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        Sunday, October 16, 2005

       10/16/05 Tell Them How They Love Me.

Bush stages a discussion, and gets caught.

Bush stages a discussion, and gets caught.

Bush stages a discussion, and gets caught.

Bush stages a discussion, and gets caught.

Bush stages a discussion, and gets caught.

Bush stages a discussion, and gets caught.

Bush stages a discussion, and gets caught.

Bush stages a discussion, and gets caught.

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       10/16/05 Out of The Mouths of Babes.

Bush pays a visit to a school, where the kids tell him what they think

       10/16/05 Morning News Briefing

Raw Story
Vice President's role in outing of CIA agent under examination, sources close to prosecutor say

Excerpt: Fitzgerald’s examination centers on a group of players charged with not only selling the war, but according to sources familiar with the case, to discredit anyone who openly “disagreed with the official Iraq war” story.

The group’s members included Deputy White House chief of staff Karl Rove, Bush advisor Karen Hughes, Senior Advisor to the Vice President Mary Matalin, Deputy Director of Communications James Wilkinson, Assistant to the President and Legislative Liaison Nicholas Calio, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley and I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby - Chief of Staff to the Vice President and co-author of the Administration's pre-emptive strike policy.

H.L.s Take: Yeah I'm sure the "real President" had nothing to do with it, and new nothing about it.

N.Y. Times
The Miller Case: A Notebook, a Cause, a Jail Cell and a Deal

Excerpt: Ms. Miller spent 85 days in jail for refusing to testify and reveal her confidential source, then relented. On Sept. 30, she told the grand jury that her source was I. Lewis Libby, the vice president's chief of staff. But she said he did not reveal Ms. Plame's name.

And when the prosecutor in the case asked her to explain how "Valerie Flame" appeared in the same notebook she used in interviewing Mr. Libby, Ms. Miller said she "didn't think" she heard it from him. "I said I believed the information came from another source, whom I could not recall,"

H.L.s Take: Oh she can't recall? Well then lets just forget the whole thing, and go about our business. Shes using The Reagan Defense. Maybe she just read the whole thing is some Tea leaves.

London Globe & Mail
Study turns pot wisdom on head

Excerpt: Calgary — Forget the stereotype about dopey potheads. It seems marijuana could be good for your brain.

While other studies have shown that periodic use of marijuana can cause memory loss and impair learning and a host of other health problems down the road, new research suggests the drug could have some benefits when administered regularly in a highly potent form.

H.L.s Take: So Make sure you get the good stuff.

L.A. Weekly
George can count on Harriet to overturn Roe v. Wade

Excerpt: What they should know is that Miers is an anti-abortion-rights zealot, who, as we say in the South, is “keeping company” with a Texas Supreme Court justice who defines anti-abortion zealotry in Texas. Miers’ love interest, Nathan Hecht, anchors the right wing of one of the nation’s most conservative high courts. He is the Texas Supreme Court’s most vocal — and at times most reckless — opponent of a woman’s right to choose.

The Fallen Legion: Casualties of the Bush Administration

Excerpt: In late August 2005, after twenty years of service in the field of military procurement, Bunnatine ("Bunny") Greenhouse, the top official at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in charge of awarding government contracts for the reconstruction of Iraq, was demoted. For years, Greenhouse received stellar evaluations from superiors -- until she raised objections about secret, no-bid contracts awarded to Kellogg, Brown & Root (KBR) -- a subsidiary of Halliburton, the mega-corporation Vice President Dick Cheney once presided over. After telling congress that one Halliburton deal was "was the most blatant and improper contract abuse I have witnessed during the course of my professional career," she was reassigned from "the elite Senior Executive Service... to a lesser job in the civil works division of the corps."

H.L.s Take: You say what we tell you to say, or we will have you mining salt in New Jersey

Fire Dog Lake
Grand Jury Barbecue Time

Excerpt: Life began early for young Turd Blossom today. He awoke promptly at seven, chose a somber yet earnest black for his fourth appearance before Patrick Fitzgerald's grand jury, then hopped in his sexy, rich-boy gun metal gray Jaguar S-Type and drove off....

No, no, Karl! Bad idea! This'll never work. Think of the cameras...they'll all pounce on you for being a rich'll be just like those photos on Air Force One...can't pass yourself off as a poor simpleton hounded by an overzealous prosecutor if you show up in an $80,000 ride with skidmarks on the tires from running over the're smarter than that...think, Karl, think...

Humble public servant Karl Rove arrived today at the courthouse in a beige Toyota Camry. which point Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald skewered his nuts and roasted them over a slow fire for four and a half hours.