughout the Islamic world over danish cartoons

Anger and protests built throughout the Islamic world over danish cartoons

Anger and protests built throughout the Islamic world over danish cartoons

We are not terrorists, we are not anarchists, but we are against those people who blaspheme Islam," said a man wearing a white Arabic robe who was part of one of the protests.

       2/3/05 Early News Stories

Bush to Request $439.3B for Defense Budget

H.L.s Take: As I stated in the yesterdays article about Bush asking for another 70 Billion on top of the war budget. Bush will never stop draining The U.S. Treasury so he, and his freinds and family can continue to get rich on the illegal war.

Rumsfeld Likens Chavez's Rise to Hitler

H.L.s Take: Its the oldest trick in the Republican playbook: Blame your enemy for doing the exact thing you are doing, even though the enemy is not doing it. Hugo Chavez is loved throughout Venezuela, but according to Rumsfeld Chavez is Hitler, meanwhile Bush and Rumsfeld are hated throughout The U.S. but Rumsfeld literally compared themselves to George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Yesterday Rumsfeld reacted to a cartoon showing him as a doctor telling a Iraq War Vet. "I am going to list your condition as battle hardened", by saying "They savaged Washington, and Lincoln too" Unbelievable. Hey Don you can keep thinking that right up until they drag your ass to Levenworth

Prosecutor Seeks Texas GOP Bank Records

H.L.s Take:Delay is the first to go down, hopefully many more, like Rumsfeld, Cheney, and Bush will follow.