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Advertise on The H.L.

Advertise on The H.L.
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Hot Pics & Gossip.

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        Saturday, January 28, 2006

       New Advertiser on H.L.

Hey, we got a new advertiser. I want to give thanks to SLC Punk for advertising with The H.L. Check out his site God Loves George Bush. Political Satire at its finest. Check out the News page, Video Clips and forum pages, where you can write in on various topics. Then there is my favorite the mailbag page complete with emails from the clueless who think that the site is a serious Bush site, priceless. Go there now and have a look, its funny. By the way if you would like to join our advertisers go here for rates and details. Its the best deal in the blogosphere.
Thanks H.L.

       I Was Published In The AR. Dem-Gazette, Then Got Fired

send us your thoughts From Brad

Was published on Wednesday. I am a proud SOB. Uh oh, Woop, woop, woop, hit the dirt! Regards to ya out there in the real world.

Now is time of decision

Now is the time to determine the future of this nation. Are we to abandon the Constitution and allow the executive branch effective power that essentially trumps the Congress, or are we to find through real investigation whether this pitiful excuse for an administration has broken numerous laws and should be impeached ?
I want the latter and demand action from my elected officials.
To oppose the Constitution of the United States for reasons cited by these goons is simply too much. This excuse for an administration has crossed the line and needs to be held in check. Impeachment is the best start, and then to achieve closure, the entire group should be held over to the international court for war crimes. What we are seeing is the dissolution of the U. S. A. ’s constitutional form of government, and the public seems deaf. I for one will not stand still for it. As an American, I expect much better even from the elected officials whom I do not agree with. I expect them to obey the law.
BRAD TURNER / Carlisle

H.L. Responds Brad, great work,
Take care bro H.L.

Brad Writes Back.

Hey H.L., today I was laid off from my job. Wonder if there was a connection? Thanks for all that you do, tonight I'm a little bit afraid. I wish I had never left California, a first world state in this miserable f'ing union.

H.L. Responds
Wow, sorry to hear about that. I guess you told people at work, If you live in Ark. I can guess you must have worked with a lot of Repubs. Hope you get another job soon, if not come on back to Ca. This is the place you want to be anyway. Good luck.