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April 14, 2005.

If You Live in Cal. Don't Renew Your Car Registration by Mail

by H.L.
Last week when I was on the road traveling back and forth between L.A. and Vegas, with a side trip up to Big Sur, I suddenly realized something. I was driving with an expired registration, and had been for over a month. This got me slightly agitated because, I had gotten a renewal notice in the mail about 3 months earlier, (almost 2 months before the registration expired.) and I had immediately sent in payment. I then forgot about the whole thing until the other day. We were just about to leave for a trip to Vegas, so I didn't have time to do anything about it at that moment. I was a little nervous about giving the cops reason to pull me over, because hey, no one wants that, and these days, with cops feeling the power, and thinking they are gods, you never know what might happen.
I thought to myself, you know, its weird, the bills always show up on time every month without fail, but how come when you have to depend on someone else, (especially any form of Government) your success rate vis-a-vis the US Postal Service is more like 50%.
I then proceeded to forget all about it for another week, when it finally hit me. That this had to be taken care of immediately. Luckily I am a member of AAA, which means that I could go there to hopefully straighten this out, and not have to go to a DMV office and wait in line for an hour. By the way, if you drive a car, and are not a member of AAA, you should join immediately. This has got to be the best deal in the world. For about 65 Dollars a year, you get 4 calls you can make for roadside help, from anywhere, and they almost always show up within 30 minutes. You can get your car towed during these calls. The first year they will only tow you 7 miles for free, but after the first year it goes up to 100 miles, with one call a year for up to 200 miles. Which I took advantage of while driving home from The Bartcop Vegas Pokerfest 2. The other great thing about AAA is they take care of all registration related DMV problems for you, so instead standing on a line for an hour, you get to sit on a couch, and watch TV, and you only have to wait for 5 minutes. When I got to speak with the representative, I told her that I had mailed in my registration fees, right after I got them...she finished the sentence for me "And you never got your tags", "Yes" I said, "why is this happening a lot?", She told me that yes it was happening a lot, and more and more lately. She looked up my name, and said that they did in fact recieve my check, and after filling out a couple of forms, they gave me the tags at no charge.
Now of course the obvious reason that California (Ahhhhnold) has decided to not send people their registration tags after they pay the fees, is so that they can have lots of people driving around with expired registration, giving the Police lots of cars to pull over, and give the ticket to. Not only that, the cops can then harass people, and even search the car. They could also hit you with any number of tickets that they wouldn't have been able to if they had not pulled you over for the tags in the first place. The bad possibilities go on, and on, I'll leave it to you the reader to figure out the rest. Fortunately there is an easy solution to this little problem, don't mail in the renewal, join AAA, and relax in the AC, on the couch, and they may even get you out of a roadside jam sometime.

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Heres some good news from
Crains New York Business

City to pay $231,000 for RNC detentions

I checked the story to see if any of that money was coming my way. After all I was at the convention, and got arrested. But that money is going to 108 people who were arrested the same day as me who were in for over 24 hours. I was in for only 19 Hours.

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