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        Tuesday, May 23, 2006

       Wired News Leaks NSA Spying Docs. Insurgents keep U.S. at Bay in Ramadi

Democratic Underground
Wired News Violates Court Order, leaks FULL AT&T NSA spying documents!

Excerpt:Former AT&T technician Mark Klein is the key witness in the Electronic Frontier Foundation's class-action lawsuit against the telecommunications company, which alleges that AT&T cooperated in an illegal National Security Agency domestic surveillance program
Insurgents Keep U.S. at Bay in Ramadi

RAMADI, Iraq — Whole neighborhoods are lawless, too dangerous for police. Some roads are so bomb-laden that U.S. troops won't use them. Guerrillas attack U.S. troops nearly every time they venture out _ and hit their bases with gunfire, rockets or mortars when they don't.
Though not powerful enough to overrun U.S. positions, insurgents here in the heart of the Sunni Muslim triangle have fought undermanned U.S. and Iraqi forces to a virtual stalemate.

Aftenposten Norway
US keeps pushing Norway to buy Joint Strike Fighter jets

US President George W Bush's new man in Oslo applied some not-so-subtle pressure on Norway to buy US Joint Strike Fighter jets this week, saying a failure to do so would weaken military operations between the countries. Not true, responded a top Norwegian military official

Huffington Post
Pat Robertson Claims His "Age-Defying Shake" Gives Him Energy To Leg Press 2,000 Pounds...

H.L.s Take:
Is it any wonder the Religious Right continues to support Bush. If Robertson can get them to believe this, Then they must be pretty damn gullible. No wonder the guy is so rich.

L.A. Daily News
California's foreclosure activity is rising

Foreclosure activity in California and other Western housing markets is on the increase in part because high-risk adjustable-rate loans are beginning to reset to fully amortized payment schedules, a property tracker said Monday.
During the year's first three months, all types of foreclosure activity in California jumped an annual 33.6 percent, to 28,550 incidents, said Sacramento-based
Notices of defaults, one of three indicators tracked and the first step in the foreclosure process, increased 36.5 percent, to 20,515 incidents.
And the number of real estate-owned properties, the final step in the process and notification that there is a new owner, increased 27 percent, to 1,41l.
"I think it's all the washing of the market," said company President Alexis McGee.

How the Right Stole the '60s (And Why We Should Get Them Back)

Excerpt: Regardless of whether we were raised in the hippie tradition, those born too late to remember the '60s firsthand have heard an awful lot about the decade, most of it bad. The period has been trivialized, commemorated and castigated ad nauseam. It's been reduced to a risible relic, a series of clichés about hippies and protesters and lost idealism.
Today we too often assume the mythic '60s to be solely the invention of sentimental liberal Baby Boomers unable, or unwilling, to let go of the past. But, more often than not, the 1960s the media portrays is a construct invented to serve corporate and conservative interests. The fact is, conservative Baby Boomers are even more fixated on the '60s than their progressive counterparts.