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June 8, 2005.
Gay marriage bad, but a marriage of a monkey and his poodle, thats OK 060905

Bush and Blair 2 of a kind, Bloody, and disgusting 060905

Bush and Blair have been murdering for 3 years, now they are making it legal 060905

Condi Rice, and Laura Bush watch a press confrence by President Bush, and Tony Blair, where they lie about the Downing street memo 060905

Tony Blair thinking that maybe hooking up with Bush was not such a great idea 060905

Bush and Blair shake hands to show the world how much they love each other 060905

Actual quotes from President Bush and Tony Blair after being asked about the Downing Street memo 060905

Bush and Blair planning an excursion in Iran

Tony Blair doesn't always like lying for the mass murdering monkey bush 060905

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