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I took this one of LaDainian at the Bengals game last year          I have very good season tickets as you can see

February 5, 2005

Happy Super Bowl Sunday

Hi, As you can see I have not kept up this page during the football season, because I am just too busy with the rest of the site, and other trivial matters like trying to find a job. I am once again asking any Football junkies who would be interested in keeping up the page. You will get full credit of course. I will even rename the page (your name)s Football page. So if anyone is interested contact me by email, and the job is yours. thanks OK time for my Super Bowl Prediction.
We have a number 1 seed, playing a number seed, which means they are about even because The AFC is so much better then the NFC I like most people feel the Steelers have a slight edge, although I would not be surpirsed to see the Seahawks pull it out. But heres the pick

Steelers 20
Seahawks 17

Lets see how I do.
Enjoy the game.

Hey check out Tuesday Morning Quarterback on NFL.com , its a great Football column.

Ricky WilliamsOK its time to update the Football page. I know you cant wait. To start off with, The Miami Dolphins have already won half as many games this year as they did last year, after playing only 4 times. and now Ricky Williams is back. Nick Saban is saying that Ricky, and Ronnie Brown will be in the backfield at the same time, This could be reminiscent of The early 70s Dolphins teams that featured Larry Csonka, and Mercury Morris in the backfield at the same time. Both of them Rushed for over 1000 yards in 1972. I'm not sure if that has ever happened since. By the way the Dolphins went undefeated that year, winning the Super Bowl. In other news, The Patriots are starting to look like humans. Of course after losing as many players as they have to injury, and free agency,it was to be expected. Between The Raiders, and The Chargers, one of them will already have 4 losses after this week when they play each other. Randy Moss has been one of the lone bright spots on a Raider team that H.L is often forced to watch on TV unless I want to go out to a Bar. Moss makes watching Raider games bearable. Although my fantasy team Quarterback is Kerry Collins. (I have recently added Eli Manning to the roster of the surprising New Jersey Giants, They are 3-1, and Mr. Manning is starting to put up Peyton like numbers. I am considering using him this week instead of Collins.) I missed out on most of my live draft and ended up with a pretty bad team of which I am trying to make the best. The official Fantasy Football Team of The H.L. Football page is The L.A. Rockers of the Smash Ass League. So far we are 2-3. We'll get better I hope. Lets introduce them here and now.

Collins, Kerry QB OAK Aquired in the automated draft
Brown, Ronnie RB MIA I drafted him toward the end. (I missed the first half of the draft)
Lewis, Jamal RB BAL Automated Draft
Chambers, Chris WR MIA Automated Draft
McCardell, Keenan WR SD Picked up as a Free Agent
Clark, Dallas TE IND Automated Draft
Kaeding, Nate K SD H.L. DraftPick
Bengals, DST DST CIN Picke up a free Agent.
Reserves as of this week

Manning, Eli QB NYG Picked up as Free Agent
Griese, Brian QB Had to use him last week when Collins, and Manning were both on byes, I'd scrap him if any good free agents were available.
Jones, Thomas RB CHI Picked up as Free Agent, had some great weeks, now injuries are a concern
Westbrook, Brian RB PHI Automated Draft, on a bye this week, last 2 weeks were poor performances.
Edwards, Braylon WR CLE Stupidly gave away Terry Glenn for this guy, Hope he starts soon.
Redskins, DST DST Automated draft.

As you can see I am forced to start Ronnie Brown this week despite poor Fantasy performances, and the addition of Ricky. Chambers is usually not a good fantasy either. I am lean at RB, and WR which are essential for good fantasy play.

College Football News

Both USC, and UCLA are undefeated this year. I watched the last two UCLA games, and they barely got by Washington, but then upset Berkley last week. Meantime USC keeps winning, but they are not blowing out teams like they are capable of. They have failed to cover in there last two games. Is it possible that the 2 teams could meet at the end of the season with undefeated records, only time will tell.

If you would like to contribute to the Football page send your stuff to mail@thehollywoodliberal.com, link at top of page, Ok see you soon

August 7, 2005

Dan Marino In The Hall Of Fame.

Greatest Quaterback in NFL History

Palm Beach Post
Its a Beautiful Day in Canton

Miami Herald
Dan Marino Photo Gallery
More Dan Stories

July 7, 2005

Hey, Its time for the semi-annual update to the football page. I see the page is taking more and more hits lately, but I am just too busy with the rest of the site, and other things like my 2 jobs to update often enough.

How would you like to run this page

If you know anything about Football, contact me, you can send postings to update the page which I will put up. Giving you credit of course. Let me know if you are interested.

Yahoo Brings Back Free Fantasy Football

I saw yesterday that Yahoo was bringing back free fantasy football. Last year they tried to charge for it so I did not play after winning my Super Bowl 2 years in a row. I want to start a league with readers from this page, If you want to join up contact me. And we can get a league together. the email address is mail@thehollywoodliberal.com
Sorry gotta run, talk to you soon

March 7 2005

Hey guys, I'm back once again for the bi-montly football update. (just kidding) Actually I am going to start paying more attention to this page now that the season is over.
Ok the draft is about 6 weeks away, the combines have ended, We will be posting some info. on various choices.

The 49ers have the first pick. Most people seem to think they will go with Aaron Rogers, the QB from Stanford. He's a local, and seems to have all the tools. The second pick in the draft goes to my team, The Miami Dolphins. There is talk they may try to sign Edgerin James from th Colts, if they do that they will not have to draft a RB. It was looking like either Cedric Benson, or Ronnie Brown from Auburn. The Dolphins have also signed Vonnie Holliday, and are looking at Kevin Carter, If they can sign him that might free them up to take Mike Williams The WR from USC, who did not play last year, but is incredible. Heres a couple of interesting Football pages for you to check out. More later.

Great Blue North Draft Report

NFL Draft Countdown.com

January 21, 2005.

Hey guys time for me to update the Football page once again. I am still looking for a Football editor, who wants to become my online football guru. You can take over the page if you know a little about Americas greatest Sport. If any one is interested let me know, you can contact me at the top of this page.

Championship Weekend

Did you see that Jets-Steelers game last week? What was Herm Edwards thinking going for those 2 field goals from over 40 yards away. The Jets lost the game the same way the Chargers lost the game the week before to the Jets. By getting good field position but then getting too conservative, and not trying to advance the ball further, The Chargers handed the ball off To La Dainian Thomlinson 3 times in a row, right into the middle of the line, for no gain. The most predictable plays in Football at that stage of the game. If they would have tried a short pass to pick up another 10 yards or so. They would have had a much more makeable Field goal, and probably would have won the game.
So the following week the Jets find themselves in a similar situation, so what do they do? They don't try to advance the ball and go for a 47 yard field goal which misses and sends the game to overtime. The Jets get another try in OT, and what do they do? They dont try to advance the ball beyond a 40 yard attempt, and miss again. By the time the Steelers got the ball and got close, you just knew they were going to make their Field goal, and win the game.
In the other game Michael Vick ran all over the weak Rams defense, and made it look easy. He will have a tougher defense this week in Philadelphia, but I am starting to think that the Falcons have a good shot at the Super Bowl this year. Of course the Eagles have the incentive of not wanting to lose the championship game for the 4th year in a row, and that could carry them to victory, but I would not be surprised if the Eagles go down again.
Ok lets look at this weeks games
At high noon on Sunday, (thats Pacific time zone, where H.L. hangs when he watches the game) We have: The Falcons traveling to Philadelphia. Atlanta is currently a 5 point underdog in the game. I like Atlanta with the points. (Although you should not bet on football, It can be a very unpredictable sport, and I am not altogher certain that the games are not at least partially fixed through the refs, so you never know what may happen.)
I will take a wild stab at the final score.
Atlanta 24, Philadelphia 21.
In the second game we have New England travelling to Pittsburgh. The Patriots are a 3 point favorite even thought they are on the road. H.L. usually likes the home dogs, and this could be especially true, this week because if you have noticed over the last few years, the NFL seems to love a team (and a quarterback) that comes out of nowhere and wins the Super Bowl, It makes for great press. A few years ago Kurt Warner came from bagging grocerys at Ralphs, by way of the arena league, to win the Super Bowl for the Rams. Then it was Tom Brady, who came in and went in and became the new Joe Montana, by coming from obscurity to win 2 Super Bowls. (On another side note, is it me, or do the Patriots always seem to get the benefit of the calls from the Refs. Remember the "tuck rule"against the Raiders, a few years ago. It almost seems like the Super pro military NFL seems to like the Patriots, because they think Patriots are pro military, anti-intelligence, don't ask any s just wave that flag and support us blindly. In reality The real Patriots are people who authority for the good of the country, and the constitution, not to blindly follow some some oil monkey just to make him richer.)Anyway, the next logical step in the nowhere-to-Super Bowl winning Quarterback, scenario, that would take it even further: What if a rookie, came in the league. Won every game of the regular season, and the playoffs, and then won the Super Bowl, who could have ever come up with such an unlikely scenario. The NFL thats who. So its possible that Pittsburgh could be the leagues sentimental favorite this year, its also possible that those Patriots could become the next NFL dynasty. I would avoid betting on this game at all costs even though I like The Patriots to win in a straight up contest. It will be interesting to see which team the refs flag for a able long pass interference penalty, at a crucial time of the game.

Ok Just for the hell of it heres my prediction
Patriots 17, Steelers 14. Tune in next week to see how I did, and for the first of many Super Bowl previews,

November 9,2004

Football Editor Wanted.

Hey Guys If anyone is interested in running the Football page. Contact me. I am just too busy with the rest of the site, and my life to keep this thing going. Someone who wants to update scores, standings, stats, whatever. Let me know Thanks H.L.

A little Football Talk. by H.L.

Damn its been so long since I have been over to this page. I haven't had a chance to watch as much Football this year as I usually do. I even sent back my Charger season tickets, and what happens? The Chargers are 6-3. what a shock. Martys doing a pretty damn good job down there lately. If I knew this was going to happen, I would have held on to the tickets.

Dave Wannstedt Resigns

Well this is a tough one. I never really liked Wannstedt, but you can really blame him too much for whats going on down there. The Dolphins are having the worst season in team history. The only bright spot at this point is that we could have the first pick in the draft. That has never happened before. I say we go QB. Matt Lienert perhaps. Reggie Bush at RB could be another good one. I dont really follow College Football too much, but I don know that USC kicks ass, and either of these guys could end up winning the Heisman.

The Giants have been surprising people, but they lost to the Bears, last Sunday. 20-14. I have been telling people that the Giants seem like a mirage, a couple of more games like that and you may be seeing Eli start getting some playing time

I always wondered how a team like The Eagles, could play so well for several weeks in a row, then come into Pittsburgh, and just completly stink up the joint. I mean how do they play so badly? How is it that every single player on the team just takes a dump all at the same time. To use a Baseball comparison, The Yankees, leading 3-0, 3 outs away from the World Series. If just a couple of players had suddenly gone into a slump, maybe it takes 5 games, or even 6. But no, the entire team including the manager, begins playing like they dont care if they win. Kind of reminds me of a Presidential election. You probably see where I'm going with this so enough said.

I will be going to The Chargers-Broncos game in a couple of weeks, live report to follow.

Talk to you soon


August 6, 2004

Sorry I have been neglecting the Football page lately, because I have been soooo busy. Not much going on yet. Although the preseason games start next weekend So look for some football action soon. In the meantime you can always go to NFL.com but you already knew that. H.L.

July 28, 2004

How to beat an NFL drug test?

The Miami Herald

The Not So Secret Potion

The H.L. recommends you apply your own test to yourself before going down to the piss in a cup for some law enforcement agency 

July 26, 2004

Ricky Williams Retiring WTF

If this story wasn't happening to the Dolphins I wouldn't believe it.

The Miami Herald

Ricky Williams: I'm retiring.

I knew the guy was a little flaky, but retiring at age 27, and only one week before training camp. I think he likes smoking the Ganja too much, and doesn't want to deal with the drug tests. 

July 24, 2004. Well folks everyones favorite season is rapidly approaching. "Football", and I'm talking NFL Football, The real stuff. Being that The Hollywood Liberal lives in a city that has no NFL team (Hey I don't want to pay for it do you??) I am forced to have season tickets for The San Diego Chargers. So a few times a year we pack up the old bud wagon, and head south. I grew up a Miami Dolphins fan, but am seeing a better season for The Chargers this year. Miami should do well too, as long as they bench Fiedler. I am also looking to get into a money fantasy league, with the stipulation being unlimited transactions. I find some of my best players on the waiver wire at 4 AM If you can help me out, or want to talk Football Get ahold of me. Thanks H.L.