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January 17, 2005.

Now the whore says something

Kerry Criticizes Election Outcome

BOSTON - Sen. John Kerry, in some of his most pointed public comments yet about the presidential election, invoked Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy on Monday as he criticized President Bush and decried reports of voter disenfranchisement.
Good enought to run again. The picture I mean, not Kerry H.L.s Take Kerry waited until now, that there is no more possible chance to do anything about it to speak up, because he did not want to hurt his masters credibility as he begins to take over the entire world, and ruin America in the process.
He reiterated that he decided not to challenge the election results, but "thousands of people were suppressed in the effort to vote."
You heard that correct. Kerry knew all about the problems at the voting booths but did nothing about it. He just came right out and said it. He obviously is just now figuring out how much he pissed everyone off, so now hes starting to talk about it because he wants to run again in 2008, so he can throw the election to Jeb Bush, and continue riding the Bush family Gravy train.
"Voting machines were distributed in uneven ways. In Democratic districts, it took people four, five, eleven hours to vote, while Republicans (went) through in 10 minutes same voting machines, same process, our America," he said.
He then thought to himself: Of course none of this information would have come out if it wasn't for those Goddamn bloggers. Where do they get off telling people the truth. We have bought and paid for with good money every journalist and media souce in the USA, but now I have to get up here and look like a whorish hypocrite (which of course I am) in front of the whole country.

Hey (hic) anyone got any Jack Daniels around here

The weatherbeaten face of the monkey, 5 days before he gets ready to take the oath for his second term. Jr. has aged about 15 years in the last 4, and he'll go another 15 in the next 4. Thats what happens when you lie to America about EVERYTHING. He knows the shit will come down at some point in this term, like it has for every 2 term President since WW2. He also looks like hes had about a dozen shots of some good sippin whiskey. Notice the blood vessels popping out of his nose. and above his lips, and that drunk looking stare, on his face, (Oh yeah I forgot he always looks that way,) Maybe he was watching the football games yesterday, and had some pretzels and needed something to wash it down with.- H.L.

This guy was the crookedest President ever, until Jr. took it to another level

Former US President Richard Nixon delivering his State of the Union Address before Congress on 30 January 1973 in Washington, DC. Every two-term US presidency since World War II has been tainted by scandal.
Nixon won in a landslide that year carrying 49 out of 50 states in one of the most lopsided elections ever. 20 months later Nixon was forced to resign or face charges and jail, He was later pardoned by Gerald Ford. (AFP/File)

What Really Happened


                                                The truth is the same today as it was then.
The New Yorker


The Toronto Star

Bible vs. science war rages on in classrooms

.pdf version Bush Defiant Amid WMD Report

Tight post-9/11 security at Bush inauguration

Watch out for Iraq in Washington Sun Jan 16, 2:11 PM ET Politics - AFP WASHINGTON (AFP) - The inauguration ceremony for President George W. Bush's second term will be surrounded by intense security in the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks, with the focus on the fight against terror. "Celebrating Freedom, Honoring Service" H.L.s Take: More like Celebrating Facism, Using the military to protect me from having to see the protesters"is the theme of the inauguration, Army Major General Galen Jackman, one of the military officials tasked with overseeing security during this week's events, told Fox News Sunday that keeping the inauguration safe was not that much different from planning for war.
And it will be a war against those ungodly protesters, he added, first one that steps out of line gets a bazooka up his ass. "If you were planning a battle, there are a lot of things that you're going to synchronize in the air, land and sea and with specific movements on the ground. So, it's the same approach that we take when we're planning a ceremony," said Jackman, who as head of the Joint Forces headquarters for Washington leads more than 2,000 troops who will patrol the skies over the capital, sweep the rivers and respond to any attack on Inauguration Day. Of course all this could be avoided if the naked emperor, wasn't such a ceremony freak, but he wants his coronation to match that of any King. and he doesn't care that the humvees are not armored, and that more money will be spent on this little shindig, then the amout we will spend to help the Tsunami victims. And while the ceremonies, estimated at 40 million dollars, themselves are funded from private donations, security costs are "in the millions" according to Ridge. Paid from the public purse, security will cost around 17 million dollars, according to city estimates. Why should we pay for that, let the rabble from D.C., who voted for Kerry anyway, take it out of their food, and bill money, those filthy bastards. Among those in attendance, thousands of anti-Bush demonstrators. Thats a lie, there will HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF PROTESTORS and opponents of the war in Iraq are also expected at the Inaugural. And we will do all we can to make sure we arrest as many as possible, maybe even get the soldiers to shoot a few, that will really polarize things, which is what we want.

Why we Live in The Corporate States of America

Meanwhile, generous donors, industrial groups, financiers and lobbyists, both Republicans and Democrats, have been signing, since mid-December, checks to the tune of 50,000 to 250,000 dollars at the request of the Inaugural committee, in exchange for tickets to the main events to give to their best clients and friends.
Among the heaviest contributors,
Exxon-Mobil, $250,000
Occidental Petroleum, $250,000
Time-Warner, $250,000
and Michael Dell -- owner of the Dell computer giant. $250,000
Microsoft $100,000
Oracle, $100,000
Coca-Cola $100,000
Pepsi-Cola, $100,000
Boeing $100,000

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