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        Monday, September 19, 2005

       9/19/05 Todays News Stories

Center For Global Research
The Second American Revolution. The deployment of mercenaries in New Orleans is an act of war against the American people

Excerpt: The deployment of mercenaries onto the streets of New Orleans is an act of war against the American people. It has been accompanied by the equally provocative order to strip the remaining survivors of their "legally registered firearms", thus depriving them of the 2nd amendment rights.
Who appointed Bush as God?
The safety and security of the city's people is now in the hands of armed militias who have no allegiance to the Constitution and whose relationship to the government is uncertain. These hired goons are not required to conform to "The Military Code of Justice" or to any legal and moral restrictions governing the conduct of military personnel.
There is no scenario, neither natural disaster nor terrorist attack, which justifies the use of paid killers on the streets of America's cities.

WTOP Radio Washington D.C.
Police Prepare for Upcoming Anti-War Protests

Excerpt:The rally will be the first demonstration allowed to surround the White House in more than a decade.
It's also the first major rally to occur since a D.C. law took effect, requiring police to give clear warnings before arresting demonstrators.
Organizers say they're bringing in protesters from across the nation for what could be the largest war protest since the invasion of Iraq.
Police say they're expecting as many as 100,000 people of all ages.

H.L.s Take: I'll be at the L.A. March, if you are in L.A., San Francisco, or Washington D.C., you should be there too. For more information see the
red banner on the right side column of this page. Also for tips on avoiding being arrested check out H.L. Does Time Its the story of what happened to me at The Republican Convention last year.

Common Dreams
Poll Shows Americans Want Troops Brought Home; Top Dems Ignore the Public

H.L.s Take:
This latest poll is consistent with other polls that show Americans oppose the war, want an exit strategy, believe the conflict is damaging U.S. national security, and think the war is hurting the effort to win the War on Terror.
Yet, as we see in Sen. Joe Biden's (D) Washington Post op-ed today, top Democrats still can't find the guts to push for withdrawing troops, and instead continue to drone on with the same split-the-difference posturing and weak-kneed whining that has marked their electoral decline in the last few years. As Atrios's Duncan Black notes, all Biden and the D.C. Democratic Establishment seem to be able to muster is, "If only a bunch of stuff that won't happen would happen, Iraq would be a lot of fun."
This kind of pathetic cowering isn't limited just to the Senate. Roll Call reports today that House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D) "has assembled a kitchen cabinet of fellow moderate Members to shape the Democratic strategy on national security issues." What's troubling is that every single member mentioned in the article as working with Hoyer recently voted against legislation to force President Bush to detail an exit strategy from Iraq. Similarly, nearly every member voted for the Iraq War (including Hoyer).

Justin Raimondo.
Covering the Tracks of the Anthrax Attacks

Excerpt: The anthrax strain has been positively identified as being of the Ames variety, of the sort stored at USAMRIID, the U.S. government biological weapons facility at Fort Detrick, Md., and a few other such labs. Soon after the anthrax attacks, the Courant exposed the weird problems besetting the Ft. Detrick facility, which had apparently been missing large quantities of biological toxins, including not only anthrax but also hanta virus, Ebola virus, and other lethal pathogens.

Yellow Dog Blog
Katrina States Must Not Go Red Again

Excerpt: So what should the events of the last three weeks say to residents of these storm and FEMA-ravaged states?
Well, we know that the gun-toting, flag-waving GOP has historically been able to hold onto these states with a combination of lies and simply appealing to the lowest common denominator: "We will keep your taxes low, govern through religion, promote gun ownership for anyone older than a fetus, oppose Affirmative Action and, more than anything, we will keep you safe," they say.

Editor & Publisher
'NY Times' Introduces New 'Pay' Service Today: Reader Reaction Awaited

       9/19/05 Video of Hitchens Vs. Galloway Debate

Last week Christopher Hitchens who is a writer for Vanity Fair Magazine, and Bush war apologist, and George Galloway the anti-war MP from Britian, got togther in New York for a debate. It was called The Grapple In The Big Apple, and was moderated by Amy Goodman. Here is the video, its almost 2 hours long, you can see the entire show here.

Hitchens Vs. Galloway, The Grapple In The Big Apple