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        Monday, February 06, 2006

       Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld Wanted Illegal Surveillance in 70's

As you may have heard this mornings hearing into whether or not The President has the legal right to wiretap American Citizens is not the first time the issue has come up. During the Ford Administration in the mid 70's High ranking U.S Government Officials wanted Ford to approve The Governments ability to wiretap American Citizens without a warrant, (even though there was no war going on at the time)which goes directly against The Constitution. Any guess who these high ranking officials might have been? That’s right it was George Bush Sr., Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld, among others. Ford rebuffed their efforts so now 30 years later they are trying it again. This time of course the President is for the Illegal Surveillance. Here’s some pictures.

President Ford and Dick Cheney 1975

President Ford talks to his new Chief of Staff Dick Cheney outside the Whitehouse in this photo from Nov. 7, 1975. Cheney wanted warantless taps of U.S. Citizens phone lines.

Bush Sr. and William Colby 1978

CIA Directors George Bush Sr. and William Colby in an April 1978 Photo, Bush and Colby are appearing before a Senate Select Committee, on Intelligence. At Issue was the Presidents ability to wiretap American Citizens without a warrant

Donald Rumsfeld and George Brown 1976

In this Photo taken on Jan. 28, 1976 Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, and Chairman of The Joint Chiefs of Staff George Brown discuss their testimony before The House Armed Services Committee in Washington Rumsfeld wanted the ability to listen in on phone conversations without a warrant.

President Ford with Henry Kissinger and others 1976

President Ford, Henry Kissinger and others meet in Fords first cabinet meeting after losing the 1976 Election to Jimmy Carter. Heated debate raged regarding High Government officials desire to eavesdrop on American Citizens without warrants.

       Video of Jeff Sessions: Army Can Kill Without Miranda Warning

Here is a video from Crooks and from Face The Nation Where Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama is being interviewed. He is asked about Bushs right to have the NSA wiretap American Citizens. Sessions then goes off on a Tangent about how sleeper cells were involved in 9/11, implying that if we would have been able to intercept their calls we could have stopped it. (He does not mention all the direct evidence that Bush already had about how Osama wanted to fly planes into buildings.)He then starts talking about How The Army can kill the enemy without a Miranda Warning. What does that mean? Miranda warnings are for Americans being arrested by the Police. Is he saying that The Army can now come to Americans Citizens homes and kill them without warning??

Video of Senator Jeff Sessions: Army Can Kill Without Miranda Warning