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        Wednesday, January 25, 2006

       Video: Chris Matthews Loves Michael Moore, and more

Good Morning, I just have time for a couple of quick items this morning then I am off to my big job interview, I'll probably have more up later this afternoon, so come on back. By the way if you have anything of interest that you would like to see posted up here send it over, and I'll have a look. The email address is at the top of the page, thanks.

A few days ago, Chris Matthews compared Michael Moore to a terrorist. Moore then began a boycott against Matthews on his website. Apparetnly Matthews was feeling the heat because last night in an interview Matthews gave Moore credit for exposing the profiteering going on over at Dick Cheneys war company Halliburton. Interesting Moore goes from being a terrorist, to a praiseworthy investigative journalist in less then a week

Crooks And Liars
Video Of Matthews Giving Credit to Moore

Heres a story about how everyone is so afraid of a terrorist attack (from our own government, thats where they come from.) when people have been dealing with terrorism in one form or another for the last 800 years.

The Smirking Chimp
Are we such a bunch of wimps?

You thought Republicans were corrupt. Heres a story about an even more corrupt branch of Government. (and I'm not talking about Bush) Its the Supreme Court, you know the ones that shoved Bush down our throats in the first place. The Court that ended justice and Democracy in America. Scalia is going on paid junkets just like the ones set up by Tom Delay. They shoud be arrested. At least the big 5 who gave us Bush.

ABC News
EXCLUSIVE: Supreme Ethics Problem?