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April 10, 2005.
Hey were back to posting. Lets start off with a good one, here is a BBC TV Show, about the military and American life. You need Real Player for this one, but its worth getting it if you don't have it. You can download it for for free at Real.com If you dont have time to watch the whole thing, check out the first few minutes.
Indy Media

Why We Fight

They are all here

Intervention Magazine

Americans Increasingly Reject Bush

Excerpt: With George Bush's approval rating now at the lowest level of any incumbent president since World War II, are the hard times and absurd lies finally getting through to Americans?

They are all here

Heres another one from Intervention Magazine.

A Strange and Terrible Saga

NY Times

A Lovely Day for a Stroll: Bill Clinton in His Element

They are all here

They are all here

Santorum: DeLay Needs to Answer Questions

Have you heard about the website Spreading Santourum It is a spinoff of Dan Savage's syndicated column called Savage Love. I read it in The Village Voice. It puts the bastard in his place

                    They are all here
I'll be working this week, (I think) so we'll get the postings up as we can. Keep checking in, H.L.

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