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        Tuesday, April 25, 2006

       Bush Video: I Kill Ragheads For God.

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Bush actually said this to an audience (using different words of course, but thats what he said) that sat there in stunned silence. These were his usual loyalty oath followers, but even they could not even muster up any applause for Bush saying how he does his deadly deeds to appease the almighty. Pretty soon Bush will have to start paying people to attend his speeches. Just like Dennis Miller used to have to do on his show. Long time H.L. readers know that I Got Paid To Boo Dennis Miller. I want to get paid to Boo Bush too. Here is the video.

Crooks & Liars
Bush Video: Killing For God

       News: Chong: I sold Bongs to Cheney Secret Service. Mutiny at The Supreme Court. Will Bush Launch another Terrorist Attack?

Village Voice
Mutiny at the Supreme Court

The Roberts Court signals the president that he is not immune from the Constitution
by Nat Hentoff
two recent events at the Supreme Court indicate strongly that regarding the most dangerous thrust of Bush's reign, his continuing, unprecedented expansion of his powers as commander in chief, the court is finally and crucially alarmed

Tommy Chong: I sold Bongs to Cheney's Secret Service Detail. Bush on Speed?


Tommy Chong addresses NORML conference

”I know Dick Cheney's Secret Service guys smoke pot,” Chong said. “The reason I know that is I sold them bongs.”
He insinuated that President Bush was on methamphetamines.
”The dangerous thing about tweakers is they can take things apart but they can't put them back together again,” Chong said. “That's what George Bush has done to this country.”

Think Progress
Arnold Lectures on Importance of Fuel Efficient Vehicles, Owns Five Gas-Guzzling Humvees

SCHWARZENEGGER: Well, we have to buy vehicles that are fuel-efficient…We want to inspire people to buy cars that are fuel-efficient, and also drive less, do more carpooling and so on. Because remember, the oil price is all based on supply and demand.
It was a curious argument from the man who literally brought the Humvee, the most fuel inefficient civilian vehicle on earth, to the roadways:

A Cornered Administration Dangerous Times Ahead

At a book signing on Friday at Columbia University, a number of journalists told me they worried that Bush, Rove and Cheney, if they thought they were going to lose the House in November and face serious investigations into their crimes and deceits, would do something treasonous, like launching a war against Iran, or perhaps allowing another major terrorist attack against a U.S. target, so that they could then clamp down further on domestic freedom and ramp up jingoistic support among their wavering base.