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The Road Not Taken.

by H.L.


There are several stages of dealing with grief one of them is anger. I was going through the anger phase a couple of days ago when I came up with a little story. I didn't post it because I was so angry, but I'm feeling better now. I have come to terms with what has happened and I accept it. I ended up writing another story instead that I did post, called "I Need To Get Smarter" That story was not as nasty as the one that I originally wrote; but I was angry then, and now I'm not. It is good to never make decisions when you are angry. You should wait until you are calm, than act. For Example here is the story I wrote when I was angry, and perhaps its good that I did not post it,

A Message to the Heartland.

Well you fucking idiots have really gone and done it now. You inbred yahoo, dumbasses have just shot yourselves, and all of us, in the foot to use a phrase your microscopically small minds are familiar with. (Microscopically means really, really small, something you would need a Microscope to see. A Microscope is something Scientist use to look at stuff. A Scientist is....Oh never mind) You'll probably end up losing the farm, right before they ship you off to Iraq. At least you wont have to worry about paying the mortgage while you are fighting in the sand.

You simpletons resent the elitist "city slickers" who you know openly scoff at you don't you? Well you know what, Tough Shit, The next time I'm in a first class cabin flying over your dumb asses, while shipping French Champagne, and eating Russian Caviar, I'm going to look down on your pathetic little states and laugh. I'm going to let out a big hearty laugh because you moronic bastards working on farms, in coal mines and factories, were too fucking stupid to get out while you could and go somewhere like say California, but instead you knocked up some local townie, because you were too fucking stupid to use a rubber. Now you're stuck busting your ass at some piece of shit job that you hate, if you're lucky enough to have a job at all. You will never get out, good thing too; because this place is already too crowded to have to take on all you brain dead fools.

You had a choice between a murdering, brain dead, orangutan, war criminal and some one else and you took the monkey. Why? You like voting against your own self-interests? You want to go fight in Iraq, Iran, Syria, and other desert hot spots? OK well then C'est la vie. That's French for Fuck You.

To the people who voted for Bush in the following places

Hey Florida, I hope an Alligator gets loose in your toilet and bites your ass off..

Hey you people from Georgia, go Fuck your sister..

Mississippi, go jump in the river, and take deep breaths.

Hey Texas I hope all get Gored in the ass by a long horn steer, and all your oil wells go dry.

Louisiana, leave the French quarter to the tourists, go rat fishing in a mosquito infected swamp instead.

Hey Virginia, and the Carolinas. Shove some tobacco plants up your ass.

Kentucky, eat racehorse shit..

Tennessee. Shove a fiddle bow all the up your ass.

W. Virginia, and Arkansas, You people are so fucked up nothing I could say would be worse then it all ready is there, so carry on.

Hey Missouri, go take a flying leap off the arch.

Kansas, Next time a tornado comes by jump on it, and don't get off till you get to Oz. .

Oklahoma, You people don't deserve to live in the same state as Bartcop, go snort a dust bowl.

Indiana, and Nebraska, go shove a corn stalk up your ass..

New Mexico, Next time the aliens land there why don't you go with them when they leave, thanks.

Arizona, shove a Saguaro Cactus up your ass.

Colorado, go take a head first leap down a snow covered mountain with your mouth open.

Utah, I hope you all get beaten up by drunken Mormons who were smart enough to vote for Kerry..

Hey Wyoming, go lick Dick Cheney 's withered old Ass crack.

Nevada, go to the nearest casino, and bet all your money on red, if you win keep letting it ride until black comes up. Then leave.

Idaho, I hope all your daughters run off with nazi skinheads (oh yeah so do you, never mind).

The Dakotas, and Montana since your states are famous for absolutely nothing. Just stay there and do what ever the fuck it is you do up there.

And finally Ohio, Shove a Diebold Voting machine up your ass..

End of Article

So as you can see It was probably a good idea that I didn't post this article, so next time you are angry think twice before you act. Wait until you are calm then do what you gotta do.

H.L. .

P.S. Have a nice day. .