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July 28, 2005

Sliding Down The Poll
By H.L.

By H.L.

Another CNN/Gallup/USA Today Poll of Bush�s ratings have been released. These are the organizations that have thus far protected Junior at every turn. The News bureaus who�s goal it is to maintain the status quo, of Republican rule, and huge tax cuts for the owners of big corporations like CNN, and USA Today.
OK let�s go to the tote board. In The July 26 poll, USA Today reports that Bush�s job approval rating is at 49%, and in their own words, in the same range where it has been for more than a year. However, if you go back just 10 days to the July 16, poll, the headline reads. Poll: Bush approval rating at 42 %. So a quick dissemination of the information provided to us from USA Today, finds that Bush�s approval rating has actually gone UP by 7% in the past 10 days.
Obviously the paper catches itself in its own lie, by saying the 49% rating is in the same range it has been for a year. They are apparently trying to mislead their readers into thinking that half the country still supports the murdering war monkey, and has all along; but a 7% swing in the numbers in 10 days is a substantial shift. I would argue that 42% approval is a significant difference from 49%, and would not be considered in the same range. At 42 that means that a definite majority of the people are against Bush, and his lies that led us into the Iraqmire we find ourselves trapped in, as opposed to the 49 number which would mean that half the country was still behind him, and that should be enough to let him do whatever he wants, because hey, who cares what the other half of the country thinks.
If it was true it would be the usual sort of obfuscating that a whore rag like USA Today practices on a daily basis, but does anybody really believe that Jr. rating has gone up by 7 points in the past 10 days?? With the Rove/Plame/Scootergate story receiving more, and more coverage, the war continuing to drone on with no good news, and the 2 recent terror attacks in London, there is no way the number has moved in a higher direction. Another question in the poll is even more significant. For the first time a majority of Americans now believe that Bush lied us into the war in Iraq, by making up the story of Saddam�s WMDs. A little quick math would lead me to believe that the polltakers must be taking a little liberty with the facts. If 51% believe Bush is a liar then the other 49% must think he is doing a good job? Is that how his number has gone up those big 7 points??? I guess its not possible to be doing a bad job if you are honest.
Speaking of Rove, the poll also asked some questions about him as well. According to the poll 34% have an unfavorable opinion of Rove, compared to 25% who think he is a swell guy. 25% of the respondents have never heard of Karl Rove, those must be the ones living under Rocks, and in caves. CNN/USA Today goes deep to get the pulse of the American public. But wait 34+25+25=84, so what do the other 16% of poll takers think of Rove, USA Today doesn�t say. If you take the 34% who think Rove belongs in Guantanamo Prison, and add it to the phantom 16% who are missing in action in the poll you come up with�Wait for it�Exactly half of the population, with only 25% believing that he is an OK guy, those are the Republican die hards who would still have a favorable opinion of Bush, and Rove if they were caught on tape filleting a small child and barbecuing him up for dinner Texas style.
Here�s another head scratcher: 62% still believe that Bush is a strong and decisive leader, the same number he had in 2000. How can that be when 51% think he is a crook??
I guess its possible that some of the people believe that Bush is �strong, and decisive� even though he is a lying war profiteering, megalomaniac. I mean he didn�t get us where we are by being weak, and indecisive, did he? Our new Supreme Court Justice Johnny G. Roberts also made the polls (Does anyone really thing the Democrats are going to stand up and stop this guy from being confirmed?) more confusing numbers. 61% say that the Senate insist that Roberts discuss his views on Abortion before he comes up for a vote, but 85% say his opinion on Roe Vs. Wade should not matter as to whether or not he is confirmed. What kind of Schizophrenics are they asking these questions to? Of course Roberts numbers are the most important to Bush and Rove these days. They need Roberts in there should any of their misdeeds land at the Supreme Court, they can be assured that Johnny the boy will have their backs. He is much more reliable then that Traitor Sandra Day O� Connor turned out to be. What they could really use would be a second vacancy on the court, so they could really have a locked down majority on any issue they need fixed up. I wonder if old Karl has been thinking about showing up at Rehnquist's place and choking off his feeding tube while he asleep.
Finally 53% of the polltakers said that the war in Iraq, was not a mistake, as opposed to 46% who think it was. I have a feeling that some of the people who said the war was not a mistake feel as I do. Not a mistake, but a deliberate lie, which they planned on using and did. No mistake there, it was exactly what they wanted, and got.

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At 12:48 PM, Anonymous said...

Ignore the spin that these poll results show support for the war. The majority of Americans now know they were lied to in order to trick them into a war. As good as the numbers are, I still think they are being rigged based on the "Rivero test", which is to actually talk to people you know and get their opinion. Here, in what is a predominantly military area, the percentage of people who know Bush lied is running more than 90% (and I am being generous because I haven't met a single person who thinks Bush was telling the truth about Iraq's WMDs in more than a month).


At 1:16 PM, Anonymous said...

I think your correct,more like 90% think Bush Lied to start a war!

At 2:19 PM, Anonymous said...

Like the weather reporters, Polls are 76% correct, 12% of the time.....

At 2:23 PM, Anonymous said...

Methinks that Junior Bush should watch those splinter (groups) on the way down those polls [sic].

I understand that they're far more painful than pretzels, and far more difficult to dislodge ;)


At 2:36 PM, Anonymous said...

Excellent point, my family, friends, and business assoc are very diverse in age (19-75) and income(20k-500K) not a one supports what Bush is doing (half are Republicans) nor Congress (again half are pissed off Replicans).

Also LIVE polls on CNN and MSNBC, let you see what people really think and the question asked.

At 3:07 PM, Anonymous said...

This seized to be a question of polls or spin a long while back and ignorance is no longer an excuse for continued support of these madmen. If you support BushCo, you support premeditated mass-murder and crimes against humanity that may very well begin killing off the large bulk of "us folk" in the near future - Bush's energy policies alone stands as a crime against humanity reaching almost unspeakable proportions and has drenched the hands of "us folk" in even more blood. The next generations will look back on us in horror and wonder what sort of suicidal demons would mess up their own home and destroy the very garden that their children should have inherited ... The time for 'waking up' has come and gone, now is the time for action, the time for a world-wide and unified "NO!" before a nuclear device is dropped or detonates, and kills us all. People, soldiers, rich bastards: Please take a look around you and realize that humanity is in big, big doo-doo already, and the shit-storm of the millenia is just coming closer and closer, and gaining more and more momentum.

At 3:31 AM, Anonymous said...

Ive been trailing whatreallyhappened.com for some time now, and after reading most of it, I cant help but think

How did America re-elect Bush Jr. ?


Whatever happened to the land of freedom and justice? How can you let your President ignore you...? And the best part is Good 'ol America is out to convert the world to democracy.

well i wish you all luck.

At 4:19 AM, barryg said...

He was not reelected. Go to www.bradblog.com for the way the election was stolen. Click on the Tom Feeney Clint Curtis tab in the upper left of the header. I have seen the company that wrote the software, it is just down the street from Tom Feeneys office. The person that actually wrote the software passed a polygraph. Then scroll down to see George salute the people of the world.


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Here is a long, but very important story from Roger Morris, who is a former staffer with The National Security Agency. It details the entire procession of events that started with the lies about the reasons to go to war, the timeline begins in '95, and continues through, the whole Yellowcake Niger, story, the Wilson trip to Africa, and the subseqent leaking of Valerie Plame. The Person who is at the center of the whole mess that is yet to be unraveled...Condi. Great article, have a look.


Condoleezza Rice at the Center of the Plame Scandal

Excerpt: It was September 2002, and then-National Security Advisor, now-Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was fastening on CNN perhaps the most memorable and frightening single link in the Bush regime's chain of lies propagandizing the war on Iraq. Behind her carefully planted one-liner with its grim imagery was the whole larger hoax about Saddam Hussein possessing or about to acquire weapons of mass destruction, a deception as blatant and inflammatory as claims of the Iraqi dictator's ties to Al Qaeda. Rice's demagogic scare tactic was also very much part of the tangled history of alleged Iraqi purchases of uranium from Niger, the fabrication leading to ex-Ambassador Joseph Wilson's now famous expos� of the fraud, the administration's immediate retaliatory "outing" of Wilson's wife Valerie Plame as a CIA operative, and now the revelation that the President's supreme political strategist Karl Rove and Vice President Dick Cheney's Chief of Staff Lewis Libby were involved in that potentially criminal leak-altogether the most serious political crisis Bush has faced.

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