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I Need To Get Smarter.

by H.L.


Man am I stupid, am I ever so fucking stupid. When I think about it, deep down, I knew that Kerry had no chance to win. Deep down, I knew he wasn't really trying and that like with Gore the fix was in. I didn't want to admit it, but I knew. If you noticed, I never endorsed any candidate on this site, and until the last couple of days I was still considering voting for Nader. Deep down I knew that the Democrats care about us as much as the Republicans do, that is, not at all. I knew that Kerry, and Bush, were in the same clubs, just as The Democrats, and Republicans in Congress are all in the same clubs, and that the reality of the situation is that its not Democrats vs. Republicans, but Rich vs. not Rich. I could see that Kerry was throwing it, because it really doesn't matter to him who the President is, actually when you think about it. Kerry stands to make more money, by Bush being President, then if he was. If Kerry had won he would have to start paying more in taxes, and now he doesn't, and the money he will save is more then he would have made as President. I also knew that The Democratic party had no intention of winning this election. I knew that when they screwed over Howard Dean. You see, The Democrats realized that Dean wanted to actually win. They said to themselves, "oh god, here's a guy who wants it. He's a Maverick, he was only the Governor of Vermont, not a beltway insider, and we can't have that." So they had to find some tired old status quo hack, and they came up with one in John Kerry. Here was another perfect loser, Senator for 18 years, used to power, and wealth, and only concerned with keeping it all. Here was a guy who would never tell the real truth about the way things are in this country, the perfect Democratic Candidate. I knew all this, yet I denied reality, and hoped that what I knew would happen, wouldn't.

I read an article today, that was saying that the frontrunners for 2008 for the Demorcrats are Hillary Clinton, and John Edwards. Not Howard Dean. He was never mentioned, why? because he might actually win, he would actually try, and the Democrats have no intention of winning any election ever again. In order for them to win they need to convert some red states. Do you think those people will ever vote for a woman? Sorry Hillary. John Edwards already has the albatross of loser around his neck, and Americans hate losers, sorry John. So look for President Jeb (or Arnold) in 2008, and 2012, and by then the whole shithouse will come down in flames and it wont matter any more.

Psychologists talk about Cognitive Dissonance. It is loosely defined as denying reality to suit your own needs, and that's what I did. I guess I have been suffering from Cognitive Dissonance for a long time but I didn't know it because I'm not that smart.

I heard a little part of Kerry's speech today, he said: Don't be disappointed, because you made a difference. That's a damn lie. The fact is, that if we had done nothing at all, we would not have been beat worse then we were. So it was all for nothing. We could have stayed home when there were anti war marches, we could have not bothered registering or voting in the primary, or the election. We could have not kept up on what was really going on in the world, trying to spread the word. We could have just not given a fuck and we would not have been beat any badder then we were. I guess you could say there is nowhere to go but up.

Kerry lost this election by a bigger margin then Gore did, despite all we tried to do, and that leads me to only one conclusion: That they are just a lot smarter than we are. I was reading another article this morning about the people in the heartland, you know, that giant swath of Red that stretches from the California border, all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. Those people resent someone like me. They think that I am an elitist who scoffs at them and they resent it, and you know what, they are right. They are smart enough to figure me out, but I'm not smart enough to figure them out.

Now we may think that we are smarter then they are, but we are wrong. Sure we may be better at reading, and analyzing data, which when you think about it is all an education is. If you have good reading comprehension, and memorization, then you can have any kind of an education you want, because that's all it is. That however, does not make us smarter. That's why Bill Clinton has been the only Democratic President in the last 25 years. He had it all, The Education, and the ability to understand people, and have them to relate to him, a true genius.

The Democrats now are not as smart as the Republicans. That's why we keep losing to them. Republicans have figured out two things that we just don't get, Human Nature, and how to go about getting what you want.

Human Nature says that people want to do what is easy. Why do something hard, when you can do something easy? Sitting on the couch and watching Fox news is easier then reading books, or doing research on the Internet. Believing everything the Government tells you is easier then thinking independently, and forming your own opinions based on what you have learned and researched. Republicans realize this and they plan their campaigns accordingly. Not caring about how many people die in a war is easier then caring about it. Not pondering why we went into a country based on a pack of lies, and having our own sons and daughters killed is easier then having to really think about it. The Republicans know this, and they have the majority of this country eating out of the palms of their hands, because they are smarter then we are.

Republicans know how to get what they want. They have a goal in mind, and they will stop at nothing to achieve that goal. They don't worry about things like right, and wrong, or about what people will think about their tactics, because that only takes away from the primary objective, and that is achieving the goal. Losing an election? OK then we will set up voting machines that we can manipulate to say whatever we want to say. Its not like The Democrats will try to fight something like that because they are on our side. Still losing the election? OK then let's purge thousands of eligible voters off the lists, people that we know will vote for them. Still losing the election? OK lets send some Sheriffs out to set up roadblocks in places where we know that the people are coming to vote for them. Anything it takes to achieve the goal, because they are smarter then we are.

Even though I live in California, I am no better off then people who live in Alabama, Mississippi, or Utah. I could say, well fuck it, at least the people here were smart enough to vote against Bush. Then I look at the cartoon character sitting in the Governors mansion, and I think, I must not be as smart as the rest of the people in this state. How come I could not see the advantages of having The Terminator for Governor? I must just not be very smart, and until I/we start getting a lot smarter, we will never have what we want, and will continue to be the perennial losers.

So now its over and I will start looking for work in Canada. I have no reason to stay here in the good old USA any longer even though it is the only home I have ever known. The America that I thought I loved is gone now, or did it ever really exist? I have no real job, no health insurance, not much else, and not only that but I am a dangerous freak who must be dealt with to keep God happy. That is if there really is a God. Would God let Bush get away with what he has, and reward him with a second term? A lot of people think so, and it happened. I didn't think so, but then again I am not that smart.