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        Wednesday, August 31, 2005

       8/31/05 Afternoon News Stories

Hey, we got lots of stuff for you today, News stories, 2 new comics, "Hes Baack", and "Amercian Nero" and an interview with a World War 2 Vet. Lets start off with some afternoon headlines. Don't forget to leave your comments to anything you find interesting, you can comment anonymously.

The Dead Pelican
New Orleans: Danger and Chaos Run Rampant

Excerpt: Media reports are painting a grim, violent picture of the New Orleans area. Authorities have thrown up their hands and given up on trying to stop the looting. Chaos now reigns: The top Homeland Security official in New Orleans said bands of gunmen are roaming through New Orleans, WDSU reports.

H.L.s Take: This is a perfect opportunity for Bush to try out that little "Martial Law" thing hes been looking for an excuse to use. How conveinient after he cut funding to repair New Orleans Levee's just a couple of months ago. Isn't it funny how EVERYTHING ALWAYS goes his way.

Mayor blasts failure to patch levee breaches

Excerpt:According to the mayor, Black Hawk helicopters were scheduled to pick up and drop massive 3,000-pound sandbags in the 17th Street Canal breach, but were diverted on rescue missions. Nagin said neglecting to fix the problem has set the city behind by at least a month.

H.L.s Take: I guess they were too busy to worry about something as trivial as stopping the lake from overflowing the city.

Village Voice
Leisurely Bush, Bumbling Feds

Excerpt:Only after the levees in New Orleans were breached, inundating the city with floodwaters and stranding desperate people atop their houses, did the president return from his Crawford ranch to take up the reins of government.
Just as on 9-11 itself, the president preferred to wait until he achieved what his administration sometimes refers to as “situational awareness”

H.L.s Take: In other words he was waiting for his staff to take him by the hand and explain what happened, down there because he is too stupid to read the paper, or watch the news.

FDA Official Quits Over Plan B Pill Delay

Excerpt: Assistant Commissioner Susan Wood charged that FDA's leader overruled his own scientists' determination that the morning-after pill could safely be sold without a prescription, and stunned his employees last week by instead postponing indefinitely a decision on whether to let that happen.

H.L.s Take: Its not that its not safe, but if we allow this to happen, then teenagers might not get accidentally pregnant, and the religio-crazies would not like that
MSM Refuses to Poll on Impeachment

Excerpt: I'm blogging on the reasons why no polling organizations have followed up on the June poll by Zogby which found "42% say they would favor impeachment proceedings if it is found the President misled the nation about his reasons for going to war with Iraq."
This follows the final report that there were no WMD's in Iraq in 2003. It also follows the revelations in the Downing Street Memos that the "intelligence and facts were fixed around the policy" of invading Iraq.

H.L.s Take: Of course they are not going to poll on impeachment. The media is in love with Bush, and all the money they can make whoring for him. They know how an impeachment poll would come out, and that would make the big sugar daddy look, and them, look bad

       08/31/05 Interview: Tom Mahoney WW2 Vet

Here is an interesting interview from Crooks and Liars. Neil Cavuto from Fox News thinks hes got a rah rah guy on his hands but finds out differently.

See it here

       08/31/05 He's Baaack

Bush is back from his vacation to help out with the hurricane, oh noooo

Bush is back from his vacation to help out with the hurricane, oh noooo

Bush is back from his vacation to help out with the hurricane, oh noooo

Bush is back from his vacation to help out with the hurricane, oh noooo

       08/31/05 Pics from Operation Yellow Elephant

Heres some pics from Operation Yellow Elephant. Seems someone has been posting some signs of truth around the White House.

Beware of Roosting Chickenhawks in the whitehouse

Beware of Roosting Chickenhawks in the whitehouse

Beware of Roosting Chickenhawks in the whitehouse

Beware of Roosting Chickenhawks in the whitehouse

       08/31/05 America's Nero

George W. Bush plays some guitar on the day New Orleans sank.


It was 1 year ago today...

Department will investigate claims that the police violated citizens'
civil rights
in making arrests during the Republican National
last year. Responding to a request from the ranking
Democratic member of the House Judiciary Committee, Congressman John
Conyers Jr., the Justice Department said in June that it would
investigate his allegation that the police engaged in a pattern of
unconstitutional conduct. The police arrested 1,806 people during the
convention, and in most cases the charges were dismissed or the
defendants acquitted. Paul J. Browne, the Police Department's chief
spokesman, said lawful dissent had been accommodated.

       8/31/05 Todays News Stories

WDSU-TV New Orleans
Nagin: Entire City Will Soon Be Underwater

695 Dead, 180 Hurt in Iraq Bridge Stampede

The Acadiana La. Daily Advertiser
Panic Rises

In My Life I Loved You More by Cindy Sheehan

Editor & Publisher
Did New Orleans Catastrophe Have to Happen? 'Times-Picayune' Had Repeatedly Raised Federal Spending Issues

Anti-War America

PNI Online
When the levee breaks

Southern Poverty Law Center
Almost 60 terrorist plots uncovered in the U.S.