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        Tuesday, September 27, 2005

       9/27/05 Todays News Stories

GOP Presses Dems on Second Court Nominee

Excerpt: WASHINGTON - With John Roberts' confirmation as chief justice now assured, Republicans on Tuesday began pressuring the Senate's minority Democrats to promise what they called a fair confirmation hearing and vote for President Bush's next Supreme Court nominee.

Common Dreams
The Silent Coup The Media Forgot: K Street vs. Pennsylvania Avenue

Excerpt: At the center of this takeover is the K Street Project – an attempt to purge industry’s lobbyists of any and all Democrats, and to make sure that "...even the secretaries..." are "conservative Republican activists."
They’ve just about succeeded.
Over the past five years the relationship between government and industry has been transformed. Now, an assortment of K street Corporate shills write legislation, develop tax proposals, and formulate foreign policy, sometimes in their industry’s self-interest, sometimes at the behest of a few right wing ideologues in Congress or the Administration.

My First Time by Cindy Sheehan

Excerpt: Being arrested is not a big deal. Even though we were arrested for "demonstrating without a permit," we were protesting something that is much more serious than sitting on a sidewalk: the tragic and needless deaths of tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis and Americans (both in Iraq and here in America) who would be alive if it weren't for the criminals who reside in and work in the White House.

Mike Whitney
Mike Whitney: 'The impending cakewalk in Iran'

Except: The balloting on the IAEA's resolution was another stunning example of US political fakery. Normally the agency requires that resolutions be unanimously approved.
Not this time.
The vote for a resolution typically requires that two-thirds of the members consent. (The resolution only got 22 of 35 possible votes)
Not this time.
Every part of the voting was twisted, manipulated and corrupted to meet the needs of the superpower and its lust for war. Behind every sordid ballot, the coercive influence of the American Goliath could be felt.
No one wants this war, but few have the courage to defy their Washington overlords.

Huffington Post
Sen. Frist: Avoiding Conflict for Fun and Profit

Excerpt: Then, this past June, Frist suddenly changed course and, in what he claims was an effort to avoid any conflict of interest, decided to sell off the stock. Nine days before the share price hit an all time high.
And just one month before a company warning of weakening earnings sent the stock price tumbling.
As the Church Lady would say: “How convenient!”

Dissident Voice
Tipping Point/Point of No Return

Crisis Papers
"Suppose...": Arguments for an Impeachment Resolution

TV News Lies
Sunday in the Park for George

Gaelic Startover
A Victory for Dissent. St. Patricks Four Acquitted
Top Democrats Flee Peace Protests