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        Tuesday, January 31, 2006

       Bush Promises People of Iran, We Will Attack You.

by H.L.

Watched the speech, couldn’t get through it all. Bush was smirking his way through the whole thing, and The Republicans were giving him standing ovations every 5 seconds, It was sickening. Bush mentioned that Congress did not pass his Social Security Bill at which point the Democrats all got up and applauded. Aside from that there was no dissent at all. Bush started off the night by saying that we should not give him a hard time about anything. Cindy Sheehan wanted to give him a hard time by showing up with a banner and an anti-war T-Shirt; she was arrested, despite being the guest of a congresswoman.
Bush all but promised another war with Iran, saying that a democratic Iran is something that we will work to make happen, just like he is working to make Iraq democratic, and failing miserably at. Overall it was another monkey speech with no hope of anything changing in the near future. More Later.

       Cheney Resigning???

There is a big rumor going around Washington That Dick Cheney will resign as of tomorrow. Sources indicate that U.S News & World Report have mentioned the "rumor" but I was not able to find anything on their website. Possible reasons are that Patrick Fitzgerald is about to lay some charges but I don't believe that for a minute.
If its true its probably because Cheney is not going to run for President in 2008, and since the Republicans are probably not going to be looking very good by then they will want to bring a Vice President now, who can try to come off a little better then the Dick & George show. Who might that replacement be? According to the rumor wire it might be Rudy Guiliani, Again I don't believe this but I suppose it is possible. Another possible reason for Cheney resigning now could health reasons. He has had 4 Heart Attacks in the past, and has been in the hospital at least twice in the last few months. Maybe the old bastard is on his last legs, and wouldn't that be ironic. The greedy old fool stealing and hoarding all that money, and he wouldn't be around long enough to enjoy it, couldn't happen to a nicer Ahole. Ah Speculation, we will just have to wait and see.

       4 Democrats Vote Yes For Alito In Final Vote

4 Democrats who will not remain nameless have given their approval to Judge Samuel Alito’s confirmation. In a somewhat of a surprise DINO Lieberman, voted yes, so did many of the Senators who went against the filibuster. Now I know that Alito’s nomination was in the bag anyway, but the 4 that voted yes, do they really think that by doing so they will curry some sort of favor with Republicans which may help them in the future? In the old days that may have been a valid excuse, but now Republicans stick together (all but 1, more on that in a moment.) and almost never go against their own.
As promised, Lincoln Chaffee of Rhode Island, was the lone Republican to vote yes. Maybe Lincoln should switch parties and run for re-election this year as a Democrat. It would probably give him a better chance to win. (That is of course unless Diebold has now penetrated Rhode Island, they way they have in Florida, Ohio, and other places.)
OK here they are.

Robert Byrd (WV)
Kent Conrad (ND)
Nelson (Neb)
Johnson (SD)

These guys are from red states and maybe they think they will lose re-election to a Republican by voting yes, and that may well be true. It’s a shame that states with only 3 electoral votes, out of 540 get 2 votes each in The Senate. Actually this never would have happened if Bush hadn’t stolen a second election in a row. So, as always it all comes down to electronic, touchscreen voting, that is being hacked by Diebold. Until Democrats decide to acknowledge this, and do something about it. Nothing else matters.

       H.L.s State Of The Union Preview.

Last week we put up a Preview of The SOTU in which Bush will be taking unscripted questions from the audience. If you haven't already seen it. Check it out.

       The Democrats Color Coded Filibuster Vote.

by H.L.

I’m sitting here looking at the Filibuster roll call vote for Judge Samuel Alito’s Supreme Court nomination, and am noticing some interesting trends. Almost all of the voting for or against the filibuster went along blue state-red state lines. That is to say, if you live in a Liberal state, your Democratic Senator voted for The Filibuster, if you live in a red state, the vote probably went against The Filibuster. Let’s look at the data.

Democratic Senators From the red states who voted against the Filibuster.

North Dakota, (Conrad and Dorgan)
Arkansas, (Lincoln and Pryor)
West Virginia, (Byrd and Rockerfeller)
South Dakota (Johnson)
Montana (Baucus)
Louisiana (Landrieu)
Nebraska (Nelson)
Florida (Nelson)
Colorado (Salazar)
Total Population of these States 35 Million

Senators from Blue States who voted against Filibuster
Hawaii (Akaka and Inouye)
Connecticut (Lieberman)
Wisconsin (Kohl)
Delaware (Carper)

Only two Senators from a Red State voted for Filibuster
Indiana (Bayh)
Reid (Nevada)

All the others who voted for Filibuster were from Blue States
California (Feinstein and Boxer) -Total Population 35 Million
New York (Clinton and Schumer)
Massachusetts (Kennedy and Kerry)
New Jersey (Lautenberg and Menendez)
Illinois (Durbin and Obama)
Michigan (Levin and Stabenow)
Maryland (Sarbanes and Mikulski)
Connecticut (Dodd)
Wisconsin (Feingold)
Minnesota (Dayton)
Washington (Murray)
Rhode Island (Reed)
Oregon (Wyden)
Vermont (Leahy)
Delaware (Biden)

Of course all Republican Senators voted against Filibuster.

Wisconsin, Delaware, and Connecticut were the only states with 2 Democratic Senators, that split the vote (all blue states in ’04)

Its easier to understand why the Senators from Red States voted against, being that most of their constituents were for Alito, and Hawaii, was a toss up in the election, which means the 2 Senators who must be singled out for ridicule are Lieberman (No surprise there in that he is the biggest DINO, Democrat in Name Only, in the Senate) and Kohl from Wisconsin. These two should be tossed out on there ears come their next elections.

As Usual, the real problem seems to be that the people from the states with the smallest population get to decide for the states with the largest populations. The total population of the red states who’s Senators voted against the Filibuster is approximately 35 Million, which is the same as the population of California alone. Of course this all goes back to The Great Compromise of 1787 when it was decided that states would get House of Representatives members based on population, and each state would get 2 Senators.

Being that states with large cities (and therefore the most population) are blue states, and states with no large cities are red states, Democrats are screwed any time a vote comes before the Senate. Perhaps the solution would be to let the full congress vote on Supreme Court nominees, but of course Republicans would never go along with that. The only way the Democrats can ever get out of this quagmire would be to educate people from the red states. You know the ones who always vote against their own self interest, the poorest, people vote for the richest elitists, go figure. Howard Dean has stated that he wants to rebuild the Democratic Party from the grass roots, and try to take back some of the red states. Good luck Howard, you have your work cut out for you.

       50 Most Loathsome People of 2005

The Buffalo Beast has put out a list of the 50 Most Loathsome People of 2005. We ran this last year and had some fun with it. Lets take a look at some of this years winners.

49. Michelle Malkin

Charges: A curious case of racial Stockholm syndrome with a palpable lust for violent ideological oppression and displays of imperial power. Rose to prominence in conservative circles by congratulating white America for its most shameful chapter since slavery, and encouraging a return to form in her book, In Defense of Internment: The Case for "Racial Profiling" in World War II and the War on Terror. Malkin thinks it’s hunky-dory to detain an entire demographic indefinitely if it makes the rest of us feel more comfortable. Her newest, Unhinged, argues that liberals have lost their minds, because they are upset with the direction their country is taking. Her evidence is a carefully collected selection of the dumbest things liberals have ever said, as if she couldn’t have just as easily filled an entire library with the insane ravings of right-wingers. Her accusations of blind hatred and vitriol mimic soul sister Ann Coulter’s classic tactic of psychological projection: whatever Malkin is, she sees in her opponents.

40. Tom Cruise

Charges: Criminal narcissism. After mega-lawyer Bert Fields threatened to sue The BEAST over Cruise’s inclusion in last year’s Loathsome List, we responded by giving him the editorial finger, and bracing ourselves for the legal spanking of our lives. Instead, the episode seemed to trigger a cascading ego crisis, culminating in a rapid and irrecoverable image downgrade from exalted idol to ridiculous buffoon. From his laughable claim of psychological expertise to his worst acting performance ever—as a man in love—Cruise simply cracked up on camera in 2005, and a public hitherto willing to overlook his obsessively inauthentic personality and comical religious affiliation had finally had enough. Cruise is a perfect example of a person who is simultaneously in love with and completely unfamiliar with himself, living in perpetual fear of self-actualization, and asserting a legal right to live free of criticism. A guy who can do whatever the hell he wants, yet chooses to devote his life to maintaining the public perception that he is somebody else.

35. Michael Brown

Charges: Second fiddle to Bush’s Nero—except that while New Orleans sank, Michael Brown just fiddled with himself. A man of geological indolence, Brown makes lichens seem dynamic. Despite being woefully unqualified for his job as FEMA director, it was Brown’s lethal callousness that really astounded (and killed) so many Americans. When one of only two FEMA employees Brown had vouchsafed New Orleans wrote two days after Katrina that "the situation is past critical," Brown responded, "Thanks for the update. Anything specific I need to do or tweak?" When he finally arrived in Louisiana, Brown was preoccupied with demanding more time to eat dinner at a Baton Rouge restaurant, instead of sucking down an MRE and getting to work doing his incredibly important job, like a fucking man. Brown reacted to the most important moment in his life like an immature college student who realizes he’s fucking up the semester and stops going to class without telling anyone. No human being can possibly be this ineffective unless he simply doesn’t give a shit if people die.

26. Spammers

Charges: Wasting billions of minutes of time and millions of dollars in bandwidth on the thin hope that a few poor saps will be stupid enough to believe that a Nigerian banker actually wants to give them millions of dollars, or that responding to an unsolicited e-mail is the smart way to refinance their mortgage or enlarge their penis. Every day, we must perform the tedious task of combing through our e-mail and deleting the nine tenths of it which consist of the most retarded marketing in history, along with mean-spirited swindles and ads for the vilest pornography imaginable. All because these jack-offs can think of no better way to support themselves than by pestering the entire fucking planet.

20. Oprah Winfrey

Charges: Winfrey’s entire life is an exercise in self-aggrandizement, from the TV show which tells us what to read and how to live to her eponymous magazine, every issue of which features her smug countenance on its cover. More than just another insufferable Hollywood egotist, Oprah is something more akin to a housewife messiah, providing false hope and faux spirituality for experience-deprived worshippers. Everything she does is strategically designed to draw more praise, more devotees, and of course more money. Recently had celebrated poet Maya Angelou on her program to promote her new poem, which Oprah read for the audience as if she wrote it herself, as she seems to actually believe.

12. Barbara Bush

Charges: Her polluted womb nurtured the seed of American decadence. The root of America’s decay; the poison tree from whence the fruit loop George W. Bush sprang. This unfeeling, unthinking patrician hag spawned America’s most notorious welfare child, whose every glaring deficiency has been excused or underwritten by undeserved wealth. Chuckling, she remarked of poor people displaced by Hurricane Katrina, "And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this is working very well for them." Of their plans for permanent relocation, she speculated: "What I’m hearing, which is sort of scary, is they all want to stay in Texas." A true aristocrat, she sees poor people as another species.

2. Dick Cheney

Charges: At the forefront of nearly every administration effort to anihillate the constitution. A true psychopath with only one motivating force; insatiable greed. Insists that we can only remain "free" through torture, spying and secrecy. Bears the crooked ugliness of a man whose entire life has been devoted to a senseless pursuit of power, and whose most effective weapon is a total lack of ethics, or even decorum. So cartoonishly evil he defies parody.