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        Friday, February 24, 2006

       Quail Hunting School: Try not To Hit Harry.

Saw this on Bartcop.

Want to see what its like to go Quail Hunting with Dick and Harry. You get to shoot, but try not to hit Harry.
Click Here to Hunt Quail With Harry.


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H.L. Responds
Glad you are happy with your results. You have a great product.
Thanks for staying with us. H.L.

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       7 More Soldiers Killed In Iraq As Civil War Looms.

2 separate roadside bombing incidents left 7 more U.S. soldiers dead in Iraq yesterday, bringing the total in Bush’s illegal bloodbath of American casualties to 2,287 Since the shock and awe campaign against the man who tried to Kill Bush’s daddy began in 2003,
4 of the deaths occurred in Hawija while The Army was on patrol there, the other 3 happened in Balad, where another roadside bomb exploded.
Meanwhile in Iraq 150 people died in attacks of Sunni mosques in a series of suicide bombings, reprisal attacks, and massacres, according to Michael Howard in Ibril as reported in The Irish Times.
Shia’s took to the streets promising revenge for the attacks which in the deadliest incident killed 47 people who were pulled out of their cars and shot to death in Diyala, which is Northeast of Baghdad. Sunni leaders quit discussions to form a new Government, and accused the Shia’s of encouraging protest.
3 Iraqi journalists were shot dead, near Samarra after reporting on a suicide bombing in Baquabga Northeast of Baghdad at a packed market, in which 16 people were killed.
The man responsible for all the violence, U.S. President George W. Bush, who claimed at the start of his war, that it would not lead to Iraqi Civil War. (He lied again, he knew damn well it would) condemned the attacks, Which is sort of like a pitcher in Baseball condemning Home Runs hit against him.
In another view, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad The President of Iran, called the bombings the work of The CIA, and Zionists.

       Oil Sheik From Dubai Gave 1 Million To Bush Library

An Oil sheik from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, has his named engraved in on the donor wall of The Bush Library at The University of Texas, in College Station, because he ponied up 1 Million Dollars to help fund the library, according to The Associated Press. Former President George Bush Sr. has the papers from his Presidency housed at the library (Well, the ones that don’t implicate him of any crimes, those papers were taken out of circulation by Jr. as soon as he got in office.)
Sheik Zayed Bin Sultan al Nahyan and the people of the United Arab Emirates are listed under the 1 Million or more donations, on the wall. (Must be nice I would be happy with any Donations I could get to this website.
The chairman of the Bush Library Roman Popaduik would not discuss details of the donation which were make in the early ‘90s but that is no surprise. Now why would a private citizen from Dubai donate 1 Million dollars to the library of a President from a foreign country.
There are other donors from The Arab world including: The State of Kuwait (See what happens when you help your friends out and kick Saddam out of their country for them so they can continue to reap Billions on the oil), The Sultanate of Oman, Bandar Bin Sultan, (also known in Fahrenheit 9/11 as Bandar Bush, that’s the Bush families name for him) King Hassan ll of Morocco, The Amir of Qatar. The former prime minister of Korea, and China, also gave tens of thousands of dollars.

       2 Videos From Lou Dobbs on Ports Deal.

This is from Crooks and Liars.

Lou Dobbs from the CNN show Moneyline has taken a look at the Bush's UAE Ports deal over the past two days, and filed reports on what he has found. The first video examines the Bush family connection to the U.A.E. Surprise, Surprise. The Bush family has extensive business connections with the U.A.E. The Carlyle Group, whom Bush's father is a Senior member is involved in The U.A.E., whom had also invested in Bush's brother Neil (You remember him, the guy that responsible for the Silverado Savings and Loan Crash in yet another Bush family rip off of the American People. Of course most of the Money that went to the 9/11 Highjackers was funneled through the U.A.E., and two of the highjackers were from The U.A.E. which is two more then were from Iraq, but we bomb iraq, and give our ports to the U.A.E.
In the second video Dobbs answers Bush challenge and explains to him the difference between doing buisness with the U.A.E. government owned company, and a privately owned British Company. OK lets cue them up.

Lou Dobbs on Ports Deal Pt. 1

Lou Dobbs on Ports Deal Pt. 2


From Redstone

Thanks for The Great Comics.

Your Bush Ports Deal & BPD Part 2 were priceless. Excellent work. Keep it up.
Redstone (from DU)

H.L. Replies
Thanks for the words of encouragement. I really appreciate the feedback, I'm glad people like the comics, because I really enjoy doing them. If you haven't seen it I have a complete list of tons more.

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