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H.L.s Political Comics Pt.1      January-May, 2005
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Thats the facts Jack
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The Comics Gallery of of The Hollywood Liberal. The Truth is The Funniest Joke of All -HST Quoting Muhammad Ali
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H.L. first comic strip ballon cartoon, 010305 Bet you didn't know he was a crooner 010305 George W. Bush steps up to the podium The Whore we love to hate 010405 Another one I came up with as a joke ha ha 010405 Come on now, you know thats funny 010505 The ringleader of The Boxer Rebellion 010605 California Barbara Boxer The new Political Benedict Arnold 010605 Thats John Kerry, who threw the 2004 election The only fighter out there 010605 Howard Dean More attempts at humor 010605 Bush's Latest choice for homeland security chief. 011305 They will be giving out a lot of free trips over there soon 011305 Alberto Gonzalez, who okayed the use of Torture at abu ghairb, our new Attorney General 011305 They'll say anything to get them to go the Iraq War 011305 Some silliness involving a Bush visit to a school 011405 Bush sings again 011405 Colin Powell, as he looked on 011605 The Cartoon balloons say it all 011605 Richard Nixon, He thought he was safe, but he went down 011705 The Twins now whats up 012005 Dick Cheney about to soil himself 012005 John Kerry hanging with his homies 012005 The disgusting evil swine 012005 Pretty soon they will have that flag out there for real 012005 Thats right he wants another 80 bil for iraq 012405 One goes in, one goes out, nothing changes 013005 Hey watch the hands Rummy 013005 Another easy winner Alberto torture boy Gonzalez 012705 Tell me he ain't on something 020105 Theres that guy Gonzalez again George and condi getting hot for each other 020705 Bush making out again, this time with a maaan baby 020905 Karl Rove The kid everyone beat up in class 020905 What they were saying after the State of the union 021305 You keep saying that Tom Rummy wants some part 1. There getting horny 022005 Can you hear me now?022505 Hey we've all been there Laugh it up funny boy022505 Sure Karl, 022005 Bush claims we dont want to invade Iran 022205 I know you want diplomatic relations but this is ridiculous 022405 He wants it real bad022605 Is she giving herself too much credit? 022605 He doesn't like you 022605 Looks like he downed a fifth of gin Nancy Reagan and Maira Schwarzenneggar, 030205 We killed the Italian diplomat, and journalist right after they got free???030405 Looks like he saw a ghost, or was it ghosts 030405 Just in case you forgot 030405 That George, he just gives, and gives 030405 I've always liked high heel boots for some reason, they even look good on Condi 030405 Only Bush would  speak with a sign that says Cash Deficits in the background 030705 Bush kicking it with Porter Goss, head of the CIA 030705 This guy likes to whip it out in public 030805 Silvio Berlusconi: That evil, evil, monkey 031005 Why don't these people understand? 031005 We know how you feel dude 030905 Doesn't it make you sick  to see Bill Clinton and George Bush hanging out together031005 David Copperfield could learn a thing or 2 from this guy 031105 These guys must be tripping on something 031305 You know thats what he is thinking 031305 The Godfather aka George W. Bush getting out of the Limo 031405 Always looking for business opportunities He was up for the James Dean role in Rebel Without a Cause 032205 There's always a way out 032505 Wow, thats pretty tricky 032505 Shouldn't be long now Happy Easter From The Bushs 032705 I think he can handle one more 032705 Bush could conduct a tour of the best brothels in Tijuana 032805 Doesn't he just look like a rat, takes one to kill one eh, Tom The mutual ass kissing club 041005 I wonder if she licked her fingers after 041005 Hope I'm not going to hell for this one 041005 There he is again 041005 John Kerry Can't fight, not even against a little girl, thats why he bowed down to Bush 041605 Tom Delay leaves a Party conference 041305 He is being ridiculed by His fellow members of congress President Bush has a few words for Tom Delay, 041605 George W. Bush reacting to news his poll numbers are at an all time low 041605 Tom Delay at The NRA Meeting in Houston greets the audience 041705 President Bush comes off air force 1, carrying his dog Barney George Bush in The White House Rose Garden 042105 Jerry Gosset is suing The Republicans for stealing the design to his W sticker which he holds up in this pic 042105 George W. Bush kisses his wif Bill Clinton, and Dick Cheney meet at a political function 042105 George and Laura Bush, and Dennis Hastert, are the Mod Squad 042105 President Vladimir Putin, of Russia, speaks with Condeleeza Rice, at a Political meeting. 042105 Pres. Bush, responds to peoples concerns over high gas prices 042405 President Bush, gets out and meets the people 042405 George W. Bush in line at a cafeteria 042405 President Bush, and Dennis Hastert exchange plesantries 042405 President Bush is a holy man 042405 President Bush takes time from his busy schedule to clear brush at his texas ranch 042605 A boy and his dog, George W. Bush, and Barney 042605 President Bush comes face to face with an admirer 042605 Tom Delay meets with reporters after getting off Air Force 1 042705 Tom Delay gets a hug from President Bush 042705 U.S Senate Majoriy Leader Tom Delay gives a thumbs up to the crowd 04270 Tom Delay is escorted to the plane by President Bush, and a security guard 042705 George Bush at Press Conference 042905 to see the whole story go to President Bush answers s and talks to the people 043005 George W. Bush talks about his second term ratings and shows graph George Bush's Dog, in the yard 050205 After holding hands with Prince Abdullah, President Bush gets a drink 050205 A list of President Bush's favorite songs on his ipod. 050305 President Bush tells what he wants to do after his presidency 050305 President Bush goes to Mississippi, to talk to the folks about Social Security 050405 President Bush gives a speech in front of a Mexican band on cinco de mayo 050705 President Bush visits Latvia, on a tour of Europe to celebrate the anniversary of the end of WW2 05070 George W. Bush, meets Senator Trent Lott, and has a laugh 050705 U.S. President George W. Bush gives a speech at a War Cemetary in Europe 050905 President Bush and Russian President Putin go for a ride in a 1956 Volga 050905 President Bush meets with a Japanese diplomat 051005 Condi Rice at a dinner for Nancy Reagan meets Bill Frist 051205 George W. Bush, with his wife Laura and dog Barney 051205 President Bush portrait with the American Bald Eagle 051605 George W. Bush gives a speech to the soldiers, and they him know how they feel 051605 President Bush, calls in Karl Rove to deal with Barney the dog 051605 President Bush looking for alternative forms of energy. 051805 presdient Bush tells everyone full steam ahead 051805 Picture of Saddam Hussein in his underwear, Bush was very upset that this got out yeah sure George W. Bush poses before giving a speech to College graduates 052205 Condi Rice is H.Ls new M.C.052305 Laura Bush in her witches garb 052305 Laura Bush is the new it girl in washington 052305 president bush prays with a priest and a nun 052305 Condi doesn't like some of H.Ls humor Laura Bush loves to wear hooded black robes 052305 President Bush is not to happy with the filibuster compromise, Bill Frist explains it to him 052405 Bill Frist makes offers a deal with the democrats 052405 Kids get a look at Air Force one as it sits on a runway 052605 President Bush kisses a baby at a Republican fundraiser 052605 George W. Bush Jr. wearing his favorite suit 052605 President Bush gives a speech on family values, while a family looks on 052605 President Bush speaks with his favorite reporter 052705 President Bush meets with Macmoud Abbas of Palestine 052905
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