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        Tuesday, January 03, 2006

       1/3/06 How Bush Spent New Years

President Bush cut his head clearing brush

Bush at hospital with soldiers and doctors

President Bush kisses an Iraq war soldier

Bush visits with doctor

bush says he has authority to spy on American citizens

Bush wants to protect us from terrorists

President Bush gets ready to head back to washington

President Bush boards presidential helicopter

       1/3/06 Todays News Stories

NY Times

Abrahmoff Pleads Guilty in Deal With Prosecutors

Official Washington has been on edge for months awaiting word of Mr. Abramoff's legal future. Once a masterful Republican lobbyist with close ties to the former House majority leader, Representative Tom DeLay, he earned tens of millions of dollars representing Indian casino interests and farflung entities like the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands. Through a complicated web of financial arrangements, he helped funnel donations to his lawmaker friends' and their campaigns, and took members of Congress, mainly the Republicans in power, on lavish trips.

H.L.s take
Will this help to bring down some of Bush's Cronies. It will if it is not all a big scam to get everyone off the hook. Abrahmoff gets a light prison sentence but doesn't tell what really happened. If he did they wouldn't need a jail for him, they would need a coffin.


Summary: Despite three court rulings that cell phone tracking by government agencies without a court order is illegal, a fourth court ruling has now authorized blanket spying. The government can now use cell phone data to track physical location, without a search warrant or probable cause.

H.L.s take
They have to keep us safe from terrorists. In case you forgot we were attacked on September 11, 2001

Creative Loafing
America's Least Trusted
How a Clermont stripper ended up under FBI surveillance

Finally, there is Chase's protest work. In February, Chase traveled to Washington, D.C., to work for a group called Action Medical Research at President Bush's 2005 inauguration. Chase says she was a "street medic," someone who dispenses first aid at progressive rallies and marches. Chase says she also worked as a street medic at the Democratic National Convention in Boston and the Republican National Convention in New York in 2004.

H.L.s take
Those Anti-war protesters, if it wasn't for them we would already be in Iran, and Syria, so naturally we need to spy on them. They are costing Bush and the oil industry lots of money.

Crisis Papers
In 2006, Voting Fraud is the Keystone Issue

Excerpt: The significance of the election fraud issue can not be overstated. The fate of our republic turns on how this issue is dealt with and resolved in the coming year...
On the other hand, if, at last, it becomes irrefutably clear to a large portion of the general public that the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections were stolen, along with key congressional races in 2002, and if indictments follow and a fair election ensues, then public outrage will result in the Democratic control of at least one, and more likely, both houses of Congress.

H.L.s take
Somebody better wake up The Democrats and let them know about this, because apparently they haven't heard about the vote fraud issue. They must now have because they never mention it.