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        Thursday, December 08, 2005

       12/8/05 Todays News Headlines.

Columbus Free Press
With new legislation, Ohio Republicans plan holiday burial for American Democracy

A law that will make democracy all but moot in Ohio is about to pass the state legislature and to be signed by its Republican governor. Despite massive corruption scandals besieging the Ohio GOP, any hope that the Democratic party could win this most crucial swing state in future presidential elections, or carry its pivotal US Senate seat in 2006, are about to end.
House Bill 3 has already passed the Ohio House of Representatives and is about to be approved by the Republican-dominated Senate, probably before the holiday recess. Republicans dominate the Ohio legislature thanks to a heavily gerrymandered crazy quilt of rigged districts, and to a moribund Ohio Democratic party. The GOP-drafted HB3 is designed to all but obliterate any possible future Democratic revival. Opposition from the Ohio Democratic Party, where it exists at all, is diffuse and ineffectual.

H.Ls Take: According to the article, all the red states are going to enact new (unconstitutional??) laws like these that will ensure that a non republican ever wins again. Of course here at the HL, we already had the funeral for Decocracy, Dick Cheney himself was there. heres a look back

H.L.s Comics successfully predicts the future yet again.

Cheney And The Republicans Bury Democracy

Get the story before it happens read
H.L.s Comics

ABC News
Shoe Bomber Alert Preceded Airport Shooting.

Officials said a 50-year-old Egyptian man was stopped a week ago at New York's John F. Kennedy Airport. Sources said he had a suspicious pair of shoes that tested positive five times for the explosive substance TATP on the interior of his shoes between the heel and sole.
Federal officials said the man's shoes were remarkably similar to those used by shoe bomber Richard Reid, who attempted to blow up an American Airlines jet over the Atlantic four years ago.

H.L.s Take: So That Makes it OK to shoot the guy first, and ask questions later. I was reading that originally they said the guy was having an argument with his wife, only later did the story change to sat that the guy made a bomb threat. Next time you are going to fly, if you are in a bad mood, better either take a heavy dose of Valium, or just stay home.
Foreclosures up 35 percent this year

BOSTON --Home mortgage foreclosure filings are on the rise in gritty cities and leafy suburbs, according to a new report showing a 35 percent increase statewide through October.

Toronto Star
U.S. consumer borrowing plunges

The big drop took analysts by surprise. They had been expecting that consumer spending would rise at an annual rate of $5 billion in October.
The decline in borrowing was certain to spark concerns about how much consumers plan on spending during the current holiday shopping season.
Cameras accuse 2,600 of speeding

The take in fines in that 19-day period: nearly half a million dollars.

Siber News Media
78 journalists die in Iran crash

TEHRAN: A military cargo plane attempting an emergency landing Tuesday in Tehran clipped an apartment building and crashed short of the runway, killing at least 115 people, including 78 journalists who were en route to cover military maneuvers in southern Iran. The victims also included 21 people who were either in apartments that were engulfed in flames or cars near the base of the 10-storey building.