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February 24, 2005.
Whats up guys, have to make it a semi quick one today, because I am going to work today, whoo hoo, I may make the rent yet. Ok lets get started.
The L.A. Times

We Aren't Fighting to Win Anymore

They don't care about winning, we came in got the oil, now they can all kill each other as far as Bush is concerned.                                           Hey I know you want diplomatic relations, but this is ridiculous
Put your cursor over the pic. to see the alternate joke, didn't know which one to use.


Check out the latest Video cartoon from Mark Fiore, this guys always good for some truth, and laughs
Mark Fiore.com

Fiore presents: Nuclear fashion

Heres another one from The L.A. Times, Max Boot this radical ditto monkey has a way for us to get more soldiers without having a draft. Use foreigners, Hey thats great, no wonder we want to keep Poor nations really poor, so we can pay them 2 Dollars a day to go out and get killed so Bush can get more oil money, and his uncle can get rich too. Hey I know, lets get all the Iraqis who have no homes, running water, or electircity to go out and kill there own people, its a genius idea, I tell you.

Uncle Sam Wants Tu'

     Heres another one from Tom Tomorrow
Justin Raimondo at Anti War.com

They've Only Just Begun...

The War Party's agenda: Syria, Iran, and beyond
I have a chance to meet Justin Raimondo soon, and if you live in the L.A./OC area, you may have a chance to meet him too, plans are bieng finalized, stay tuned for more info....


Bush gets weak support for program cuts

Even loyal Republicans oppose many plans

OK almost time for work, I'll be watching 2 episodes of "Fat Actress" whatever that is, and an episode of "The Road to Stardom with Missy Elliot" They pay me for that. I love Hollywood. Later
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