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July 7, 2005

Who Bombed the London Transit System?

Was it? Arabs pissed off at Tony Blair for all the death and destruction he is responsible for in Iraq.?
Was it? A distraction so the news does not have to report the Karl Rove story. (You know he is going to get away with it)?
Was it? The Neocons, so now they have an excuse to invade Iran.?
Was it? A way for Bush to pull his ratings back up. (Just like 9/11)?
Was it? Israel who was very much behind Iraq, and now Iran?

No matter who it was, it makes Bush and Blair look like incompetent idiots. After this happened in Spain, the Spanish threw the NWO leaders right the hell out of office. Of course that would never happen here, but In England where people are not a bunch of brain washed sheep, they are going to want accountability. This could be the end for Tony Blair

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Bush Quotes: From AP

US President George W. Bush vowed in a separate statement to reporters in Gleneagles that the war on terrorism would continue until "an ideology of hate" had been overcome. "They have such evil in their heart that they will take the lives of innocent folks. The war on terrorism is on," Bush said.

Whoo Hoo George, I think he thinks that this is going to pump up everyone for continued war agaist all Arab people, I can see him saying to himself right now. "OK now my ratings will come back up and everyone will be behind me again". The idiot monkey still hasn't figured out that you can not fight "An Ideology of Hate" with war. I guess he hasn't figured out that because we bomb innocent civilians, and kill everything that moves, that makes them hate us even more.


Netanyahu Changed Plans Due to Warning

Financial Times of London

British Ministry of Defense plans Iraq troop withdrawal

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Raw Story

Democrats' letter: Rove must explain role in CIA outing or resign

American Politics Journal
Karl Rove's Illegal Leak Compromises National Security and Endangers Many...


Judith Miller

1% Convicted of 1800 Arrested at Republican Convention in NYC

Last Summer during the Republican National Convention in New York City. The NYPD, at the behest of Republican Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and Republican Governor George Pataki, turned the city into a Police State, arresting 1806 people for Protesting against Bush, and The Iraq War. As a comparison, only 5 people were arrested at the Democratic National Convention in Boston, which was held earlier that summer, according to a story in The Dallas Morning News. Yours Truly H.L. was one of those 1806 people, which I originally wrote about here. In the nearly one year since the Police began throwing up nets around hundreds of people at a time, and arresting them all indiscriminately, taking them to a filthy old bus garage with asbestos on the floor, and nowhere to sit, and holding them for up to 3 days; many of the cases have been adjudicated, and the picture is not pretty for a supposedly liberal city like New York.

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