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July 30, 2005

Senator Bill Frist has announced that he will go against Bush, and vote for Stem Cell Research. Bush and Frist met and discussed it yesterday.

Bill Frist informs the President he will vote for Stem cell research.

Bush doesn't believe what he is hearing from Frist about his decision on stem cell research

Bill Frist gets nervous around Bush

Bush doesn't mind that Senator Frist is going against him on stem cell research

Senators confront Bill Frist about his medical evaluation of Terri Schiavo

Senate Majority Leader Frist on his way to a Bush bill signing

Bill Frist and a group of senators watch as President Bush gets ready to sign a bill

The President announces Senator Frist's decision on Social Security

Bill Frist, somebody get me a doctor

The Senator Frist needs to avoid George W. Bush for a while

George W. Bush has some parting words of advice for Senator Bill Frist

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