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        Thursday, April 20, 2006

       Pics: Bush Meets Hu

President Hu Jintao, came to Washtington. An 8 Part Comic.

Scott McClellan and Karl Rove, heading out of town

See the rest of the Strip Here

       Video: Randi Rhoades on Lou Dobbs. Get Ready For The Bomb.

Randi Rhoades went on The Lou Dobbs show to talk about a Giant Bomb that our Government is going to blow up in The Nevada Desert. On June 2, 1.4 Million Pounds of Explosives will be set off. They will then study the results to figure out how to build a tactical Nuke that will produce the same effect so they can blow up Iran. Randi has been talking about this on her show on Air America Radio. She want the MSM to show up and report this, but hey, did you know that Tom Cruise& Katie Holmes just had a baby, thats way more important. Heres the Randi Video.

Randi Rhodes: Will The Media Cover The Bomb.

       Welcome Back Question

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       News:Rove To Take Stand? Negroponte Draws Criticism, Durbin: Rumsfeld Must go.

The Nation
Rove on The Stand?

Many White House fans are raising millions of dollars for the Libby defense fund and a conservative think tank has put him on the payroll. So how many grenades can Libby throw at Bush, Cheney and Karl Rove?
The defense is likely to call Mr. Rove to provide testimony regarding Mr. Libby's conversations with Mr. Rove concerning reporters' inquiries about Ms. Wilson, as expressly discussed in the indictment.
Rove on the stand, being examined by Fitzgerald? Neither Rove nor the White House can want that

N.Y. Times
In New Job, Negroponte Draws Bipartisan Criticism

WASHINGTON, April 19 — The top Republican and the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee have disagreed publicly about many things, but on one issue they have recently come together. Both are disquieted by the first-year performance of John D. Negroponte, the director of national intelligence.
"I'm not seeing the leadership," said Jane Harman, a Democrat.
Peter Hoekstra, a Republican, also believes that bureaucracy has been expanded.
The fear expressed by the two lawmakers, Representatives Peter Hoekstra, Republican of Michigan, and Jane Harman, Democrat of California, is that Mr. Negroponte, the nation's overseer of spy agencies, is creating just another blanket of bureaucracy, muffling rather than clarifying the dangers lurking in the world.
In an April 6 report, the Intelligence Committee warned that Mr. Negroponte's office could end up not as a streamlined coordinator but as "another layer of large, unintended and unnecessary bureaucracy."

Chicago Tribune
Durbin: Rumsfeld should go as Iraq goes 'from bad to terrible'

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. -- U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin called Tuesday for Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld to be replaced and said he hopes Congress will debate the issue next week.
"This situation has gone from bad to terrible, and I think it's time for new leadership in the Pentagon," the Illinois Democrat told reporters.
Durbin, the Senate's second-highest ranking Democrat, said he is talking to other lawmakers about the possibility of voting on whether they still have confidence in Rumsfeld.
"Let the Senate go on record," he said.

Guardian U.K.
Sidney Blumenthal: Walking the White House plank

McClellan is a flea on the windshield of history. On the podium, he performed his duty as a slow-flying object swatted by a frustrated and flustered press corps. Inexpressive, occasionally inarticulate and displaying a limited vocabulary, his virtue was his unwavering discipline in sticking to his uninformative talking points, fending off pesky reporters, and defending the president and all the president's men to the last full measure of his devotion.

Brad Blog
Feingold PAC Releases New Video on Warrantless Domestic Spying Issue

The Progressive Patriots Fund, a Political Action Committee of Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI), has released a new video ad, critical of George W. Bush's warrantless domestic spying programMilwaukee, WI – U.S. Senator Russ Feingold debuted an innovative ad from the Progressive Patriots Fund last evening in Texas called “W.” This video takes a unique yet serious look at the President’s illegal domestic spying program and Feingold’s resolution to censure the President for these illegal actions. The Progressive Patriots ad is available Here

“The President has broken the law by authorizing an illegal domestic surveillance program that wiretaps Americans, on American soil, without a warrant as required by law - He must be held accountable,” Feingold said.

Soldiers For The Truth
The Insanity and Corruption Continue While America's Grunts Bleed & Die

It happened again last week, when I was interviewed by Brad Messer, host of a great radio program on KTSA in San Antonio. Himself an Army vet, Brad asked the question that the Perfumed Princes and their Designated/Trained Liars have to date succeeded in avoiding having to answer:
-- Why would America's Grunts, who have seen on the bloody battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, the only test that matters in the case of personal body armor, want to spend thousands of dollars of their own or their families' money on purchasing Pinnacle Armor's Dragon Skin when DOD is giving away for free, the "best body armor in the world," Interceptor Body Armor (IBA)?

Prison Planet
Chronicle Forced To Issue Retraction On 9/11 Hit Piece

Yesterday's San Francisco Chronicle 9/11 hit piece by Cinnamon Stillwell has encountered massive backlash from the alternative truth community after it cynically dismissed legitimate concerns about 9/11 and labeled anyone who voiced them as anti-semitic extremists.

In a new development this morning, the paper was forced to issue a retraction following Cinnamon Stillwell's outright falsehood that the "whole country witnessed the horrific sight of planes flying into the....Pentagon," a glaring error first highlighted by this website on Wednesday morning.