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H.L.s Political Comics Pt. 2          June 2005-December 2005
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Find all the Comics here, this is the spot for all the political spoofs, of Liberals and conservatives. Enjoy the comics
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More of The Gallery of Comics from The Hollywood Liberal. If We Can't Have a Laugh Once In a While, Then The Bastards Win -H.L.
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Pres. Bush and Laura walk on the whitehouse lawn 052905 President Bush responds to allegations against his administration 052905 Hunter S. Thompson makes sure Nixon gets in the Helicopter August 9, 1974 Bush is pushing Socail Security to the limit 060605 Laura Bush is now in charge of the anti-gang task force 060705 President Bush conducts a town hall meeting on his social security plan 060605
President Bush meets with the pastor after church services President Bush meets with Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez before giving a speech 051305 Senator James Sensenbrenner who walked out on a hearing over The Patriot Act See the video at www.thehollywoodliberal.com/172.htm 061305 Duncan Hunter, The House Armed Services Committee chairman, does not believe Torture is going on at Guantanamo, Here he holds up a menu as proof 061505 Howard Dean goes on the road to give lessons in balls to Democrats 061605 Jeb Bush wants to drag Terry Shaivo's name throught the media once again, as if he didn't get burned enough last time, Now he wants to  the timeline of the 911 call 061905
Joe Biden comics: He wants to run for president, its up to Democrats to stop him 062205 George W. Bush is a robot president, he says whatever Cheney wants him too 062205 John Bolton, Rejected by Democrats for his U.N. political views. Now hes at war with himself 062305 George W. Bush getting ready to visit the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear facility 062305 Howard Dean is starting to get upset with Democrats for being such wimps 062305 The Supreme Court has decided that big business can have your house if it wants it 062405
Members of the Supreme Court including chief justice reinquist here in a photo.062405 Sandra Day O' Connor gives bush her retirement notice 070105 A cessna veered off course and toward the white house prompting evacuation of President Bush 070105 George W. Bush has a special message for all Americans on this 4th of July 070405 Karl Rove, President Bush, and Paul Wolfowitz take a meeting 070505 New York Times Reporter Judith Millers mugshot, here she poses right before going into the big house 070705
That Freedom Rider President Bush meets with fellow bikers 071105 President Bush gets off a plane as Top Generals look on 071105 Bush can't help out African nations with too much aid, but he does what he can for himself 071105 President Bush lays a wreath at the scene of one of the London Bombings, 071105 Karl Rove needs to take a little vacation to South America 071205 Scott McClellen holds a press confrence 071205
Tom Delay is Happy the heat is on Rove for a change 071205 With Bush and Blair problems in London, time to send the wives on a photo op 071405 Jenna Bush in Africa With her new drinking buddies 071405 President Bush is standing behind his man Karl Rove despite Treason allegations 071705 George W. Bush has been caught trying to milk the bull again 071905 George Bush needs to get out of Washington fast 071905
George W. Bush meets with the prime minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh 071905 The Monkey, the suit, the president George W. Bush 071905 Karl Rove has an idea how to get his name out of the news for treason nominate the Supreme Court Justice Now. 072005 President Bush's Supreme nominee John G. Roberts, holds meetings with the Dempocratic Senators, Durbin, Kennedy, Schumer, Leahy, and Reid, they will be voting on him 072205 President Bush and his mother Barbara Bush, hold a town hall meeting on Social Security 072405 Hilary Clinton loves Judge John Roberts, she will vote to confirm him, she even wrote a song about it 072605
John McCain wants to be nominated to run for President in 2008, he'll even hug the guy who screwed him George W. Bush, for votes 072605 Sandra Day O'Connor a womans right advocate, left them just when they needed her most, now Roe vs. Wade could be repealed. 072605 Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, had declared he will go against President Bush, and vote for Stem Cell Research 073005 John Bolton has recieved a recess appointment from President Bush to The United Nations, look out New York, he's back 073105 President Bush gives a speech to The Boy Scouts at their World Jamboree, at Fort AP Hill 080105 President Bush waves to members of congress as they leave on there summer break 080105
Presdent Bush speaks to the space shuttle astronauts aboard the Discovery, Soichi Noguchi was there 080305 the American Legislative Exchange Council gave Bush the Thomas Jefferson freedom award, Put that in your blog 080505 Bush has a lot to thank the state of Ohio for,  visits. 080805 President Bush meets with wounded soldier from Iraq War.080805 President Bush gives his United Nations opinions John Bolton watches. 080805 Cindy Sheehan wants to speak with President Bush, in Crawford Texas Bush refuses.
Dennis Hastert gives a hand to president Bush 081105 President Bush autographs a kids baseball hat. 081105 Please do not criticize The President over Iraq War, Its not nice 081105 Larry Matladge, that cranky cowboy from crawford fired shots near Cindy Sheehan and the protesters at Camp Casey 081505 President Bush attends Little League Baseball Game Crawford Texas, meets players 081805 President Bush makes speech, Crawford Ranch. Cheney, Condi Rice, Rumsfeld attend 081805
President Bush meets R. Lee Ermey. who played Gunnery Sergeant Hartmann in Full Metal Jacket 082705 President Bush went bike riding with Lance Armstrong Crawford. They discussed Iraq, and Steroids 082705 in part 2, Private Cowboy Bush gets yelled at again by Sergeant Hartmann.082805 The Presdent gives a speech in front of a prison gang to introduce his new plan to get more soldiers to iraq 082805 George W. Bush relives his favorite New Orleans moment 082905 Bush makes a speech to seniors about his Medicare plan 082905
Bush is Back in Washington, Tanned, rested, and ready to mess things up worse then ever 083105 American Nero, strumming his Guitar while New Orleans gets flooded 083105 The President takes in the scene of the hurricane devastation, from above in Air force one 090105 Bill Clinton, and George Bush Sr. The Sunshine Boys, together again to raise money for Hurricane Katrina 090205 Louisianans need help from the federal government, but are not getting it 090305 Members of the National Guard lean agaisnt a wall in New Orleans instead of helping hurricane victims 090305
President Bush consoles a victim of Hurricane Katrina in Mississippi 090305 Bush announces The Death of Rehnquist, and his new choice for Chief Justice of The Supreme Court 090405 The Bush family, and The Clintons went down to The Astrodome to see how the poor folks were doing 090505 Bush lies, and The Television tells the truth, worst disaster ever 091005 Colin Powell explains The Race situation in New Orleans, and WMDs 091005 Father and son fishing trip, George Bush sr. and jr.091105
Bush and Education Secretary Margaret Spellings 091105 George W. Bush, The King of The Photo Op, on the ground in Mississippi 091205 John Roberts John Roberts confirmation hearing day 2 091305 George W. Bush has admitted responsibility for the Disaster in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Bush has to use the U.N. bathroom, condi has to go with him
Jeb Bush Jr. arrested in Austin Texas Harry Reid has come out against John Roberts for Chief Justice 092105 Tom Delay met with a group of his supporters in Texas after being indicted for corruption 100205 President Bush and Supreme court chief justice John Roberts go to church 100305 Jeff Gannon is still looking for a job since he lost the whitehouse gig 10/03/05 Harry Reid announces his choice for Supreme court. Harriet Miers 100405
President Bush gives a press confrence 100605 Bush in his latest photo op building a house for habitat for humanity 101205 President Bush gives a press confrence 100605 Bush in his latest photo op building a house for habitat for humanity 101205 Dick Cheney, whos assistant Scooter Libby is about to be indicted 101805 NY Times Reporter Judith Miller, she was a witness to torture at Guantanamo 101905
Bill Frist is going to be indicted for insider trading of HCA Stock 102005 Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame on the eve of the indictments 102505 Bush makes another speech to the troops vainly attempting to get americans behind the war 102605 President Bush pulls Harriet Miers nomination as a distraction for Rove 102705 Bush is drinking and doing Cocaine Again 102905 Bush lies as he makes a speech saying We do not Torture 110805
President Bush shares a moment with prince Charles to discuss the Windsor Family Tree 110805 President Bush monitors the 2005 Election results, much to his horror Hilary Clinton says her prayers Dick Cheney and friends get together with shovels to bury democracy 111605 President Bush gets stuck at a locked door trying to leave a press conference in China112005 President Bush meets Ghengis Khan in China 112905
Congressman Randy Duke Cunningham is guilty of crimes, hes sorry 113005 President Bush meets Ghengis Khan in China 112905 Congressman Randy Duke Cunningham is guilty of crimes, hes sorry 113005 Hilary Clinton says her prayers Hilary Clinton says her prayers Hilary Clinton says her prayers
Hilary Clinton says her prayers
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