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        Friday, May 05, 2006

       Video: Rumsfeld Busted Hard, about Lying

Rumsfeld Busted BIG TIME over LYING about WMD's,
Rummy was making a speech in Atlanta today. An audience member asked him why he lied about WMDs, (He even used the work Lie, and they broadcast this on CNN) Thats the first time to my knowledge
the MSM has ever let the word Lie, in connection with this administration. About Time. Rumsfeld Denies he lied, and the questioner, reads Rumsfelds quote back to him.
BUSTED!!! Rumsfeld does his best Ralph Kramden Impression; "Homina Homina Homina" This is Priceless. Bookmark it, and enjoy it over, and over again. Watch it:

       2 Blasts From The Past. Bush Dictator Video. Reagan. Bombing Begins in 5 Minutes Audio

This one's for you Buck

Bush: "If This We're a Dictatorship...."

Was he Joking?? I don't think so, but either way he said it.

Audio Clip: Reagan: Bombing Begins in 5 Minutes. No Video for this because it was a radio address

8-19-84 Ronald Reagan.

       Email: 9/11 Video

emailFrom Universal
The world is waking to the real truth of what happened almost 5 years ago.

This video has the potential to change the course of human history on this planet. It can only do so if, after watching it, you stand up and be heard. The best way to do that right now, is to tell others about this video. Do this by forwarding this email to others and watching it with friends and family. Whatever it takes to get the message out...that is what should be done.
Please watch it with an open mind.

Video: What Really Happened on 9/11

Alternate Link

This video is being watched in every country on every continent as you read this. Dont let it go unnoticed that you saw it!

Follow the link below for other informative videos and check back often as it will be updated. Universal


send us your opinionsFrom Pam
Your Digital City link to the Colbert speech with the camera on Bush doesn't work - hope you can fix it, it should be a hoot.

H.L. Responds Pam, Thanks for writing in. I changed the link so that it takes you to a page that you can play the video on (scroll down). Enjoy the Video.

       Email: Funny Video.

email usFrom Miles Beckett
Not sure if you are aware of our new Bush video podcast. It features James Adomian doing a HILARIOUS Bush impression. We take a look behind the Bush White House and Fox media machine. If you like it, please help spread the word and encourage people to subscribe to the FREE video podcast. The more viewers and support the more likely we can keep doing this. Email me with any questions. Thanks!

"West Wingers" on SHOUTBOY


Miles Beckett

       Email: Ted Stickland for Ohio Governor

drop us a line From Jesse Taylor

I am Jesse Taylor The director of online Communications for Ted Srickland who is running for Governor of Ohio, as a Democrat against Ken Blackwell.
"[Ken] Blackwell made clear that he wanted no part of being secretary of state. "The only thing worse than running for secretary of state would be being secretary of state," he told the Dayton Daily News last January."

Cleveland Plain Dealer, July 31, 1998

For the past eight years, Ohio’s election system has paid the price for Ken Blackwell’s utter lack of concern about his job.

Now, he wants to be governor.

This week, Ohio took a huge step towards removing the stain of Republican corruption and incompetence on our state by choosing Ted Strickland as the Democratic nominee for governor: Ted
Ted is a former Methodist minister and administrator at a Methodist children’s home, a trained psychologist and the current U.S. Representative for Ohio’s Sixth District, a three hundred mile swath of Southeastern Ohio.
Ted is fighting to take back the Ohio Statehouse from the GOP for the first time since 1990. To that end, he’s proposed a innovative and bold plan called Turnaround Ohio – proposals which will revitalize Ohio’s economy and educational system through targeted, fiscally responsible investment:
That isn’t the only reason why Ted can and will win in November. Ted also provides a stark contrast to Ken Blackwell’s regrettable record.
Where Blackwell is so extreme on abortion that he refuses to consider it even if a woman’s life is in danger, Ted is committed to vetoing any legislation that would take away a woman’s right to choose.
Where Blackwell wants to enact an even worse version of Colorado’s TABOR in Ohio, Ted has served with real fiscal discipline by opposing Bush’s tax cuts, voting for the balanced budgets in Congress that led to unprecedented peace and prosperity, and has given back nearly $50,000 in unaccepted Congressional health insurance and pay raises.
Where Blackwell is bitterly divisive, Ted has a record of winning in Bush-leaning counties, and doing so overwhelmingly.

I’m asking that you let your readers know about this race and about Ted. You know how bad Ken Blackwell would be for Ohio – we and Democrats around Ohio would be greatly appreciative if you could help spread the word about Ohio’s best hope to stop him: Ted Strickland.

Thanks so very much,

Jesse Taylor
Director of Online Communications
Strickland for Governor
(614) 857-0700