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        Monday, October 24, 2005

       10/24/05 Evening News Briefing

Capitol Hill Blue
A White House 'Hip-Deep' in Plame Scandal and Cover Up

Excerpt:Senior White House officials over the weekend warned President George W. Bush to “prepare for the worst” in the ever-deepening Valerie Plame scandal, laying out a scenario that includes indictments of top officials and detailing a direct involvement by the Administration in a concentrated effort to destroy the credibility of Ambassador Joseph Wilson and then conceal the actions from investigators.
Chief of Staff Andrew Card cancelled a weekend schedule of appearances and events to spend the weekend with Bush at Camp David and deliver the bad news personally, White House insiders tell Capitol Hill Blue.

U.N. Condemns Alleged Burning of Taliban

Excerpt: His comments came after Afghan President Hamid Karzai condemned the alleged burning of the bodies and ordered an immediate inquiry. The U.S. military has also ordered its own investigation and U.S. Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld has called for the probe to be expedited.
News of the alleged desecration has sparked warnings of a possible anti-American backlash in Afghanistan, but there have been no demonstrations so far. The video of the burning of the bodies hasn't been showed here yet.

H.L.s Take: Of course they haven't been shown here yet. The U.S. Media will never do anything to make Bush or Rummy look bad. So how low would Bushs ratings go if they did, and how low would support for the war go if they did. Is it possible to poll in negative numbers

Journalists' Hotel in Baghdad Attacked

Excerpt: BAGHDAD, Iraq - Suicide bombers including a cement truck packed with explosives launched a dramatic attack Monday against the Palestine Hotel, where many foreign journalists are based, sending up a giant cloud of smoke and debris over central Baghdad. American troops and journalists escaped without serious injury but at least half a dozen passers-by were killed.

H.L.s Take: How conveinient for the monkey. Less journalists in Iraq means less reporting on the daily atrocities committed over there by our Army which is killing for the lies. There have been dozens of journalists killed over there many by our own soldiers. Of course it always turns out to be an "Accident", and no one is ever held accountable.

Report: Abramoff Sought Help From Reed

Excerpt: Reed, former head of the Christian Coalition and a candidate in the 2006 race for Georgia's lieutenant governor, wrote back obliging responses, according to the e-mails obtained by Time magazine. The e-mails are now being reviewed by federal investigators, Time reported.

The e-mails show that 10 days after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, Abramoff promoted a business venture to rent cruise ships to the Federal Emergency Management Agency to house rescue workers off New York City.
Responding to Abramoff's request for help, Reed wrote on Sept. 21, 2001: "Put in a tag call to karl to find out the best contact at fema."
Four months later, Abramoff wrote Reed seeking "serious swat from Karl" in hopes of getting $16 million released by the Justice Department to fund a jail that his Choctaw Indian clients wished to build in Mississippi. Reed replied that he was at a lunch with Rove at a Republican National Committee meeting and would report the "substance shortly."
Reed agreed to give Rove materials on behalf of the Choctaws, Time reported.
The cruise-ship deal was never accepted, while the Choctaws got the jail.

Excerpt: As Ralph Kramden once said: One hand washes the other, and they both wash the face.

L.A. Times
Senators Seek Miers' White House Files

Excerpt: Bipartisan requests to release the records warn that the nominee's confirmation is at stake.

WASHINGTON — Republican and Democratic senators called on President Bush on Sunday to release documents relating to Supreme Court nominee Harriet E. Miers' service as White House counsel, with some warning that she might not win confirmation otherwise.

H.L.s Take: Gee I wonder if Bush will comply and turn over the records, thats a really good question, wait... hold on a second, We have just recieved a special Bulletin....

Bush Won't Release All Miers Records

Excerpt: WASHINGTON - Risking a possible clash with the Senate, President Bush insisted Monday he will not turn over documents detailing the private advice that Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers has given him while serving in the White House.
With Miers' nomination facing continued opposition from conservatives, Bush sidestepped a question of whether the White House was working on a contingency plan for her withdrawal...Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York, a Democratic member of the committee, said it appeared the White House was refusing to turn over documents that were not shielded by attorney-client or executive privilege.

H.L.s Take: Why should turn over the records. He didn't turn over John Roberts records and he got in. He won't turn over his fathers Presidential records, and he is still Satan, he won't turn over his own records as Governor of Texas, and he is still not in prison, so it seems not turning over records is a good idea. Ok so Miers will only be confirmed by a 55-45 vote, but thats just as good as 100-0 as far as Bush is concerned.

Hearing Set for DeLay Judge Request

Excerpt: AUSTIN, Texas - A retired Texas judge will decide next week if State District Judge Bob Perkins should continue presiding over former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay'strial on money laundering and conspiracy charges.
C. W. Duncan, a former State District Judge, will preside at a Nov. 1 hearing on DeLay's request that Perkins leave the case because he has contributed money to candidates and Democratic causes that oppose DeLay.

H.L.s Take: I did a Google search on Duncan, and came up with nothing. Expect a new judge to be ordered. Probably a Republican, who also happens to be a big donor to Bush, and Delay's campaigns. Maybe one of Delays golfing buddies.

Paul Hackett, Anti-War candidate to run for Senator

Excerpt: CINCINNATI - Paul Hackett, a Democratic veteran of the Iraq war who narrowly lost a special election in a heavily Republican congressional district in August, made his official entry into a U.S. Senate race Monday.
He faces a tough Democratic primary with Rep. Sherrod Brown in the race for the nomination to challenge second-term Republican incumbent Sen. Mike DeWine (news, bio, voting record) next year.

H.L.s Take: Sherrod Brown was not going to run until he found out that Hackett was running. I guess he doens't like the idea of an Anti-War truth teller in office, so now he decideds he wants the job after all.

Frist: Stock Probe Will Affect 2008 Plans

Excerpt: The Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating Frist's sale of millions of dollars of stock in HCA, the Nashville-based hospital chain founded by his father and brother. The sales were completed by July 1, two weeks before share prices fell by 9 percent. Frist has denied he acted on insider information.
Frist defended Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers, saying he is confident that President Bush's White House counsel will be confirmed and will display the same ideals as the GOP.

H.L.s Take: What ideas are those Bill? Treason, Lying, Murder, Stealing, and Making incorrect medical diagnosis like you did with Teri Schaivo.

NY Times
Republicans Testing Ways to Blunt Leak Charges

Excerpt: On Sunday, Republicans appeared to be preparing to blunt the impact of any charges. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, Republican of Texas, speaking on the NBC news program "Meet the Press," compared the leak investigation with the case of Martha Stewart and her stock sale, "where they couldn't find a crime and they indict on something that she said about something that wasn't a crime."
Ms. Hutchison said she hoped "that if there is going to be an indictment that says something happened, that it is an indictment on a crime and not some perjury technicality where they couldn't indict on the crime and so they go to something just to show that their two years of investigation was not a waste of time and taxpayer dollars."

H.L.s Take: Not some Perjury Technicality??? So committing a Felony is a technicality now? So Whats Murder? A minor offense???

GOP Senator Links Indictment, Resignation

Excerpt:WASHINGTON - A Republican senator said Sunday that it would be appropriate for any White House aide to step aside if indicted in the CIA leak investigation.

President Bush was urged by a Senate Democrat to make clear whether a White House adviser under indictment would remain on the job.