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        Sunday, April 23, 2006

       Bush and Schwarzeneggar Take a Meeting

News Item Calif. Gov. Scorns Bush Response to Levees

This is a 10 part comic strip:

Bush and Arnie do lunch

See the Rest Of The Strip Here

       Video: Neil Young Interviewed About "Lets Impeach The President"

Neil Young was interviewed by one of those Hollywood Celebrity shows, after coming out of a session for his new album. Once again the interviewer was talking like she just got paid, a lot of money to suck Bush off, The first question is: You have a song called Lets Impeach The President, whats it about? Hellooooo. Her next question is about whether he is unpatriotic. This is why I don't watch TV too often. Neil came off great. Answering each question to make the interviewer look like a total idiot, while Neil intelligently shredded her stupid questions. Here it is.

       Video: Mike Malloy of AAR on CNN

Here is a video of Mike Malloy, The hardest hitting personality on Air America Radio. (So hard hitting that they pulled him off the air in NY of all places) They had him on CNN to talk about Oil Prices. Mike came across as very calm and informed. Of course a whore network like CNN couldn't just have Mike on. They had to have someone representing Bush. So that they could cut Mike off when he starts speaking too much truth. They got some dorky bow tie boy who looks like he's about 12, because he is the only one left that will make himself look ridiculous defending the Bush Crime Family as Mike calls them. Then when the give Mike a chance to speak Joie Chen cuts him off and ends the segment. Anyway Mike came off looking the best of course. Here it is.

Mike Malloy on CNN Video