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        Tuesday, February 07, 2006

       Rove: I Will Blacklist Any Senator Who Goes Against Bush

by H.L.
Word has been filtering out that Karl Rove is threatening to Blacklist any Republican Senator who votes against Bush’s unauthorized, illegal, wiretapping in the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Investigation. In a slap in the face to all members of Congress, which is supposed to have one third of the Power in the federal government, Rove who may some day in the distant future be indicted for his role in the Valerie Plame leakgate scandal (that is if Patrick Fitzgerald ever gets off his butt, and completes his work, and if he is not a Republican plant to keep the heat off the big guys by simply going after a patsy) is threatening the very people who could bring about Bush’s impeachment for any and all of everything he done since taking office.
One senior Republican Congressional aide was quoted as saying, “It’s hardball all the way.” Indeed, will this be the wakeup call for GOP Senators, who by now must have figured out that Bush, and Rove, are trying to make that branch of the government obsolete? This smacks of desperation of the highest level inside the Bush administration. Congressional Sources, according to Insight On The News, are saying that Rove is worried that if even a small group of Republican Senators go against Bush on this, the end result will be the determination that Bush violated the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 which could lead to Bush’s impeachment.
While it is nearly impossible to believe that Bush would be impeached by the same Senators who voted against him, this is sure to anger some of the Republicans who unlike Democrats stand up for what they believe in, even if they know it is wrong.
Rove is also attempting to bribe Senators who do go along with Bush with extra money for their re-election campaigns and free publicity, such as photo ops with The President. Sounds to me like that is even more of a reason to go against The Bush Cabal.
Apparently at this point only a few Senators have questioned Rove’s hardcore tactics. "Well, I didn't like what Mr. Rove said, because it frames terrorism and the issue of terrorism and everything that goes with it, whether it's the renewal of the Patriot Act or the NSA wiretapping, in a political context," said Sen. Chuck Hagel, Republican Senator from Nebraska.
The time has come for all members of Congress, Republicans, and Democrats to decide if they want to go down in history as the reason that America ceased to become a Democracy, and allowed King George ll, to end the republic that Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and all the founding father fought so hard to give us.

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       Numbers by Cindy Sheehan

By Cindy Sheehan.

The now famous black shirt with white lettering that I was wearing on January 31st to the State of the Union address originally read: 2000 Dead. How many more? That shirt was made by Veterans for Peace on the occasion of the 2000th US soldier killed in Iraq. That tragic number was reached on September 25th, 2005.
About four months later, on the morning of January 31st, before my fellow peace activist and partner in patriotic dissent, Ann Wright, and I set out for our day's adventures, Ann put masking tape over the zeroes in the 2000 and wrote: 242. Thus changing the number to 2242, which was the upsetting casualty total for that day.
Before I set out for my fateful trip to the Capitol Building, we discovered that the number had sorrowfully risen to 2245. While Ann and I were giving the People's State of the Union address that afternoon with Congressman John Conyers, courageous Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey and Katrina rights activist, Malik Rahim, three more American families were sent into a tailspin of loss, grief and despair from which they will never fully recover.
The number on my shirt was changed to 2245. 2245 Dead. How many more?

As of January 31st, at least 2245 North American families had paid the ultimate price for this administration's stupid and careless policies in Iraq. Thousands upon thousands of our young men and women have been wounded, some grievously, for the arrogance of empire. Innumerable Iraqis have been slaughtered for just going about their lives that day and for the heartless and supercilious policy of "fighting them over there so we don't have to fight them over here."
Today, in the City of Brotherly Love, I attended an awards ceremony for the Shalom Peace Center where I was given an award for being a prophetic voice. (It's not an easy job). But, that's not the important thing. The important thing is that one of my friends and biggest supporters brought some masking tape and a marker and many of the attendees were wearing about four inches of tape with the number 2250. That means five more angels were sent to an early grave since Tuesday, five more Mothers were unjustly and needlessly given a life's sentence of pain, five more Fathers will be beginning an odyssey of mostly silent heartache: countless families ruined for our country's preemptive foreign policy against imaginary enemies.
I believe that whether one supports the wars of aggression of the malicious empire that is taking away our civil liberties as it is sending our young people off to kill and be killed, or whether one opposes preemptive murder, we should all be honoring our children who have given their lives nobly for such an ignoble cause.
Numbers frighten people. The number of crosses that the Veterans for Peace put up each Sunday on some California beaches scares the living daylights out of the people who support George and his murderous policies. These people claim that the VFP are making a political statement and want the numbers to go away and not disturb them. Being confronted with numbers, faces, and reality is too much for some people. As a former math teacher, I know that many people have an unreasonable fear of numbers. The number of our war dead in Iraq is very fear inducing. I know numbers are very alarming especially when there is no logical reason for them.
We know George Bush went AWOL from his dangerous 'Nam duty in the Alabama Air National Guard. I suppose he was fighting them in Alabama so they wouldn't have to fight them in Massachusetts. We know George Bush did not have the tiniest bit of the courage of our troops when he wouldn't meet me face to face on his adoptive turf of Crawford, Texas. Now the world knows that he doesn't even have the fortitude to face a t-shirt.
As humans, we all know that it is very hard to face one's mistakes, especially when undeserving people have paid a horrible toll for that foolishness. But what am I talking about? From failures in his business life to compound, harmful and inexcusable failures in his public life, George Bush has never even admitted a mistake, let alone faced one.
Well, it's time George faced this mistake and is somehow made to feel intense shame for the biggest mistake of his miserable mistake filled life.
I call on people that are for peace and justice to wear the number on their chests every day ... near their hearts. To honor our dead, but to also confront the ones who are waging this war, and supporting the wagers of death, but who won't risk their own flesh and blood for the crimes against humanity that are perpetrated on a daily basis. I implore everyone in the US to remember that each number in the grisly count represents a living, breathing, wonderful, loving and indispensable member of a family, community, and our nation. They are not just numbers. They were human beings before they were exploited for oil and greed.
Wear the number for our dead. Wear the number for their families. Wear the number for our wounded. Wear the number for our children still in harm's way whose confusion about the mission is growing and who only want to come home. Wear the number for people who will be in the way of the future wars of aggression that the war criminals in DC are already planning. Wear it for the people of Iraq who only want us to go away.

Wear the number for peace.

To find the number each day go to:

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       2/7/05 Morning News Stories

Widespread Cartoon Protests Under Way

Excerpt: KABUL, Afghanistan - NATO peacekeepers exchanged gunfire with protesters who attacked their base Tuesday in another day of deadly demonstrations in Afghanistan over the publication of caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad, officials said. Three demonstrators were killed.
In neighboring Pakistan, 5,000 people chanting "Hang the man who insulted the prophet!" burned effigies of Denmark's prime minister and a cartoonist.

The Smirking Chimp
'Double-speaking with Rummy'

Excerpt: Secretary Rumsfeld offered his 20-Year Plan on Feb. 3rd 2005 at the National Press Club in Washington. Below is a summary of his remarks as published in the Washington Post along with an attempt to translate it from the Orwellian into the vernacular:
"The United States is engaged in what could be a generational conflict akin to the Cold War, the kind of struggle that might last decades as allies work to root out terrorists across the globe and battle extremists who want to rule the world" Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said yesterday.
Translation: We are really upset that the Cold War is over. It was a heck of a lot easier to frighten you then: those Commies really did want to rule the world.

Gonzales Highlights and Lowlights

Excerpt:The hearings started off with a bang when Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter (R-PA) determined that Gonzales did not need to be sworn in – which certainly makes lying much more convenient – and was immediately jumped by Democrats. In addition to formally challenging Specter’s ruling, Senator Russ Feingold (D-WI) demanded a roll call vote on his appeal and, when Specter voted by proxy for one Republican committee member, Feingold demanded to see proof of that proxy.

“This is really not a very good way to begin this hearing,” whined Specter.