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June 20, 2005
Senator Joe Biden
Senator Joe Biden is running for President

Joe Biden, Senator from Delaware, announces that he is interested in seeking The Democratic Nomination for president 062005

Sen. Joe Biden from Delaware, He's the guy that brought you the bankruptcy legislation, now he wants to be Pres. 062005

Joe Biden Senator from Delaware, Home of American Express, Visa, and Master Card 062005

Senator Joe Biden makes a speech, he has announced his intentions to run for President. 062005

Sen Joe Biden (D-Delaware) discusses his reason for wanting to run for President in 2008 062005

Joe Biden wants to be the Democratic nominee in 2008, can he beat Hilary

Biden, the Senator from Delaware, He doesn't agree with Howard Dean, but he wants to run on the Democratic ticket in '08 062005

A political message from Joe Biden, and the finance and credit card industry 062005

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