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        Friday, November 18, 2005

       11/18/05 Morning News Stories

Protests hit Pacific Rim summit

Riot police have clashed with protesters armed with sticks and bottles outside the summit of 21 Pacific Rim leaders in South Korea...Thousands of slogan-chanting protesters gathered outside the summit, shouting: "No to Bush,

H.L.s Take: Theres nowhere to hide anymore George, you cant go to South America, they hate you there. You cant go to Europe, they line the streets to protest you. You cant go to Antarctica because even the snowmen hate you. Now I know why Bush wants to back to the Moon, they don't hate him there.

House Republicans Eke Out Budget Cut

The broader budget bill would slice almost $50 billion from the deficit by the end of the decade by curbing rapidly growing benefit programs such as Medicaid, food stamps and student loan subsidies. Republicans said reining in such programs whose costs spiral upward each year automatically s the first step to restoring fiscal discipline.

H.L.s Take:
So we are going to save 50 Billion by the end of the decade by taking more money away from students, the poor, and the sick. We have spent well over 200 Billion on Bush's illegal war. So that means if the war ended now we couled make that 50 Billion back in about 8 months, but no, we cant do that. Screw the poor, theres plenty of jobs for them over in Iraq. See the beauty of the situation.

Legislation Renewing Patriot Act Stalls

If further changes are not made, we will work to stop this bill from becoming law," the six wrote the Senate Judiciary and Intelligence committees.
The senators are Republicans Larry Craig of Idaho, John Sununu of New Hampshire and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, and Democrats Dick Durbin of Illinois, Russ Feingold of Wisconsin and Ken Salazar of Colorado.

H.L.s Take:
Congress now realizes that Bush is a power mad dog who will use the Patriot act to trample citizens rights that have nothing to do with terrorism. Of course thats not as important as gettting out of the office by 3 on Wednesday. So forget about your basic constitutional rights.

An Open Letter To Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald From Former White House Counsel John W. Dean

To right-minded Americans, the idea that Administration officials have betrayed their national security obligations, yet remain in their jobs, is nothing short of appalling. Beyond politics is patriotism: Patriotic Americans want to see you not only prosecute those who compromised and endangered Valerie Plame Wilson, but also force the Administration to clean house with respect to those who did this, which you can accomplish through appropriate civil action.
As one who does know something about the way Washington works, I hope you will actually use the plenary powers you have been granted to implement what I understood to be the announced policy of the Department of Justice for which you work -- a zero tolerance policy for leaks.

H.Ls Take: Is Fitzgerald going to stall until after the 2006 elections to help the republicans as much as possible, will he wait until Bush is almost out of office before anything happens? I am begining to wonder.

Chris Floyd from The Moscow Times
The Senate's Sham Rebellion Against Tyranny and Torture

Four years ago, George W. Bush quietly assumed dictatorial powers with a secret executive order granting himself the right to imprison anyone on earth indefinitely, without charges or trial or indictment or evidence, simply by declaring them an "enemy combatant," on his say-so alone. This week, the assemblage of bootlickers and bagmen that now befoul the U.S. Senate voted to codify the core of this global autocracy under the pretense of curtailing it.

Dems Miss The Message -- Even Their Own

I've gotten some more info on how the Dems ended up settling on their soulless, vacuous, and pathetic new slogan, "Together, America Can Do Better." It's a story that says a lot about the current mindset of the party.
Hearing Dem after Dem parrot the inane phrase in recent days, have you, like me, found yourself thinking "That can't be the best slogan they have?!"
Well, it turns out it wasn't.

NY Times
Vital Military Jobs Go Unfilled, Study Says

Excerpt: Both the Army and the Marines, for instance, fell short of their goals for hiring roadside bomb defusers by about 20 percent in each of the last two years. The Army Reserve, meanwhile, failed to fill about a third of its more than 1,500 intelligence analysts jobs. And in the National Guard, there have been consistent shortages filling positions involving tanks, field artillery and intelligence.

Electronic Frontier Foundation
Diebold Attempts to Evade Election Transparency Laws

Raleigh, North Carolina - The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is going to court in North Carolina to prevent Diebold Election Systems, Inc. from evading North Carolina law.
In a last-minute filing, e-voting equipment maker Diebold asked a North Carolina court to exempt it from tough new election requirements designed to ensure transparency in the state's elections. Diebold obtained an extraordinarily broad order, allowing it to avoid placing its source code in escrow with the state and identifying programmers who contributed to the code.

Smirking Chimp
Cindy Sheehan: 'Open letter to George's mama'

Your son's amazingly ignorant, arrogant, and reckless policies in Iraq are responsible for so much sorrow and trouble in this world.
Can you make him stop? Do it before more mothers' lives are needlessly and cruelly harmed. There have been too many worldwide already.