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        Wednesday, December 07, 2005

       12/7/05 Todays News Stories

Spokane Republican Anti-Gay Mayor Recalled After Gay Sex For Jobs Scandal

West, a former Boy Scout executive and sheriff's deputy, was elected mayor in 2003 after serving more than two decades as a conservative Republican in the state Legislature, where he voted against gay-friendly bills...The recall campaign began after the Spokesman-Review newspaper reported in May that West was a closeted homosexual who visited gay chat rooms using his city-owned laptop computer, and offered internships and other favors to young men he hoped to have sex with.

H.L.s Take:
What??? Another anti-gay gay republican??? Imagine my shock. Another Republican mired in scandal. What a surprise. These are the kind of people you support if you support republicans. They are a bunch of sex crazed, repressed, closeted, Hypocrites who know no shame. This guy would go to internet chat rooms and pick up young Gay men, and promise them jobs in return for Sex. Meanwhile he is opposing every measure that benefits gays. He is not the only anti-gay gay republican. Heres another one.

Housing Slowdown May Claim 800,000 Jobs

New construction of housing in October was down 5.6 percent from the previous month, with new construction of single-family housing accounting for a 3.7 percent dip.

• New home sales have declined.

• Applications for home mortgages have trended downward since late September as rates increased.

• In some regions, homes are remaining unsold longer and the pace of housing construction is outpacing population growth, which could spell a decline in demand.

What Really Happened

On November 24th, 1941, Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto sent a radio message to Admiral Chuichi Nagumo, Commander of the Pacific Striking Fleet, which read in part,
"The task force, keeping its movement strictly secret and maintaining close guard against submarines and aircraft, shall advance into Hawaiian waters, and upon the very opening of hostilities shall attack the main force of the United States fleet in Hawaii and deal it a mortal blow".

Huffington Post
The Plan to Steal Iraq's Oil

"The problem is that the good Lord didn't see fit to put oil and gas reserves where there are democratically elected regimes friendly to the interests of the United States," the former Halliburton CEO proclaimed to a Nightline audience in April of 2002.
So they must be expecting that the many shortsighted naysayers who are starting to get cold feet and call for withdrawal will some day look back and thank them for staying the course and securing the vast pool of untapped crude that lies beneath the sand near today's battlefields.
Many, that is, whose children haven't by then had their heads blown off.

H.L.s Take:
Thats what we are there for, so Dick, can steal all that oil. Remember as my good friend Bartcop tells us. 2 Million barrels a day were being pumped out of Iraq, they still are but there are no meters on the wells, and no one knows where that oil is going. 2 Million Barrels a day times $47 a barrell, equals over 100 Million a day they are stealing.

HuffPo Exclusive: Secret Memo Reveals Hillary's Red State Strategy for '08.

Hillary Clinton's attempt to rebrand herself as a red state friendly DLC Democrat -- Bush on Brains -- continues with her decision to sign on as a co-sponsor of the Flag Protection Act, which makes it illegal to desecrate the American flag. It's stars, stripes, and triangulation. But, according to a top secret strategy memo leaked to the Huffington Post by a senior (and wholly fictional) Clinton official, this is only the beginning.

H.L.s Take: In a recent poll, only 13% of men would vote for Hilary, and for good reason. Its bad enought that she is a Republican lite. She is an elitist who could not care less for the people. On top of that, the only reason she is even a Senator is because of Monica Lewinsky. Hilary could actually find a way to lose to the Republicans, and its guaranteed if we dont fix the voting machines. People need to jump off the Hilary bandwagon now. At least Russ Feingold is against the war.

Hillary Panders Again

Our men and women are being killed in Iraq. Millions of people wake up every day without health insurance. Jobs are being shipped off-shore. Our economy is increasingly becoming hostage to an authoritarian regime in China. And, until today, I didn’t understand what the real important issue facing Americans truly is: a few people are burning the American flag.
At least that’s what Hillary Clinton believes.

H.Ls Take:
Hilary is for the War in Iraq (I wonder if she still would be if Chelsea was sent over there, yeah she probably would) and she wants to punish people who burn the flag because they are disgusted with this country. Do not vote for this woman. The only time I would ever burn a flag would be if they make it illegal.

Smirking Chimp
'Bush's war on children'

The U.S. government continued its war on American children when Chief U.S. District Judge Bernard A. Friedman threw out a lawsuit filed by the National Education Association and school districts in three states, geared towards blocking Bush's Draconian "No Child Left Behind" debacle.

Liberal Girl Next Door
Running Out The Clock On The Ticking Time Bomb

The lack of accountability in Washington DC is staggering, and Congress’s refusal to carry out, much less complete an investigation into the deceptions and crimes of the Bush administration may result in his term being up long before articles of impeachment are ever even considered. It seems that Congress is suffering from scandal fatigue as well, and they were already tired from all of the effort expended in covering their own butts. The disease-ridden leviathan that is the Bush administration may simply be too big a beast for 100 Senators and 435 Representatives to slay without running out of steam.

H.Ls Take: The Liberal Girl Next Door is hot, but the Liberal girl across the street is even hotter.

Detroit Metro Times
Time to get obsessed

Excerpt: But it’s time for me to stop sulking. Last week it became very clear that if Georgie B ever had a grasp on reality, it has slipped from his fingers. Our president, apparently made aware that two-thirds of the public now oppose his war, presented a 35-page “National Strategy for Victory in Iraq.”
The only small flaw in the plan is that it, well, contains no national strategy for victory in Iraq. Other, that is, than chucklehead’s flamboyant declaration, “I will settle for nothing less than complete victory.” Right. That’s what der Führer said when he refused to withdraw the troops from Stalingrad

Editor & Publisher
Media Fell Short in Covering 9/11 'Report Card'

September 11 is unquestionably the major American event in recent decades and the terrorist threat to our homeland is the issue of our time. So you would think that when the official and much-respected commissioners charged with studying the tragedy and offering advice on preventing another such attack released a report card on whether the government, four years later, is fully doing its job to keep us safe, it would deserve banner headlines and massive and continuing television coverage -- especially if the grades were poor, with five “Fs” and a dozen “Ds” out of 41 categories.

H.Ls Take: Why shouldn't the corporate media ignore the 9/11 report card, they are accesories after the fact (and probably before as well) to 3000 counts of murder.

U.S. gives Israel a large new camp

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers managed the $127 million project. Its 210 buildings include specialized storage facilities to control humidity and dust levels so they would be ready to deploy on short notice, a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers fact sheet said.

H.L.s Take:
We paid for that with our tax dollars, and what do we get out of it. Absolutely nothing. I have to go to work now so I can earn more money for my government to waste.