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06/19/2005: "Everybody Knows, George"

by H.L.

There was a story in Stars and Stripes, on Friday about families of military members who have been killed in the war in Iraq going to Washington to demand official congressional hearings into the Downing St. Memo, and whether or not Bush lied us into a war that has seen over 1700 soldiers killed. This story was in Stars and Stripes, which is the official U.S. military forces propaganda rag, and has been at least since World War 2, when a publication like this is reporting this story; you know that the s**t has truly come down. Everybody knows that Bush is a murderous liar now. Not everyone will admit it, but everyone knows. Many people didn’t know until just recently, the kind of people who don’t really concern themselves with politics too much, unless a story becomes so huge that it just can’t pass them by. The Downing St. Memo was revealed to all this week when AP mentioned it for the first time, after nearly 2 months of existence; It was also covered by the mainstream broadcast media. The story had gotten so big there was no way they could continue to ignore it.
The Stars and Stripes story quotes a mother of a soldier killed in Iraq who calls The Downing St. Memo “Bush’s Watergate” Diane Davis Santorello of Pennsylvania, said that an investigation into the matter would “bring down the house of cards” and made comparison between Bush, and Nixon. Santorello, is a member of a group called Military Families Speak Out. The group, with the help of Walter “Freedom Fries” Jones, A Republican House Representative from North Carolina who has since seen the light and turned his back on Bush’s War, and other Republican Congressman have been pushing for Bush to set some kind of exit plan in Iraq. Republicans are now starting to realize that Bush’s ever sinking poll numbers are going to reflect on them come election time, and since they have to run again, and Bush doesn’t that they now have to start fending for themselves, and are beginning to turn against some of the insanity.
I heard a story being reported on the radio yesterday, that had taken it a step further, and was pondering the official story of 9/11, specifically whether a plane really hit the Pentagon on that day. They were talking about a movie that had been made which I had previously seen that went into detail about what really happened that morning. Apparently there was originally only a small hole in the side of the pentagon wall as a result of the impact of the “object” that hit the building. The documentary showed actual footage from Fox News, who we’re the first ones on the scene. The wall of the Pentagon building is still standing there is hole in the wall that is only a couple of feet in diameter, and fire crews are there spraying water on the building which is smoldering. There is no plane, the hole is too small for a fuselage of a passenger jet, in fact the hole is smaller then the width of a jet engine. Had a jet hit the building there would have been horrific damage, including the fuselage, and luggage of the plane along with luggage strewn all over the area, but none of this existed. The documentary goes on to say that this Fox News footage was only shown once, immediately after the incident occurred, the footage was then pulled, and has never been broadcast again. The documentary makers obtained the footage through someone who was running a VCR, and caught it because whatever show they were taping was interrupted.
That this story which until very recently would have been written off as nothing more then the ravings of insane conspiracy theorists, would be openly discussed on the radio is showing that veil of lies is coming down, more and more people are beginning to think that maybe what happened on 9/11 is not the story we have been fed by the government, and the media. A former Bush cabinet member has even gone so far as to question what happened on 9/11. Morgan Reynolds, who was The Chief Economist for The Department of Labor during Bush’s first term, and a Professor Emeritus at Texas A & M University, has written a detailed story that was picked up by UPI, Reynolds said that the official story of the attack was “Full of Holes” and “Just didn’t hang together no matter how you looked at it. Reynolds further states that the evidence points to our government running the whole operation. When former Bush cabinet members are talking like this, you know that the ruse is over, and everybody knows.
Meanwhile its business as usual in Washington; Bush in his radio address on Saturday said that getting out of Iraq, or even trying to begin to set some sort of exit strategy is “Not an option,” Bush, seemingly oblivious to everything that is going on around him is talking as if its still October 2001, and his ratings are in the high 80’s.
"The terrorists and insurgents are trying to get us to retreat.” Bush said using the same “Your either with us or with the terrorist logic he has been using ever since he was still claiming that Saddam had WMDs and was ready to launch one on New York City. Bush went on to say, "We will settle for nothing less than victory" over terrorists there, he said later. Bush apparently still hasn’t heard the news that the “Terrorist” insurgency, who are people that are actually trying to protect their country from foreign invaders, are getting stronger, and that we are losing the war due to his ineptitude. Bush actually acknowledges his critics in the radio speech.
"Some may disagree with my decision to remove Saddam Hussein from power, but all of us can agree that the world's terrorists have now made Iraq a central front in the war on terror," Bush said. "This mission isn't easy, and it will not be accomplished overnight."
No George, it’s been 3 years, and by the way; didn’t you say something about the Mission being “Accomplished” about 2 years or so ago?, Everybody knows George, everybody knows.

Replies: 21 Comments

on Sunday, June 19th, Bryan said

Ok, so he lied, they all do. But this time PEOPLE are D-Y-I-N-G!!! Impeached? No, losing your job because you killed hundreds of thousands and wasted billions of OUR money does not warrant simply losing your job so you can beat off on the back of some horse at your tax paid for ranch. The same laws that apply to us, apply to him. I want george and all the rest of them to be in general population at Pelican Bay prison. Thats where any of us peasants would end up if we did anything near as atrocious as this so called human has.

Everybody does know, what are we going to do?

on Sunday, June 19th, Prissy Patriot said

I say we use their own "Patriot Act" against them....that way we can strip them of their American citizenship (Yes that's correct-the Act allows that to be done to ANY American-only problem is by "direction of President) and toss them all in Gitmo-no lawyer, no trial, no nothing- incarcerated until further notice...

on Sunday, June 19th, AaaBanana said

Bush is a LIAR and a CRIMINAL in an unprecedent scale Bush knows what he has done and IF he has the courage to tell the truth he will possibly write in a suicide note and shoot himself

on Sunday, June 19th, eric said

I give them 6 months.

Within 6 months either:

1. They'll be impeached, (cheney will have to go too).


2. There will be another 9/11 - this one nuclear, and on the west coast - and there will be martial law.

on Sunday, June 19th, chris said

Look people - Bush is obviously a criminal - we all know this. However, what we must start scrutinizing closely is the role Israel and America's Jewish Fifth Column has played in all of this.

An "anti-Semite," you say? Look at the evidence, look at the FACTS.

The 100+ Israeli spies arrested after 9-11.

The Five Dancing israeli Mossad agents caught filming the WTC collapse LIVE and laughing as they did so

Asher Karni - arrested at Denver International Airport on 1/2/2004 for having sold (Past tense) Pakistan 66 nuclear weapon detonators.

Yehuda Abraham - arrested in NYC for having sold (past tense) several shoulder launched surface to air missiles to FBI agents posing as Al Qaeda operatives.

If you haven't heard about these stories, it is because YOU are uninformed, NOT because I am an anti-Semite.

People - this is just the tip of the iceberg

on Sunday, June 19th, Getagrip said

Just remember, Bush is just an organic fingerpuppet that only does what he is told to do, nothing more. If you actually think that he controls anything, you have been fooled.

Go after the puppet masters. The international banking elite, Skull & Bones, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderbergers, Bohemian Grovers etc. These are the real culprits and if we allow them to dominate our governments any longer, we are all finished.

It DOES NOT MATTER who is the president as long as the congress, senate and almost everyone else involved with government are members of these organizations. EVERYONE in government must be fired, top down. Federal government must be restructured and the power put back into the hands of the people locally. NOTHING else will change without this happening.

So get over Bush, he is NOT the problem. He is not smart enough to eat pretzels let alone run a company or a country. Go after the real criminals.

on Sunday, June 19th, Rebecca said

Burn Washington to the Ground and Start Over

on Sunday, June 19th, Archers said

Folks,when the heat is to hot for comfort for the Bush handlers,be prepared for the next killing of of a USA president.JFK refused to give Israel nukes--guy got it but good by a jew--contract killing. Think I'm crazy, just watch as in Arafat poisoning.
I highly recommend Bush does not fly in small planes. In Washington,many small planes develpo engine problems. Very helpful guys the Mossad crew for helping Coleman get elected and Kerry to marry a rich widow but mental sick lady .
Bush's days are coming to and end--Jewish Mafia has a plan--save Israel.

on Sunday, June 19th, carol said

Bush lied people died
parents cried

Impeach the whole rotten lot or use the Patriot Act against them! Does not matter to me except

on Sunday, June 19th, Social Insecurity said

"...I give them 6 months.

Within 6 months either:

1. They'll be impeached, (cheney will have to go too).


2. There will be another 9/11 - this one nuclear, and on the west coast - and there will be martial law..."

I agree, but Bush is trying to set up a Police State using FEMA and the money from the the Social Security Trust put us all into a forced Marshall Law situation and to suspend all liberties...Bush has to keep himself in power to stay out of jail or execution via firing squad...either way, Bush will make history as the first Republican assassinated or to be jailed for his crimes against American Citizens...and he will take America down to save his own's gone too far...not a game anymore.

May God have mercy on their souls...we have been had by the Illuminati, the Sharon Jews/Neo-Cons and the greedy Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld Cabal.

Wake's them or us!

on Sunday, June 19th, JohnnyR said

Good luck folks. You couldn't pay me to live in that country right now.

on Sunday, June 19th, Buford T . Justice said

Who's up for a conga line of these sons-of-bitches all handcuffed and leg-ironed together down the White HOuse steps ? Put 'em in cages like animals and take 'em around the country,where people will pay money to throw rotten fruit at 'em . The money raised will go towards reparations for the people of Afghanistan , Iraq , and wherever else peoples have been affected by their policies. Then a special prison will be built where they will be behind bulletproof glass and they will be on display 24/7 , so people can look at 'em , bug 'em , hold up signs and pictures , etc. They'll be in there until they die .

on Sunday, June 19th, Gary said

We need a "Deep Throat", a Collin Powell, someone inside to come forth and spill their guts. The house of cards will fall as Nixon's did in 74.

on Sunday, June 19th, Anthony said

I truly hope you get your Country back.
You have supporters here in Australia.
We don't like our prime minister either.

on Sunday, June 19th, Chris said

I'll tell you what we're doing: Nothing!!! Until you take the food off the tables and the boobs off the TV they'll do nothing to interupt thier easy livin'. People will do anything for thier beer/x-box/TV lives that accomplish nothing and will only be truly motivated when that is taken away and thier bellies are empty. But then it will be too late.

on Sunday, June 19th, IsraOil said

Why only blame this government?
Back in 1915,there was a Coward Wilson,a jackass president.He was found screwing another mans wife and the zionist threatened him with exposure--homeland for the jews or else--curtains for him.
A hush deal was made, cause the jews hated Germany and the Russians, they put limits to their greed.The american Industrialistand congress secretly mustard $325million for Wilson to bribe the Russians not to sign the peace treaty between germany. Even though both were tired and ready to call it quits.In 1916 election, unknown to the stupid American public of the crafty jewish deal, Wilson promised he would never allow America to send troops into Europe. The lying bastard after 3 months successful election declared war on Germany.Only when america entered the wars it became world wars.Millions died by american assholes like Coward Wilson.The mess lead into WWII.America and Britin are the killers--weaken the warring factions and come for the kill. Now that the jews got two homelands-USA & Palestine--.
Don't you love to piss on that American flag now with all those brite Stars of Davids gleaming!
P.S.-I bet the jews have the goods on Fag Bush--Gannongate

on Sunday, June 19th, An Old Friend said

People like me used to admire america. We would see an essentially decent people being led by fools or plodders. The people always trancended their presidents. Since 2000 your president has been a career liar how has promoted himself to mass murderer. The american people have so far been willing accomplices in this murder. Why are you letting this man and his gang of thugs get away with this? It seems so very un-american to just lie there and take it with fighting for you country.

on Monday, June 20th, Michael Moore said

Is this page a loveing bunch of people or what? So much for the notion of the caring liberal.

The majority being non Americans pushing their agenda in the above comments, I will not give reply to as your tripe is, well not relevant.

To the conspiracy theorists that are from here....When hatred for an ideal is rampid in small brains you tend to come up for reasons to fuel your hatred.

Hey remember Ruby Ridge? Every one on the far right went gonzo over that.

And Billy C got a pass from you libs, but not from the right.

But now that George is the Man, you want to do the same thing as the Waco Wacko's.

Do you really think the Gulf war was about Weapons of Mass Destruction?

It was about Oil Man!
See how easy it is to get a positive Nod out of you?

Doesn't it feel good?

No the Gulf War to the thinking class was for many reasons:

Economic stability sure being one of them.(there is your oil I will give you that)

WMD's one of them.

A large dont f**k with us sign in the middle of the Middle East. A big Reason. A large US military Base tends to send that signal.

Bigger Reason. We kicked Husseins Ass. And then we leave town, and then he immediately breaks the treaty as soon as we got our last weak ass President. He broke the Treaty hundreds of times.
What is the point in whupping someones ass if they are not going to respect the ass whupping you just gave them?

And the next Big Reason is that all this bloodshed in Iraq has killed damned near a generation of terrorists off American soil. The insurgents in Iraq are by and large not Iraqui. They are from Jihadist countries, not Iraq. I wonder why they are so concerned?
lets see the U.S. has lost less than 2,000 soldiers. VS. The Terrorists have lost thousand upon thousands. My math is a bit crusty, but seems like a pretty good deal.

Oh Yah. The terrorist don't exist and the notion is all a plot so Halliburton and Cheney can exploit the peasants. I have a bridge for sale if you are interested.

Truth is that terrorists do exist, bad people exist and sitting around the Camp fire singing Kumbaya ain't got gonna stop them from hating Bush, Clinton Me and you.

Bad is Bad. Evil is Evil.

2,000 thousand soldiers dead is tragic. They signed up for it and valiantly defended our country.

To get into a spin that they all need to come home now is testicullarly defficient.

Shit, in WW2 we lost more than that in a few minutes. Thank goodness they fought or Michael Moore may have been born as Michael Tagaguchi and would have making his money off fictional depictions of President Hiro.
The Untitled One
politically incorrect

on Monday, June 20th, IsraOil said

:OPoster below is full of shit about Saddam breaking any agreement.
The U.N. was lied to by USa and most of the oil for food programme was dealing with USA oil men. Recall Richie the jew bird that Clinton pardoned---the oil crook!
The problem with the poster is that he is--STUPID---Saddam was not as bad as America's ass holes---Bush, Chenny and the whole lot of terrable greedy russian American Jews.
So goofus,our boys died for Israel ass holes not for oil, saddam was giving it to us--jerk!
UN-was lied and screwed by USA,how about Israel feeding from us?

on Saturday, June 25th, AP said

Inform & Influence.

Use grassroots efforts to call to action and build momentum. Use emails, fliers, posters, bumperstickers, letters to Editors. Get the word out in every way you can think of and instruct others to spread the word via Viral Marketing.

on Saturday, June 25th, Bari said

We need our checks and balances back in the govt'

Here's an idea:
In 2006 many Senators and Representaives in Congress will be up for election. Vote to get a Democratic majority back in the Legislative branch. Then we will see more good happen.


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