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        Tuesday, June 06, 2006

       Iraq, Elections, and GOP Adulterers

Police find 9 severed heads in Iraq

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Police found nine severed heads in fruit boxes near a volatile city northeast of Baghdad on Tuesday, authorities said, the second such discovery in less than a week.
A roadside bomb also exploded near an American military convoy in central Baghdad, killing a woman and wounding three pedestrians, Lt. Thair Mahmoud said. The three-vehicle convoy was traveling near one of Baghdad's bus stations when the bomb detonated. The convoy kept moving.

H.L.s Take:Just another day in Bush's Iraq

Roadside bomb kills 2 soldiers in Afghanistan

JALALABAD, Afghanistan (Reuters) - A roadside bomb killed two soldiers from the U.S.-led coalition forces in eastern Afghanistan on Tuesday, according to a U.S. military spokeswoman.... Some 400 people were killed last month alone, as the Taliban stepped up attacks in the south in an apparent attempt to weaken NATO governments' resolve as a U.S.-led coalition will hand control of the southern provinces to the alliance's peacekeeping force in July.

H.L.s Take:We've been in Afghanistan longer then we were in World War 2. Why is it taking so long? Could it be that Bush doesn't want the war to end becuase then he wouldn't rake in so much money in war profits for the family???

Stock prices drop sharply for 2nd day

NEW YORK - Stocks fell sharply for the second straight session Tuesday, with the Dow Jones industrial average losing more than 100 points and falling below 11,000 for the first time since March. Global markets followed U.S. investors' lead in abandoning stocks as inflation fears worsened.

H.L.s Take: Yep that ole Economy will be turning the corner any day now. uh huh.

The Hotline
House Race Hotline Extra: Turnout In The CA 50 Runoff
Excerpt: Could Arnold Schwarzenegger's decision to schedule the CA 50 runoff on the same day as the party primaries hurt ex-Rep. Brian Bilbray (R)? The GOP's registration advantage could be blunted by higher Dem turnout. Dems are holding competitive primaries for most statewide races, including the highly-contested gubernatorial primary. By contrast, the GOP's marquee matchup is for controller. A GOP campaign operative said the timing "definitely doesn't help our chances." The ballot could also confuse GOP voters

Pensito Review
The Real Threat to Marriage: Top 10 GOP Adulterers

1. President George H.W. Bush allegedly had an LTR with British-born Jennifer Fitzgerald that lasted at least two decades, all while married to Bar, who said, “He didn’t even notice when I stopped coloring my hair.”

2. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, famously married to Maria Shriver, is allegedly a serial groper, a purveyor of prostitutes and the father of at least one child out of wedlock.

3. Sen. John McCain, 2008 Republican presidential frontrunner, and admitted adulterer and alleged philanderer.

Democratic Daily
The Truth About Thomas Lipscomb: Conservative Propagandist, Destroyer of Veterans

The Right-wing Blogosphere’s (and Lipscomb’s own) Wildly Exaggerated Claim that Lipscomb Was Nominated for a Pulitzer for his “Kerry” Reporting…
Thomas Lipscomb is an independent investigative reporter who was nominated for a Pulitzer for his reporting on Kerry during the 2004 elections. He is a senior fellow at the Annenberg Center for the Digital Future (USC).
Funny thing about that claim that Lipscomb was nominated for a Pulitzer — provides lists of all nominees and winners on their website - Lipscomb’s name is NO WHERE TO BE FOUND in 2004 or 2005.

Cindy Sheehan: The Abominations of War: From My Lai to Haditha

The massacre in Haditha on November, 19, 2005, is just another way to underscore the fact that our troops are being turned into war criminals in what one article called: "The Worst War Crime of the Iraq War." (Sydney Morning Herald; May 28 , 2006). In a stunning display of shameless hypocrisy George Bush said of the (not uncommon) butchering of innocent civilians in Haditha:
"Our troops have been trained on core values throughout their training, but obviously there was an incident that took place in Iraq,"
Bush also said this following a meeting of his cabinet: the world will see a "full and complete" investigation.
Another false piece of propaganda that we are fed is that we need to support the president, especially when we are "at war."

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Greg Palast's Armed Madhouse

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Message from Greg: For the past two years, I’ve nearly disappeared from BBC Television screens and from newspapers so my team could focus on our most important investigation yet. I’ve put it in a book: Armed Madhouse. The book travels from Beijing to New Orleans to Caracas to Baghdad to New Mexico … a five-part investigation of global economic piggery so deep, dark and devious you just have to scream or cry — or laugh
Don’t be fooled by the fact that ‘Armed Madhouse’ is entertaining — this is my most serious reporting yet — connecting oil panic, Hurricane Katrina, Chinese currency, Venezuela’s petrodollars, disappearing ballots, Thomas Friedman, more oil, and the murder of General Motors. These are dispatches from the front lines of the class war.

H.L.s advertisers are what keep the site going. (Beats asking you for money like some sites do) so go on over check out the site, and see what you think. Thank You.